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1 1x1x1x1

Uh, this was an alt made by Shedletsky, who is a former admin on Roblox. He never did anything wrong, he was only made to detect exploits and he was only banned to test the ban system.

I'm so glad and joyful that 1x1x1x1 and his group got banned. If he never got banned he would have done something bad and terrible to roblox.

(looking at how when people get hacked and the hacker posts on there post thing like "hacked by BLABLA muahaha! ) is just so corny

Shedletsky made something and is now believed one of the Robloxian myths and legends. That's why the group myth hunt EXISTS.

2 DrTrayBlox (DanTDM)

Let's get something straight here. DanTDM is not a terrible Robloxian. As far as I know, Dan has never broken any Roblox rules, and he's just a casual youtuber as well. The reason why he's this high up on the list is because of (We all know it) his toxic fanbase. Remember those salty Minecraft haters? He brought some of them here. Random 8 year olds that use "Ugly" and "Nub" as their only insults? Yep, Dan has got them covered, too. Personally, I haven't bumped into many DanTDM fans in my Roblox experience, as I usually play non-popular yet fun games (Like Treelands in my opinion), but when you do see a DanTDM fan, yeah... They are always too overprotective of Dan, given that most of them are 8 year olds. Whenever I say that I don't watch DanTDM on Yt to them, these salty players always chase me with their katanas trying to kill me. You can also spot some of these creatures on ODer games like MeepCity, desperate for an online partner and asking everyone out. DanTDM may be "The Diamond ...more

DanTDM has ruined ROBLOX forever. He brought the youngest of Robloxians to the community. Roblox isn't generally safe or appropriate for little kids. I couldn't be there 24/7 to make sure my 6 year old cousin wasn't playing Murder Mystery. Also, my BFF'S Lil sister has turned into an ODer! ROBLOX was not made for little kids, "Dan The Diamond Minecart"! These little kids are messing up ROBLOX! And so are you!

I think he deserves it. He's the reason he made his channel turned into a dumb channel to other old subscribers out here. His jokes were used to be funny. 2018, pff.. just stupid poop jokes that aren't funny. When he started roblox, everything went downhill even the community! It was supposed to be for 10-15. Now, for 5-7 years old! He ruined roblox community too..

Sure, he seems nice, but he is the one who plagued us with newer people who are wanting to date, or getting scammed by these "free robux" scams. And IF you say that you DON'T like DanTDM, they attack you, even if you tell them to take an OPINION. That's a reason why I'm not as active on roblox.

3 Roblox

Well, he created roblox, but he has the worst moderators ever, allows the worst scums on the star program and always do the worst updates.

Oh come on, without Roblox there won't be any original or free accessories!

Are you kidding me? he's awesome! He CREATED Roblox! Why is this even on here? For Roblox haters?

Roblox did not create this game builderman did

4 DontClickMe

Don't click me click me stuff are all over my Darkrai_IsAwesome account.I hate that.They just to it to my friend requests. its scary and it freaks me out.I need answers

Just a scam account

5 Julius5005/juliuscoles/v2

For me, Juliuscoles is the worst Roblox hater. First of all, he copied 1dev2's game, which was called "Welcome to the Town of Robloxia." Second, he said, "I'm really glad that Erik Cassel died of cancer." Third, he wishes that Roblox players die from cancer. And even worse, he's pretending to be a terrorist to blow up the Roblox headquarters. WHAT A FASCIST JULIUS IS! HE'S ACTING LIKE DONALD TRUMP AND ADOLF HITLER!

How is this demon not considered the most hated. He has done so many bad things, worse than copying games, such as: saying that he was glad Erik Cassel died and he literally said he wants every Roblox player to die a slow and painful death from cancer. There is probably more that this waste of a man has done, but he is nothing more than human filth.

I hate this guy. He is an awful person, he wishes everyone that plays Roblox to get cancer and die a painful death. He should be hated more than any of these people. He copied games, claimed them to be his, and wishes for little kids that play Roblox to die of cancer. This guy is a disgrace to humanity.

First off, I'm sure Julius Coles is his own name which is completely against the rules. Second, he made a copy of The Town of Robloxia added free models and called it different. The worst part? HE GIVES NO CREDIT. He claims that it's his own. What an idiot.

6 loleris

Greedy, takes all the credit for himself and he doesn't update his games. Thankfully everyone has forgotten him completely.

He honestly hardly does or edits any of his games. Instead, he hires builders and scripters to work 24 7 for him while he sits around, whining on his twitter getting all the credit. When I play his games, I give credit for the scripters/builders who made the game. Not him.

None of his ideas are original. He just steals one game's concept and somehow makes his game more successful. Also, he is short tempered and calls everyone who ticks him off a 'sad person who can't develop' or a 'scrub'.

He is SO OVERRATED. All of his fans are suck ups. He's a spoiled brat who tries to be cool and funny but tries way too hard. 'MAD INSANE POTATO'. for the win

7 DenisDaily

I feel like the videos DenisDaily created that were focused on "anti-online dating" were cover for a "dating" reputation. In some of what I assume are his older videos, it shows him with various other people, trying to find "dates" on ROBLOX. There's nothing wrong with apologizing for past acts that were probably either mistakes or harmless trolls, but barely admitting it or acknowledging his "ODing" history is plain idiotic. I don't blame Dan half as much as I blame Denis for all the kids on ROBLOX. Denis' main game portrayed on his channel is ROBLOX, and he probably began playing long before DanTDM, so... yea.

I don't even know HOW he got 838,394 followers! He tried to friend me and I said no. And I'm pretty friendly!

I never even seen him ODing, but I gotta say with this guy yes he does do it!

I love him... I am not going to even yell.

8 Admin

This guy right here is the actual first Robloxian. ROBLOX himself is the second, but his ID got moved to number one and Admin’s got moved to 18 and then his account got banned. ROBLOX steals credit for being the first Robloxian. THE TRUTH IS HE IS NOT A HACKER OR ANYTHING, HE IS PROBABLY A TEST.

You are basically saying that ROBLOX, the literal creator of ROBLOX itself, is the worst ROBLOXian. Lmao get a life dummies

Well I don't know what me did and I think he made a huge hack

Admin is garbage


Why is this on here

10 Ethangamer

Nah I think he just sucks

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11 ClickMe
12 Jaredvaldez4

He hacked almost all my friends and my only best friend, FloraOfHearts!

I don't know what's bad about him. I just know it's wrong to ban anybody.

He's a huge noob my account alt is now banned thanks to him

He is such a loser! And he even hacked my best friend, FloraOfHearts's account

13 Forstaken

Being a giant fan of him, I absolutely love his videos. I mean nothing against him but the reason he may be hated is because he clickbaits sometimes and some of his thumbnails have not been kid friendly

People never shut up about forstaken, which is why he is bad. He fans worship him, he is not even that good. I'm done hearing about this guy.

14 The Blox Watch

The blox watch is still here and you must all hail him or you will be next

That group is fake!

15 Synthe_Troy
16 Vespertinus
17 seedank
18 123456789cyane
19 Igotmyrunningshoeson


He copies games and says they're his own. Igotmyrunningshoeson will name it something like "Survive a Mega Shark! " But when you are in the game, its actually ANOTHER copy of Survive A Plane Crash. Igotmyrunningshoeson also steals robux from people! He is the WORST ROBLOXIAN EVER! Igotmyrunningshoeson, please take your running shoes off.

Thumbs up if you agree!

I met the guy once and I was roasting him and he was roasting me back weakly.

He is a scammer who makes false thumbnails and is frequently on the front page

This guy makes fake roblox games I hate him so much

20 dogeguydude1
21 Abacaxi514

She goes on the OT forums and she is such an annoying SJW. Most of her threads consist of bait or whining that people are oppressing her for being LGBT. She's hostile to you if you're a Christian or if you don't have similar political views. Also she can't even stay on one account for too long because she always gets banned and goes on alts. Very arrogant troll and whiny SJW.

22 ThingsGetMessedUp2

He created a terrible game

23 PowerOfTheC0mmunity

He Is A Hacker That's All I Know

24 h1bz
25 Mypenisiswet

He's a pervert and a bad rep NOOB he scam one of the most weirdest stupidest and sexist robloxions ever

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