Top Ten Running Gags In TheTopTens Blog Post Series

Gags are turning into a big thing on this website. From Random Challenges to Total Drama TopTens, almost every series has at least one gag.

The Top Ten

1 JaysTop10List Hits Their Head - Total Drama TopTens

The funniest gag ever! - Animefan12

2 The Host Is Insane - Total Drama TopTens, The Conquest, I'm a TopTenner, Random Challenges, etc.

This is in a ton of series. It's like the staple way to make a series more interesting. - Turkeyasylum

At least my host isn't insane... - DapperPickle

3 "Therandom is psychotic" - Random Challenges

This was a gag where many users, most notably me, called Therandom psychotic. - Turkeyasylum

I loved this gag! - Therandom

4 The Breadwinners lose - The Conquest

The Breadwinners are easily one of the worst teams on these series. - Turkeyasylum

5 "SelfDestruct, my bae!" - Random Challenges

Now I'm getting the valentine treatment... - DapperPickle

In the king of running gags, this is one carried out by Valetine. - Turkeyasylum

6 Someone who tries to screw everything up - TheTopTens: TRAPPED!, TheTopTens: The Mole, Top Tens Escape, Fight For Life, etcetera

That happened to me in Random Challenges when I said " We have to do everything faster than sonic! " - FasterThanSonic

Most of the post series with this gag are series involving mystery and/or horror. - Turkeyasylum

7 Referencing Other Blog Series - Random Challenges, TheTopTens: TRAPPED!, TheTopTens: The Mole, etcetera

Many post series get referenced, including Total Drama TopTens, I'm a TopTenner, and The Conquest. - Turkeyasylum

8 Supernatural Characters - Dante's Inferno, Labryinth, Top Tens Escape

Many post series have characters that are fictional, but based off of supernatural beings. - Turkeyasylum

9 Same TopTenners Competing - Random Challenges, Labyrinth, etcetera

In many series, the casts are quite similar. - Turkeyasylum

10 An Antagonist - Total Drama TopTens, The Conquest, Random Challenges, Labryinth, TheTopTens: The Mole, etcetera

Most series have some kind of villain, and usually it's a controversial user.

Thanks for reading! - Turkeyasylum

I haven't seen the post series but is the villain usually JBL or BarneytheDinosaurRocks because they're probably the most hated users on this site. - Anonymousxcxc

The Contenders

11 "Im Batman" - Top Tens Cyberspace, Top Tens Wither, Etc

Yep. I use this running gag in every episode, at least once. - nintendofan126

I'm batman - Batmaniscole

12 Therandom hates life in the jungle - I'm a TopTenner
13 Valetine Crushing On DapperPickle - Random Challenges And Other Series
14 Team Bears fight every morning - Random Challenges
15 OtakuGamer Girl calls Toptensjackson a fraud - The Conquest
16 Keyson and Britgirl's romance - Total Drama TopTens
17 Superhyperdude and DapperPickle fighting - Fight For Life

I just had to add this one. - JaysTop10List

18 Producer jumps in to insult Admin and the Assistant - Conquest the Remake
19 Two Users Always Fight - Random Challenges Total Drama Top Tens Action
20 Emojis - Tf2
21 Self destruct orders username34 and Andre 56 around - The Conquest, Random Challenges
22 The challenge is based off a movie made by pooga made films - Total Drama Action - The top tens edition
23 Jaystop10list Gets Eliminated In Some Way Due to Eels - Random Challenges
24 MontyPython Breaking The Forth Wall - TheTopTens Prison Life
25 Seven Lizards Calls Someone a Meanie Face - TDA: The Top Tens Edition

We all know who the someone is. - Puga

26 The doctor in the show's rally bad - TDA: TheTopTens Edition
27 MsWiseGuy Calls People Unwise - Random Challenges

Oh, the irony of her argument... - Turkeyasylum

28 The Doctor Never Gives Proper Medical Treatment - Total Drama Action: TheTopTens
29 Fake Mlpyes Gives Death Threats To Admin In Order To Try To Get Back On The Show - Total Drama Action: TheTopTens
30 TristGamer is asleep - Admin's Vacation
31 Finch starts the day with a negative comment - Admin's Vacation
32 PositronWildhawk sneezing - Admin's Vacation
33 MsWiseguy complaining about PositronWildhawk sneezing - Admin's Vacation
34 Therandom denying he drinks coffee - Admin's Vacation
35 Turkeyasylum asking for a toothbrush - Admin's Vacation
36 Someone disturbing Admin in his lounge - Heroes Vs Villains
37 Danteem and Linnea use horrible grammar and have bad insults - Heroes Vs Villains
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1. JaysTop10List Hits Their Head - Total Drama TopTens
2. The Host Is Insane - Total Drama TopTens, The Conquest, I'm a TopTenner, Random Challenges, etc.
3. "Therandom is psychotic" - Random Challenges


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