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1 American Eagle

Has the greatest everything! I get all my shirts, pants, school uniform, and especially jeans from there. They have everything I need!

Best place ever

Jeans are so cool! - Luckys

My favorite jeans

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2 Aeropostale

The cutest and most trendy clothes!

Great place for casual clothing and great prices!

Just love the cute shirts, skirts, and lip gloss! If you want to look trendy, here's your chance! Inexpensive!

Aeropostale is very cheap and had the most fashionable clothes for middle/high school clothes, it is the store that I go often beachside their clothing is very high quality for a little bit of money. The jeans are amazing!

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3 Hollister

Great quality, trending styles

The cutest clothes you will find worth the money

So affordable when you are shopping in the sale section ;) and amazing quality

Hollister is THE BEST place to buy clothes for teens. All the clothes there are amazing and trendy. Plus, the perfume smells AMAZING. I could go on and on about how much I love hollister. Hollister is a good place to shop if you're in middle school or if you're going to be in middle school ( I will be in middleschool this year). Team hollister!

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4 Forever 21

Great Quality, Great Price!

Has style, has clothes for every age, never lets you down, Greta customer service, very easy to buy!

Forever 21 is very nice HIGH QUALITY I don't know why its "cheaply made" the styles ARE up to date and looks like something a high or middle schooler would wear. I suggest you order a bit of clothes first and then decide if you like them.

I think it’s nice. I would just make it high quality material

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5 Abercrombie & Fitch

WOW high quality

There clothes are really comfortable and are relatively cheap

Great, and cool clothing

Amazing clothing and great quality! And the cologne is to die for. Definitely check that store out if you hadn't done so.

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6 Rue21

Awesome street style clothes

Rue21's clothing style is very versatile. They always update their store to fit the latest trends, and sell their clothes for very affordable prices. One thing that I really like about Rue21 is that they do not only sell clothing, but pillows, perfume/cologne, marquee lights, Jewelry, shoes, mugs, etc; almost everything a teen desires. I have been shopping here for quite a while, and never have I been unsatisfied with my purchase.

I like

I LOVE Rue, it's my go to store and they always have lots of sales and deals.

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7 The North Face

I'm cold and no warm

Style and colors are nice.

Although, their stuff is really expensive, when you buy it, its worth every penny. Their stuff is so fuzzy and comfortable I could practically sleep in it. I've considered that option before too. The products are long lasting and dryer and washer friendly.

Simply Put: They make great clothing

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8 H&M H&M


Super Comfy and Cool!

Awful on returns. If you have a receipt they will still give you the sale price even though you never bought it on sale. They kept $50 from a purchase I made since the top was on sale when I returned it. In my opinion that's stealing my money. I'll never shop in H&M ever again.

Cool stuff. love this!

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9 Adidas Adidas Adidas AG is a German multinational corporation, headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest in the world. They were first founded in July of 1924 as Gebrüder Dassler more.

I like this brand, but I really wish that they would make their signature black pants available in girls sizes. I mean, if I want their pants in my size I have to buy them from the boys. I don't mind buying from the boys because you could never tell, but I just think since they have them in the boys they should have the pants for girls too.

There is no better than adidas it provides brilliant style and is comfy to wear, been wearing adidas my whole life since I could choose what I wanted to wear, Luke 19

Adidas is by far the best clothing brand in the world. Their football kits are good quality and so are the rest of the clothing and footwear which they sell.

Adidas is the best! 1

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10 Topshop


Super trendy and stylish clothing!

Love it

I love topman

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11 Polo

Makes you look rich even though the polo shirt is only 80 bucks

I love their shoes! My dad suggested this brand

I like them they are a pretty good price for what they are

Polo has nice shirts.

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12 Old Navy Old Navy Old Navy is an American clothing and accessories retailing company owned by American multinational corporation Gap Inc.

I love this store it was the store of the year in my MIDDLE SCHOOL and it's a great place to shop if u don't have a strict dress code

I never have good luck shopping here but they must have some good items still. For young kids it's a great place to shop.

For little children. Very cheap and looks like clothing from Walmart.

It's aimed towards little kids.

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13 True Religion

My top selling jean brands this year are with out a doubt, True Religion, Miss Me, and 7 for all mankind. I own a consignment store and a vintage /luxury resale boutique, so I can say with a certain amount of authority what brands are the most highly sought. I find that the best way to shop for a higher priced clothing item is quite similar to the way you would buy a car. Find its resell value and demand. If you are buying a pair of brand new $250 pair of designer jeans unless you have money to burn, its an investment into something you hope will last a long time, remain I. Style and retain its value am I correct? So go to sites like the real real / poshmark / threadflip, or even swap dot com and read what items they take in for consignment, don't see your favorite brand? Find out why. If after going to 5 different sites and all of them saying No, we don't want your Chico brand jeans, ask yourself if that $125 price tag still looks so worthwhile. Then check eBay, if there is over 100k ...more

This is fire feels very comfortable and well fitting.

Love all there stuff!

Yea so this might be over some ones budget for some of their clothes but they have awesome clothes with a variety of design

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14 Brandy Melville

I love this place- I can find something every time I go there. I'll admit its a little expensive, but I just love the feel of their clothes have, both physically and the way they look. Kind of a warm, cozy, and chill look.

Though a little expensive- the quality is SO nice. Everything you touch is like touching a cloud. Totally a hipster shop! Their styles vary from rock to hipster to casual and so much more. A definite favorite

Brandy gives you the indie yet cute comfy clothes any tee girl would wear. Brandy is my favorite!

So hipster. And expensive to ship here but whatever. Too bad it's becoming mainstream now

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15 Lululemon


BEST PANTS EVER! Even though really expensive, they are totally worth it! I wear them all the time and they are amazing!

I swear everyone in middle school and some in Elementary schools have children who wear this type of clothing. most people just do it because they like the thought having the clothing people like me like the feeling

Way too expensive. The only reason people buy the stuff is because of the brand name. There are plenty of other athletic wear companies whose products are half the price and just as good.

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16 Delias

I love their stuff! Some things are a little pricey, though, so I don't get to got there to often.

A little expensive but they have super cute shirts

I love all there clothing! Especially there jeans!

They have super cute stuff their a little expensive but good after all💕

17 Express

Where is Urban? I love Express but Urban comes first.

18 Benetton

It's got some great summer outfits & cool tees!

The best brand for polls,shirts...etc.I like this brand very much

19 Nike

Nike should be #1 I shop there more than anywhere elts

Nike is the best

This brand is awesome! They look call And are comfortable 2 wear! A little expensive butt worth it!

Love it

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20 Levis

Amazing! Their leather jacket is so comfortable.

Levis has the best jeans

I love levis brand

Levis tshirts have the most amazing fit, as they are kinda oversize I love them

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21 Jack Wills

The best! I buy everything from here!

Almost like Abercrombie. Perfect for teen boys


22 TNA

I love TNA! It's expensive in my opinion for the really good quality items. The sweaters here are very warm and cozy!

23 Vans

Vans are the BEST.. have no idea why they are so low. I get why American eagle is the top but so many people wear vans. My whole school I've only seen people wear white, checkered, and cherry checkered

the best

The best...why 26?

It's cool. Many people have worn them. And they look cool. I loved them. Even the shoes are cool!

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24 Victoria's Secret PINK

They're expensive

I love this brand it is the best. Yes the cloths are a pit pricey but they are really good quality.

It is cool, dawg

I would say not a "teen" choice for clothing. But, the PINK series is good for flashing that you spent 70.00 on a sweatshirt and want everyone to know.

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25 Urban Outfitters



Love love love! A bit pricey but worth it!

Perfect for any teen, aimed towards hipsterish people though

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26 Gucci

I just love it!

For people on the higher side of life.

I'm not rich so no Gucci for me

Their clothes are so inexpensive. Great value jk

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27 Vineyard Vines

I have A LOT of their clothes now, all are really comfortable

Preppy life goals

Good quality clothes

I love this store

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28 Supreme



I love supreme, I enjoy sitting in class at school on my phone trying to buy something every Thursday at 11

hell yah

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29 Aritzia

It was very good clothes

Very nice styles

30 Billabong

Just great. With a lot of small details that make the difference.

I love billabong, the clothes is so comfortable and the prices are great when they r on sale

31 Tommy Hilfiger

Love this brand always looks great, my boys favorite brand.

Good clithes


32 Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton

Hi I am Akramul Haque from Dhaka Bangladesh. I have a garments manufacturer company and trading house in Bangladesh I want to build up a business relationship with your company if you respond I will be happy thank you

Wayy too overpriced. Not worth it. Cute stuff though

Way to overpriced for even adults would not consider buying for teens.

Can't say how much I love LV

33 Pull and Bear

All their stuff is cool and trendy and at really affordable prices definitely should take a look!

Pull and Bear has many dark black t shirts and black skinny jeans, will look pretty good if you're fit and tall.

34 Pacsun

I'm a freshman in high school and all my clothes are pretty much from PacSun and brandy Melville and I always get compliments on my clothes so it's a pretty good store in my opinion haha

They are always in style

35 Converse

Better then u.

I love converse they will never go out of style

Very good quality!

Wye is it 45th it shod be 1st

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36 Tilly's

I fardes and I believe in it!

I love Tilly's so much.


37 Armani Armani Giorgio Armani S.P.A. is an Italian fashion house founded by Giorgio Armani which designs, manufactures, distributes and retails haute couture, ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, eyewear, cosmetics and home interiors.

My whole closet is Armani

The first time my parents bought me Armani I fell in love.

Great quality

38 Simply Southern Boutique

love it

39 Jordan

Top most popular shoes

Awesome shoes worth the money!

40 Zara

Love this brand!

They have some cute stuff

They have nice stuff

41 Timberland
42 Bershka

I love the shoes! And the boots! It really rocks

43 Volcom

Must be number 5 haha really good clothing brand

They have cool items should be higher up

44 Bench
45 Nicce
46 Under Armour Under Armour Under Armour, Inc. is an American company that manufactures footwear, sports, and casual apparel. Under Armour's global headquarters are located in Baltimore, Maryland with additional offices located in Amsterdam, Austin, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Houston, Jakarta, London, Mexico City, Munich, New York more.

It should be the 3

My teens love this brand. They love everything from accessories to sports wear. I have only purchased a few things that I felt were not good quality. Most of the items purchased seem to be pretty good quality.
Con: Pretty expensive

47 Dolce & Gabbana Dolce & Gabbana Dolce & Gabbana is a luxury Italian fashion house founded in 1985 in Legnano by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

I went to this website, and I did not like the clothing and I couldn't find out how to actually buy things.

48 Monnalisa
49 Ivivva

This is a great store as it has youth sizes available

Just like lululemon but has kids sizes!

Uh, I don't think so...

50 Diamond Supply Co

This should be first because all guy teenagers wear this and its one of the most coolest and popular brands.better than all the cheap brands on this list

In my opinion this brand is over rated not really good

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