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1 American Eagle

They have sales often and you can get their shirts for 10 dollars

Has the greatest everything! I get all my shirts, pants, school uniform, and especially jeans from there. They have everything I need!

American Eagle offers a pretty big variety of sizes and lengths for all of their clothes! It is perfect for all body types who need casual clothes to wear. Not to mention, let are very trendy and cute! The prices are a bit high, but if you look at there clearance you can find AMAZING deals and everything is usually 60% off and you can find $10 shirts! I am 16 and it is my favorite store to shop at!

Simple Design but good quality. I love it

2 Aeropostale

I have been getting a lot of clothes from here. There is a bad part too though one of my shirts from here got ruined in the washer because it wasn't the best quality. Otherwise awesome store my favorite jeans are from here.

Just love the cute shirts, skirts, and lip gloss! If you want to look trendy, here's your chance! Inexpensive!

Aeropostale is very cheap and had the most fashionable clothes for middle/high school clothes, it is the store that I go often beachside their clothing is very high quality for a little bit of money. The jeans are amazing!

Some of the most stylish clothes out there consisting of great fitting jeans and very comfortable and great looking shirts/hoodies, all of which are reasonably priced

3 Hollister

Their sweatshirts are so comfortable and their clothes are such nice quality compared to other stores. Everything is so trendy are just amazing and wonderful.

Hollister is THE BEST place to buy clothes for teens. All the clothes there are amazing and trendy. Plus, the perfume smells AMAZING. I could go on and on about how much I love hollister. Hollister is a good place to shop if you're in middle school or if you're going to be in middle school ( I will be in middleschool this year). Team hollister!

Hollister has the hottest clothes!

I used to shop mainly at Aeropostale and I love it, but when the store at my mall closed, I gave Hollister a try. I LOVE it. The clothes are trendy, the jeans and shorts fit well and are cute, I love their perfume, and I could go on!

4 Forever 21

Has style, has clothes for every age, never lets you down, Greta customer service, very easy to buy!

Forever 21 is very nice HIGH QUALITY I don't know why its "cheaply made" the styles ARE up to date and looks like something a high or middle schooler would wear. I suggest you order a bit of clothes first and then decide if you like them.

Forever 21 has some great items and some not so great items. I do shop here often but you need to be very careful with the items you are buying. They have some very cute clothes and some that is just now my style. Make sure you always read the washing instructions!

I do not see why people like Forever 21. Their clothes may be low priced and comfortable however the styles are way out of date and the clothing itself is cheaply made

5 Rue21

Rue21's clothing style is very versatile. They always update their store to fit the latest trends, and sell their clothes for very affordable prices. One thing that I really like about Rue21 is that they do not only sell clothing, but pillows, perfume/cologne, marquee lights, Jewelry, shoes, mugs, etc; almost everything a teen desires. I have been shopping here for quite a while, and never have I been unsatisfied with my purchase.

I LOVE Rue, it's my go to store and they always have lots of sales and deals.

Trendy and affordable price

Good clothes brand could improve on the quality though

6 Abercrombie & Fitch

Amazing clothing and great quality! And the cologne is to die for. Definitely check that store out if you hadn't done so.

I love Abercrombie! All my clothing is from there! Many people say it's expensive, but it's pretty cheap. Keep the prices up and keep up the good work.

love abercrombie! Really awesome clothes and the best perfumes! they smell amazing. anybody who loves cute sweaters and shirts should shop here.

Amazing service and beautiful clothes, but the crop tops are a little short if you're "well endowed" if you know what I mean.

7 The North Face

Although, their stuff is really expensive, when you buy it, its worth every penny. Their stuff is so fuzzy and comfortable I could practically sleep in it. I've considered that option before too. The products are long lasting and dryer and washer friendly.

I'm cold and no warm

Simply Put: They make great clothing

Style and colors are nice.

8 H&M

I wear full outfits from H&M and I absolutely adore it. All of their clothes are super comfy and they are really great quality! It's definitely one of my favorite stores aside from Hollister.

Awful on returns. If you have a receipt they will still give you the sale price even though you never bought it on sale. They kept $50 from a purchase I made since the top was on sale when I returned it. In my opinion that's stealing my money. I'll never shop in H&M ever again.

Super Comfy and CUTE! Love, Love, Love!

It's cheap, but has cool stuff!

9 Adidas Adidas AG is a German multinational corporation, headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest in the world. They were first founded in July of 1924 as Gebrüder Dassler more.

These are the new gig! Everyone loves their signature design and shoes! #1

I like this brand, but I really wish that they would make their signature black pants available in girls sizes. I mean, if I want their pants in my size I have to buy them from the boys. I don't mind buying from the boys because you could never tell, but I just think since they have them in the boys they should have the pants for girls too.

There is no better than adidas it provides brilliant style and is comfy to wear, been wearing adidas my whole life since I could choose what I wanted to wear, Luke 19

Adidas is by far the best clothing brand in the world. Their football kits are good quality and so are the rest of the clothing and footwear which they sell.

10 Topshop

Super trendy and stylish clothing!

One of the best brands that ever exist

never heard of it before

Love it

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11 Old Navy Old Navy is an American clothing and accessories retailing company owned by American multinational corporation Gap Inc.

I love this store it was the store of the year in my MIDDLE SCHOOL and it's a great place to shop if u don't have a strict dress code

I never have good luck shopping here but they must have some good items still. For young kids it's a great place to shop.

For little children. Very cheap and looks like clothing from Walmart.

It's aimed towards little kids.

12 Polo

Makes you look rich even though the polo shirt is only 80 bucks

I love their shoes! My dad suggested this brand

I like them they are a pretty good price for what they are

Polo has nice shirts.

13 True Religion

My top selling jean brands this year are with out a doubt, True Religion, Miss Me, and 7 for all mankind. I own a consignment store and a vintage /luxury resale boutique, so I can say with a certain amount of authority what brands are the most highly sought. I find that the best way to shop for a higher priced clothing item is quite similar to the way you would buy a car. Find its resell value and demand. If you are buying a pair of brand new $250 pair of designer jeans unless you have money to burn, its an investment into something you hope will last a long time, remain I. Style and retain its value am I correct? So go to sites like the real real / poshmark / threadflip, or even swap dot com and read what items they take in for consignment, don't see your favorite brand? Find out why. If after going to 5 different sites and all of them saying No, we don't want your Chico brand jeans, ask yourself if that $125 price tag still looks so worthwhile. Then check eBay, if there is over 100k ...more

Love all there stuff!

Yea so this might be over some ones budget for some of their clothes but they have awesome clothes with a variety of design

This is a really great store to get clothes and I'm hoping if there's any other clothing brands like this one

14 Lululemon

Way too expensive. The only reason people buy the stuff is because of the brand name. There are plenty of other athletic wear companies whose products are half the price and just as good.

I own a resale boutique in Texas and I can't keep this in stock. The second it goes on the shelf before I can even walk back to the register someone has grabbed it and is waiting in line to check out.

So comfortable but really expensive. Bought a pair of leggings that cost $60. But if you get a hole in them they will replace for free! =)

Truly one of the best clothes and they last for a very long time. Comfortable and great for working out.

15 Brandy Melville

I love this place- I can find something every time I go there. I'll admit its a little expensive, but I just love the feel of their clothes have, both physically and the way they look. Kind of a warm, cozy, and chill look.

Though a little expensive- the quality is SO nice. Everything you touch is like touching a cloud. Totally a hipster shop! Their styles vary from rock to hipster to casual and so much more. A definite favorite

Brandy gives you the indie yet cute comfy clothes any tee girl would wear. Brandy is my favorite!

So hipster. And expensive to ship here but whatever. Too bad it's becoming mainstream now

16 Nike

Nike is the best

This brand is awesome! They look call And are comfortable 2 wear! A little expensive butt worth it!

The colours and the way they advertise is great. Their epic cloths make people look sporty and cool. Nike also have veriety in who they cater for. Young, old, fat, fit, man or women. We all get quality good from Nike cause they "Just do it"

Comfortable and looks good. Show of the muscles if you have them

17 Express

Where is Urban? I love Express but Urban comes first.

18 Delias

I love their stuff! Some things are a little pricey, though, so I don't get to got there to often.

A little expensive but they have super cute shirts

I love all there clothing! Especially there jeans!

They have super cute stuff their a little expensive but good after all💕

19 Benetton

It's got some great summer outfits & cool tees!

The best brand for polls,shirts...etc.I like this brand very much

20 Levis

Amazing! Their leather jacket is so comfortable.

Levis has the best jeans

I love levis brand

Such a nice brand

21 Vans

Vans are the BEST.. have no idea why they are so low. I get why American eagle is the top but so many people wear vans. My whole school I've only seen people wear white, checkered, and cherry checkered

It's cool. Many people have worn them. And they look cool. I loved them. Even the shoes are cool!

Love my vans super comfy and stylish!

Love their shoes

22 Jack Wills

Almost like Abercrombie. Perfect for teen boys

The best! I buy everything from here!


23 Victoria's Secret PINK

I would say not a "teen" choice for clothing. But, the PINK series is good for flashing that you spent 70.00 on a sweatshirt and want everyone to know.

My absolute favorite brand. They are a bit pricey but it's worth it.

Absolutely love this brand. It's pricey but worth it! High quality

This brand is the best they always have sales and it's super cheap like $85 for a sweater

24 TNA

I love TNA! It's expensive in my opinion for the really good quality items. The sweaters here are very warm and cozy!

25 Urban Outfitters

Love love love! A bit pricey but worth it!

Such a. Nice place 4 jumpers

Perfect for any teen, aimed towards hipsterish people though


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