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1 Abercrombie and Fitch

They have very comfy clothes! And they give you the joy of your whole life! I assure you that this will be the best clothing experience you'll ever have in your entire life! Go ahead and buy from it!

I Am seriously in love with Abercrombie and Fitch because it has a better clothes quality and ranking.!

This store has always the coolest men clothes out there in this market. Its pricy but its so worth it. Abercrombie and fitch are clothes everybody should be wearing

They have such beautiful clothes that make you feel beautiful as well. Also, the quality is absolutely guaranteed, and the clothes are long lasting. The in-store service is exceptional as well, not to mention the hot guy employees who are more than friendly and ready to serve you ;) In all, A&F is amazing, and one of the best stores you'll ever go to.

2 Nike

Nice products. The products are comfortable and nice looking. I think it is the world class brand.

Since I started buying this brand I'm being more confident regarding my personality... east or west nike is best

Nike ROCKS! It gives you sports wear shoes an Tshirts it is amazing.

Nike shoes are perfection. They are such good quality. They may be a little expensive but they are totally worth it. I bought myself the Nike free 5.0 and I do not regret it one bit. Also their socks are perfect. If you love to exercise or be comfortable in general shop here.

3 Forever21

Terrible, cheap store that sells crappy clothing designed for thots and bratty girls. - RiverVibeZ

The hottest clothes ever an better then hollister with very low prices

Their clothes are so unique and have a wide array of styles, so anyone is able to find something there! It's also very affordable and trendy!

It's a great store, with great prices and quality, but I wouldn't go there for denim shorts. I mean, there are a lot of cute styles and colors, but the prices are around 17, 15 dollars. The price is okay... but if you really want to save some money and end up with some super nice denim shorts, try shopping at Papaya, in the clearance section. You can get them for like 10 dollars.

4 Aeropostale

Comfortable and affordable clothes! Aeropostale features styles that popular celebrities favor! Search here for popular clothing by famous brands such as Madden Girl and Puma! They feature clothing styled by celebrities like Bethany Mota! Aeropostale never gets old, and never goes out of style! They feature endless and timeless choices to suit your fashion needs, and you can find just about anything in just about any size and color here! Everything featured in this store is affordable but made with such good materials, and their clothes feature very high quality. The clothes you buy here will never go out of style and they will last you a lifetime.

love aeropostale! its totally me

Very comfortable and definitely reasonably priced. Every time I go in the store I find something fashionable and in my budget. Aeropostale is always a store I look forward to.

Really cheap & cute clothes 4 me

5 Hollister

I love Hollister, it's got the most amazing threads! Plus they have really comfortable cotton hoodies. AND (yes, there's more! ) it's so not pricey! I rate Hollister 10/10! I couldn't live without it!

Their clothes are way better quality than Abercrombie and Fitch. They have the most adorable tank tops EVER! Too bad that they don't have stores all around the world. They always seem to have whatever you want. My point is, Hollister is great quality, has clothes that anyone can wear, and doesn't cost you ten billion bucks for a sweater that falls apart in a week. GO HOLLISTER!

hollister is the best! I really like how you can find clothes that match you and your personality! I would tell you to go shop there! My whole wardrobe is from there!

Hollister is a great brand that has good hoodies and crazy good and stylish clothes for teens. I love how its based out of California because it makes you wanna buy it.

6 H & M

H&M is revolutionary, always a step ahead of the fashion curve. This is where the next big designers are working.

H & M has absolutely amazing prices. They have clothing of all types. They have something for pretty much everyone. I recently got my Easter dress from here. The dress only cost 15 dollars plus it is perfect for spring and summer. It is an great store. You should definitely check it out! You won't regret it!

Love love love H&M! It is great clothing put at an amazing price!

Adorable clothes for the little ones and Stylish and affordable clothes for me. H & M is a good fit for me.

7 American Eagle

I love them a lot of these brands/stores are expensive but their clothes are so fashionable I could spend all day in there. They are also very nice I like a lot of these stores though! I don't really have an opinion on who is on top but I still really like American eagle! Live in these!

it's very comfort and stylish designed denim.

American Eagle is my life! And Very comfortable and stylish! I don't think that abercrombie and fitch are as high quality as American Eagle. And aeropostale is the cheapy brand of American Eagle.
American Eagle!

American eagle is my personal favorite store because it is the one and only place where I can find jeans that fit me right and its clothes are very fashionable and comfortable. Not only that, everything they sell on their store is their own brand. ALL American eagle. They even make their own shoes!

8 Adidas Adidas AG is a German multinational corporation, headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest in the world. They were first founded in July of 1924 as Gebrüder Dassler more.

I love adidas best in the world with three strips I brought football ac milan t shirt and short it was really awesome better then Nike

I have had Nike Shoes, and Clothes, and they all failed to impress me, as an athlete Adidas apparel has lasted longer, has been more comfortable to wear, looks better, and provides better customer service. I'm not one for brand loyalty, but Adidas has earned my Bias

Adidas is the best clothing brand have to wear it

Some people say nike is better that adidas but I think that adidas is more of a winte wear and nike is more of a summer wear. Adidas clothes seem to be thicker and warmer however nike is think and has air holes. Therefore I reccomed nike for sports but ADIDAS deffineltey is for winter and fashion.

9 Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a iconic fashion label and has outstanding quality compared to these "Teen" brands such as Hollister, American Eagle, and Aeropostale. Also Ralph Lauren provides a touch of class that those brands listed above just can't compete with.
So shut up and get enough money to afford it!

Very classic shirts. Love them. I personally think that they're better than the hollister or abercrombie shirts. But sometimes the shirts are bit too expensive. For ex, I ended up spending $200 for 4 of these shirts. But, still very good quality.

Best should be number one then Lacoste then Gucci then Tommy Hilfiger then Calvin Klein THEN gUESS THEN cOACH SMART ASS

WHat number seventeen this is the best clothing brand this should be on the very top then lacoste then abercrombie and hollister, but its not cool to have it as 17

10 Air Jordans

Not a fan of their shoes or their clothing. The only reason it's popular is because of the Basketball player. - RiverVibeZ

The Air Jordan models include some of the best looking shoes ever made. Worth paying $200 every time

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Zara is awesome, so fashion and in the same time classic, I love them!

ZARA is amazing! Their clothes are so fashionable and trendy! They are both for girls and for boys. Of course, I love A & F, Hollister and American Eagle, but I recommend Zara. Especially for a little younger kids, such as 9 or 10, Zara is better than Hollister, as their sizes only start at XS. GO ZARA!


There look is different and unique. You could actually be recognized by being different but not in a awkward way.

12 Levi's

Best denims ever... But the prices are little bit high!
Like those slim fits

The BEST DAMN JEANS that your eyes have ever seen

Quality never goes out of style

The only brand of jeans that I wear

13 Abercrombie Kids
14 Topshop

Topshop is very cool! It is in the range of teenager style. It is funky, cool, chic style and affordable. I highly recomend topshop as you can not only buy clothes there but also accesorries such as bags and so on. You are certained to buy at least one item there.

15 Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger has the best fashion ever. When I walked in to Tommy Hilfiger In Bali you blew me away with your amazing clothes.

Every Hilfiger product oozes class

EVERYTHING in this store shows class and a little fun too

I love tommy hilfiger

16 Pac Sun

they have awesome clothes at pac sun like fox, volcom, billabong, roxy, quicksilver and other brands. I also love aeropostale and hollister

Great clothing. Abercrombie, hollister etc just makes you a big advertisement for their clothing. - Coosdawg

Pac sun has so many cute and comfortable clothing it's insane! All of their clothing is trendy and fun.

Something hot may be in their name, but their clothes are COOL!

17 Diamond Supply Co.

Diamond is amazing because it so nice and the clothes over there are really nice and fancy

Shop here any time you've got a taste for swag!

Diamond is where it's at! Diamond life!

I wanna buy one of their sweaters. - RiverVibeZ

18 Hot Topic

Number 57? Really? Hot Topic has been my absolute favorite store ever since I was 12 and my mom started letting me buy clothes from there. I simply cannot walk into a Hot Topic without instantly seeing at least 5 things I like. (And I'm pretty picky about my clothes.

Maybe the reason it's so low on the list is because so many people go to Hot Topic trying to be "rebellious" or "different" and it's developed sort of a negative stigma. But I go there because I like the clothes, end of story. And so do a lot of people. I'm in college and many people there wear stuff from Hot Topic and they're not trying to be different.

Seriously though, if Hot Topic started selling food, I could live there.

Yeah yeah, I know this store usually gets labelled as the store for emos and goths, but it's actually a great place to shop at. Especially if you're a Metalhead, Anime fan, or just someone who's interested in Pop Culture as a whole. I'm a Metalhead and I usually go to Hot Topic if I want to buy a band shirt. The only problem is that their clothing is rather expensive. - RiverVibeZ

This has been my favorite store for a while because it has stuff for all of my favorite things. It's products represent my personality very well. I remember this one time very recently when I went to the mall with a friend, and she wanted to go to Forever 21, and I was just in that store thinking "TOO... BASIC... TOO... BASIC...". It's one of the only stores in the mall near me that really appeals to me. I look at most stores in that mall with fear, one of my greatest fear is wearing something basic and trendy (like the Vineyard Vines shirts that pretty much ever kid in my grade has because I go to school in a rich preppy neighborhood), so Hot Topic is my favorite store.

Really cool store, best place to buy band shirts and stuff. Everyone is too scared to go in there, but it's really awesome inside.

19 Victoria's Secret

Come on that's not even a question. Who doesn't like chicks in Victoria's Secret apparel? This should most definitely be number one on the list.

Victoria's Secret is my favorite. The clothes are super cute! The bras there are super comfortable, and the perfumes smell amazing! It is a bit overpriced, but it's something you can easily look past. I highly recommend this place

I love Victoria's Secret I always shop there there clothes are cute and stylish and comfy but the downside is that there quite pricey

I love this place. I'm totally obsessed with their clothing. This should be number one on the list.

20 Calvin Klein

Never Disappointed with CK.

CK is good

21 Afends
22 Pink+Dolphin

Met yung lean here last year (⌒-⌒; )

23 Mossimo Supply Co.
24 Claire's

Claire has cool collection..

I think Claire's is awesome it has been my favorite story since I was a little girl

Ugly as a bunch of chemicals

I love earrings

25 Chuck Taylor All Stars

My favorite shoe is the low white converse Brianna

! My kid wears converse to school everyday. They don't even come off her feet!

26 Ed Hardy

! Ed Hardy clothes are like AWESOME! The pattern and designs are way too cool! So amazing... Please vote for anyone you like but I suggest ED HARDY because its like the best in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD! Their designs are so unique! But still vote for... ED HARDY CLOTHES because IT ROCKS THE HOUSE!

How can I go through the sites and make order

I might buy something from there soon. - RiverVibeZ

the design pattern is fantastic

27 JCPenny's
28 The North Face

I bought my north face jacket this winter and I am honestly so pleased with it. It will probably last me the rest of my life. It may be expensive but it is amazing.

It's the best jacket brand and backpack brand too!

It's the best quality for the winter. I like it.

North Face is so comfortable! It's amazing!

29 Delia's

Delia's has the most amazing clothing! It's super cute and trendy. Bathing suits run very small but everything else is true to size. The website is easy to use and if you go in stores, the employees are super helpful in finding the piece you want in your size and helping you pick out items. They tell you if you can get a promo by buying certain pieces and show you what's on sale. Delia's is great!

omg! the clothes here are THE BEST! they have the cutest shirts ever! everyone that hasnt gone ther should rlly try it out

30 Bershka
31 U.S. Polo

Most fashionable & happening brand

I love e to wear this brand

Polo shirts polo socks polo eryyythang

Superb cloth quality.
Energatic color

32 Aeffe


This is a great parfym with exellent style, I mean a bottle formed like an apple isn't so usual these days. About the scent, it is one of the best I have ever odoured. I hope this helped you on your way to find the best parfym out there, that fits your needs the best. Personally I have the DKNY be delicious wich is the one for men.

34 Gucci

This shouldn't be on this list, it far surpasses all these labels as it is high end

Cause tao told me too

Love Gucci! Better quality

Great clothes! Great brand!

35 Wet Seal

Wet seal is a brand with very comfortable clothes, that are very lightweight and also look great! They are great quality, ad not at all thick and bulky! You feel very comfortable, one because they do not really add much weight to your body like thick clothes do, and two because you KNOW you look great, and you can't help feeling that way! Wet Seal is AMAZING! 1

Well first off all... I think Wet seal is very expensive, or at least not very affordable. The clothes are pretty cute, but otherwise it will not be one of my top places to shop, especially on a budget.

Great sales! Awesome prices! Super duper comfy to wear! The best brand in the whole wide world! It also has a great set up in the store! And it has very very very kind sales people!

Awesome clothing! It just feels so great on you, and you would love wearing it. Fashionable and super cute, Wet Seal is an awesome brand, and you should totally try it out!

36 Express

Express is on of the best! They have great style of clothes and the quality of clothes remains the same even after 5 years. I love Express and their dresses are also too stylish. Try it! You will always cherish your clothes of express in your wardrobe!

Very sexy. Professional. People with curves, like myself, will look instantly slimmer, well kept, and classy. Pricey ($70 pants, $50 top) Worth it.

I have so much of their clothing, and they all look clean and stylish

The most fashionable brand.

37 Worthington
38 Chaps
39 Guess

A brand which is affordable and suit's many.. A brand which makes you exited

My combat boots are from here and I love them so much.


They make everything skateboard related but not skateboards

Vans are so amazing. They are so comfortable. I love my pair of Vans shoes. You will not regret it, if you buy a pair of vans

Absolutely fantastic brand, stylish, good quality, quite expensive but worth every penny, they like theor range of pumps.

Stylish, fairly expensive, amazing and comfortable shoes, sweatshirts, hoodies, beanies etc...

41 Pepe Jeans London

Sounds great just right for teens

42 LRG
43 Badger Invaders
44 United Colors of Benetton

Benetton quality and color matching is very good. So, I prefer this brand

Benetton is the best I love it!
It is so comfortable and have a good quality!

Not just perfect quality but also great color combinations

Benetton clothes are comfortable and so awesome

45 True Religion

I cannot believe this is not there! What! Especially the outlet store. It rocks!

46 River Island

Best store ever I love the bags and the hoodies are so comfortable!

Best clothing shop ever!

I don't understand y it has such a low position!

47 Puma Puma SE, branded as Puma, is a German multinational company that designs and manufactures athletic and casual footwear, apparel and accessories, which is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany.

Soft, original, cool, good quality but not expensive! - IceCream

Amazing designs, options and quality... At an affordable price... Like the range

Its just amazing... All I can say

48 Wills Lifestyle

It has amazing fabric quality and caters to current trends.

It adopts the current fashion

49 Zumiez

Woah! idk why this wasn't even created on the list its the greatest store of all time like I spent 240$ in there and came back to spend 50$ more I kno crazy right and all I spent it on was 1 pair of supra tk's, 2 shirts, skateboard deck, and hoodie - ballaboi17

It's the perfect store for skaters! Me being a skate girl, it's pretty hard to find skate brands at the store but my favorite brands like Supra, Vans, The Hundreds, Diamond Supply Co., and much more. I just love it!

Best store of all time! :) I buy clothes from them all the time! They're really good quality and they have great prices and designs! :) Their hoodies and tees are really worth it!

This is truly my favorite store! I buy from there all the time. I love their prices and their variety. Their website is actually pleasant to look at (unlike others)

50 Reebok
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