Top 10 Best Clothing Brands and Stores

What makes a clothing store or brand the best? Is it the latest trends? Comfort that lasts all day? A price tag that won't break the bank? Maybe it's that feeling when you slip on a new outfit and your confidence skyrockets.

Everyone's got their own priorities when it comes to clothes. Some of us are diehard fans of a specific brand, others love the thrill of finding amazing pieces in unexpected stores. Your perfect pair of jeans might be someone else's fashion faux pas - and that's totally okay.
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1 Abercrombie & Fitch

They have such beautiful clothes that make you feel beautiful as well. Also, the quality is absolutely guaranteed, and the clothes are long-lasting. The in-store service is exceptional as well, not to mention the attractive male employees who are more than friendly and ready to serve you. All in all, A&F is amazing and one of the best stores you'll ever go to.

I didn't like this brand initially because of their former CEO, Mike. However, the quality of their clothes is still very good. They are nice-looking and offer reasonable prices for their products.

Among all other competitors, their sweaters and outerwear are the best-looking, hands down.

2 Aeropostale

Comfortable and affordable clothes! Aeropostale features styles that popular celebrities favor. Search here for popular clothing by famous brands such as Madden Girl and Puma. They offer clothing styled by celebrities like Bethany Mota.

Aeropostale never gets old and never goes out of style. They offer endless and timeless choices to suit your fashion needs. You can find just about anything in almost any size and color here. Everything featured in this store is affordable but made with high-quality materials. The clothes you buy here will never go out of style and will last you a lifetime.

3 Forever 21

It's a great store with great prices and quality, but I wouldn't go there for denim shorts. I mean, there are a lot of cute styles and colors, but the prices are around $17 or $15. The price is okay, but if you really want to save some money and end up with some super nice denim shorts, try shopping at Papaya in the clearance section. You can get them for like $10.

So trendy, but you have to be careful with what you buy. The quality is almost always good, but sometimes it's not. Some of the clothes can be suggestive and slightly inappropriate, but they have some really nice stuff if you look past that. Prices are much more reasonable.

4 Nike Nike, Inc. is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services. The company is headquartered near Beaverton, Oregon, in the Portland metropolitan area. It is the... read more

Nike shoes are perfection. They are of such good quality. They may be a little expensive, but they are totally worth it. I bought myself the Nike Free 5.0 and I do not regret it one bit. Also, their socks are perfect.

If you love to exercise or be comfortable in general, shop here.

This was a really hard decision because I love all of the top six competitors. I think that I went with Nike only because it is original and I love all of their merchandise.

Nike is excellent! I love their high-quality clothing. Very reasonable price for its quality. Their products are very comfortable. I absolutely love Nike's products!

5 Hollister

Their clothes are of much better quality than those at Abercrombie & Fitch. They have the most adorable tank tops ever! It's too bad they don't have stores all around the world. They always seem to have whatever you want. In summary, Hollister offers great quality, has clothes that anyone can wear, and doesn't charge an exorbitant amount for a sweater that falls apart in a week. Go Hollister!

I love almost everything in Forever 21, but you have to be careful when shopping for tops because some state pretty inappropriate things and are just not for young preteens. Things like "Kiss me now" and "Blondes have more fun." If you're aware and rethink being okay with any statement or phrase, you can get some great stuff!

6 American Eagle

American Eagle is my personal favorite store because it's the one and only place where I can find jeans that fit me right. Its clothes are very fashionable and comfortable. Moreover, everything they sell in the store is their own brand. It's all American Eagle. They even make their own shoes!

I love them. A lot of these brands and stores are expensive, but their clothes are so fashionable that I could spend all day in there. The staff is also very nice.

I like many of these stores, though I don't really have an opinion on which is the best. However, I still really like American Eagle. I could live in these clothes!

7 H&M

H&M has absolutely amazing prices. They have clothing of all types. They have something for pretty much everyone. I recently got my Easter dress from here. The dress only cost $15, and it is perfect for spring and summer. It's a great store. You should definitely check it out! You won't regret it!

Selling price befits quality and fashionability of the product. H&M, before you came into my life, I missed you so bad. I missed you so, so bad. Go H&M, go!

H&M is revolutionary, always a step ahead of the fashion curve. This is where the next big designers are working.

8 Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is an iconic fashion label and has outstanding quality compared to these "teen" brands such as Hollister, American Eagle, and Aeropostale. Ralph Lauren also provides a touch of class that those brands listed above just can't compete with. So shut up and get enough money to afford it!

Very classic shirts. Love them. I personally think they're better than Hollister or Abercrombie shirts. However, sometimes the shirts are a bit too expensive. For example, I ended up spending $200 for four of these shirts. But they are still very good quality.

9 ZARA ZARA is a Spanish fashion retailer founded in 1974, specializing in clothing, shoes, and accessories. A part of the Inditex Group, ZARA focuses on offering trendy and affordable fashion items through a unique business model that emphasizes speed-to-market. The brand aims to keep up with rapidly changing... read more

ZARA is amazing! Their clothes are so fashionable and trendy. They cater to both girls and boys. Of course, I love A&F, Hollister, and American Eagle, but I recommend Zara.

Especially for younger kids, such as 9 or 10, Zara is better than Hollister, as their sizes only start at XS. Go ZARA!

Their look is different and unique. You could actually be recognized for being different, but not in an awkward way.

Zara is below H&M? What's going on, guys? Stop only rating stuff that you are buying at the moment.

10 Adidas Adidas AG (stylized as adidas since 1949) is a German multinational corporation, founded and headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest in the world, after Nike... read more

I have had Nike shoes and clothes, and they all failed to impress me. As an athlete, Adidas apparel has lasted longer, been more comfortable to wear, looked better, and provided better customer service. I'm not one for brand loyalty, but Adidas has earned my bias.

Some people say Nike is better than Adidas, but I think that Adidas is more of winter wear and Nike is more of summer wear. Adidas clothes seem to be thicker and warmer. However, Nike is thin and has air holes. Therefore, I recommend Nike for sports, but Adidas definitely is for winter and fashion.

The Contenders
11 Abercrombie Kids
12 Topshop

Topshop is very cool! It falls within the realm of teenage style. The store offers a funky, cool, chic style that is also affordable. I highly recommend Topshop, as you can buy not only clothes but also accessories like bags and so on. You are certain to buy at least one item there.

13 Levi's

Best denims ever, but the prices are a little bit high. I like those slim fits.

Levi's stitching is wonderful, and I think Levi's is the father of all jeans.

14 Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger has the best fashion ever. When I walked into Tommy Hilfiger in Bali, you blew me away with your amazing clothes.

15 Hot Topic

Number 57? Really? Hot Topic has been my absolute favorite store ever since I was 12, and my mom started letting me buy clothes from there. I simply cannot walk into a Hot Topic without instantly seeing at least five things I like. And I'm pretty picky about my clothes.

Maybe the reason it's so low on the list is that so many people go to Hot Topic trying to be "rebellious" or "different," and it has developed a sort of negative stigma. But I go there because I like the clothes, end of story. And so do a lot of people. I'm in college, and many people there wear stuff from Hot Topic without trying to be different.

Seriously, though, if Hot Topic started selling food, I could live there.

16 Calvin Klein
17 Afends
18 Air Jordans

The Air Jordan models include some of the best-looking shoes ever made. They're worth paying $200 for every time.

19 Mossimo Supply Co.
20 Claire's

Claire's is a pretty awesome store! You can get many accessories, makeup, and much more. You can even get your ears pierced there!

Claire's is cool. Hollister is also cool but too expensive for what it is.

Claire's rocks. Hollister, American Eagle, and Abercrombie & Fitch don't.

21 PacSun

Great clothing. Brands like Abercrombie and Hollister just make you a walking advertisement for their clothing.

PacSun has so many cute and comfortable clothing options. It's insane! All of their clothing is trendy and fun.

Something hot may be in their name, but their clothes are cool!

22 JCPenney
23 Ed Hardy

The design pattern is fantastic, but please make a different range for middle-class people because they can't pay too much money for branded clothes. I hope you understand what I want to say. Thanks a lot.

24 Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret is my favorite. The clothes are super cute! The bras there are incredibly comfortable, and the perfumes smell amazing. It is a bit overpriced, but it's something you can easily look past. I highly recommend this place.

Come on, that's not even a question. Who doesn't like women in Victoria's Secret apparel? This should most definitely be number one on the list.

I love this place. I'm totally obsessed with their clothing. This should be number one on the list.

25 The North Face

I bought my North Face jacket this winter, and I am honestly so pleased with it. It will probably last me the rest of my life. It may be expensive, but it is amazing.

It's the best jacket brand and backpack brand too!

It's the best quality for the winter. I like it.

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