Top 10 Best Converse Colors

Converse has been in the game for so long, creating sneakers in a rainbow of colors. You have those forever classics like black and white to super-seasonal, bold new shades. Their iconic designs look fantastic in just about any color, making the choices nearly endless.

So, are you drawn to the classics? Do you love a good pop of color? Maybe your style is a bit more unexpected, and you always reach for a unique hue. There's truly a Converse color for everyone's style.
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1 Black

I absolutely LOVE my black Chucks! My first pair of Converse were black low tops, but since then, I've switched to high tops as they are even cooler! Now, I also have the black high tops and wear them all the time. They literally go with EVERYTHING and are so cool!

Black Converse are the best as they are neutral, which is a really good quality. I have a pair in black and think that black Converse are the best out of all colors. They are also very versatile and can be used for every purpose. They are usually worn casually. If you're getting a pair, go for black. They are awesome.

2 White

The amazing thing about white Converse is that they look incredibly cute on girls but also look great on guys too. Truly amazing! I just can't stop wearing my white high-tops.

I have an old, dirty pair and a clean pair for special occasions. Both look great. I just can't stop wearing white Converse. I really can't!

You'd think they'd look plain, but you're wrong! I agree that they can get a little dirtier than other colors, but they go with any outfit. For some reason, I think they look elegant. Love, love, love them! You really should go and buy a pair.

3 Red

I love red Converse shoes because everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, wears the black ones. Sure, black looks cool and popular and all that jazz, but I just want to stand out more, you know? Red is a very attention-grabbing, bright color that really stands out.

I have a pair of red Converse low tops, and they go well with some of my outfits. Red Converse look especially good in high tops, but I chose to buy low tops because high tops are a pain to put on, at least for me. So, I just bought low tops because they legitimately take 5 seconds to slide your feet into.

4 Blue

The blue Converse are the best and look amazing with most of my wardrobe. Although I like a lot of other colored Converse, this one is the best out of all the colors! So far, I've got three colors: white, blue, and navy, and I'm going to be getting a lot more!

I have blue Converse, and they look really good and go with most of my clothes. I also have black ones, but I prefer the blue shoes. The next pair I want is red Converse because I like them too. So, I basically want the top three colors of Converse, and I'm going to start collecting them.

5 Maroon

Love the maroon so much! Just got mine, and they are such a lovely color. They go well with such a wide variety of outfits too!

It is a unique color that goes with a variety of outfits. I personally like it more than bright red.

I just ordered mine, and they are truly one of a kind! Not many people wear them, but they're super pretty!

6 Purple

Purple is a color that is darker, which is better for clothing. It is also not a common color that everyone will be wearing. For example, if you go to a party, almost everybody there will be wearing black. You and maybe three other people will be the only ones wearing purple.

I love my purple Converse. They definitely stand out in the crowd. I'm one of the few people I know with purple Converse, and I've had mine for four years. They are just a little faded, but other than that, I love them!

I LOVE my purple Converse. We are having a June wedding, but really, it is the best color. It goes with everything and is much more original and unique than the white or black ones.

7 Green

My aunt bought them for me, and I was so annoyed. "I wanted Jordans!" I kept ungratefully whining. Until one day, my mom insisted - you have no idea how many times - for me to try them on. So I did. My friend loved them, and so did I after I realized how good they actually were.

Forest green (the actual name is Field Surplus) is so wearable. It really fits the grunge look if you're into that.

Green looks awesome with a ton of different clothes!

8 Grey

I rock grey Chucks because most people prefer black. They stand out in that not too many people wear them, but they're not too bright. I wouldn't be able to pull off red, orange, green, etc., and they go great with most of my outfits. So the grey All Stars really work for me.

Grey Converse are amazing because you look at everyone else's Converse, and you see black or white as the most popular colors. But hardly anybody has grey! It goes with my whole wardrobe!

Grey Converse just work. They are not too bright like the white or too dull like the black. As others have said, not as many people own them.

9 Light Blue

These Converse are easy to wear and give your outfit a softness and an extra bit of glamour. They especially go well with dresses and jeans.

I wear these shoes almost everywhere, and if they get dirty, I can always throw them in the washing machine, and they will look as good as new!

They go well with dresses and more! They are not as simple as you think. My daughter got some, and she begs me to let her wear them practically everywhere. She loves them and would probably cry if she couldn't find them.

10 Navy

I love navy. It's so pretty and cool. Something about it makes me love it so much. So, I bought it, and it came yesterday. I got it on Black Friday, so it took only four days. I'm so excited to wear them. I LOVE THEM!!!!

I just bought a pair of navy low-top Converse, and I love them. In the past, I've gotten the white high-tops and the black-and-white high-tops. Now I have the navy low-tops, and they are by far the best ones. I wouldn't trade them for anything.

They go with anything I wear, and I get compliments about them all the time. Everyone says that people only get the black or white ones. They say it's unique but in a more subtle way. I would recommend these to anyone, regardless of what they wear or who they are. They look good on anyone.

The Contenders
11 Pink

I love my pink Converse! They are my first and only pair, and I've had them for a year and one day now. I've worn them pretty much every day! People said they wouldn't go with anything, but they do. I've worn them with shorts, jeans, and leggings.

They have survived a lot too, from theme parks to jumping up and down for six hours a day when I was promoting pizza boxes. They have faded a bit, though. My mom keeps telling me to get some new ones, but I'm finding it hard to decide whether I want more pink ones or another color. I was thinking of getting black ones next, but it's nearly summer, and it seems crazy not to stay colorful. Of course, I'll keep my pink ones, as they're still wearable and they are my first pair.

12 Lime Green

Nature is written all over your feet! They are so pretty and rare! They show the world around you.

13 Yellow

They go with EVERYTHING! And I mean it! They show off talent and stand out a bit. They are just the best things ever!

I just got my yellow Converse and they are amazing. With this color, I definitely recommend getting low tops. They work best with either gray, light-washed jeans, or black.

Yellow is just a pleasing color. How often do you see people with yellow shoes?

14 Brown

My brown Converse are amazing! I really wanted a color that would go with practically any outfit and that isn't black. EVERYBODY has black! So if you want to spice things up a little and be a bit unique, I definitely recommend going with brown. They match ANY outfit!

I think brown looks good with anything. I would recommend it to anyone who's looking for Converse to wear as an everyday thing.

This is the best color if you want to draw attention away from your face.

15 Cream

They are a shade of pastel, and it's really good for you if you are shy.

They complement jeans very well. It looks very casual and not bright at all.

16 Orange

I love my orange Converse. They always add a pop of color to my fit. I have gone through two pairs so far, always getting compliments.

They are so outgoing and outstanding! Oh, I just noticed (no lie) - O, O, and O! O for orange! Go for something rare and special. Don't just blend into the crowd like another copy of a copy. Be the best person you can be: you!

I have already gone through my first pair of orange Converse and am on my second pair now. I love wearing them because they spice up any outfit with a punch of color.

17 Mint Green

It is really pretty and casual. I can't think of anyone who would not like these shoes. They are pretty, simple, colorful, and just nice.

I wear them a lot and have never wanted to get rid of them. That was until my mom threw them away while I was at camp, but hey, it had to happen sometime!

Why the heck is this so low on the list? I'm currently saving up for a pair of them, and they're absolutely gorgeous.

I personally love this pair so much. You might think they don't go with many outfits, but they truly do. They look great!

18 Wine Red

They're in style. The popular girls at school love these! My pair is so clean and goes with almost every color!

Wine-red Converse are awesome! They give your outfit that varsity/school uniform look!

My wine-red Converse are so cute and amazing!

19 Aqua

Not the best color. They don't match with a lot of the items in my closet, and I have a lot of aqua shirts and stuff.

Aqua blue/Aruba blue is such an amazing pair of Converse. Get them. They're the best.

20 Rainbow

I am a person with a bright personality and like others to think so too. Ever since I got them, I have been receiving non-stop compliments! I LOVE THEM!

I mean, come on, the best color is all colors! Duh! Plus, I support the LGBT club. I'm going to wear them to school that day and paint my nails rainbow!

If you cannot decide, these are the right ones - they have every color!

21 Dark Teal
22 Mango

A pair of peach Converse really give a pop of color to any outfit! Perfect for black and blue jeans, leggings, or jeggings! I own a pair, and I'm in love. They bring the sunshine to your outfit.

23 Neon Pink

They go well with red, white, black, yellow, pink, some orange, blue, and purple. Their color is absolutely amazing! I love my pair, and they are so pretty and hard to stain.

If you're not a girly girl or a tomboy, these are perfect! Their color is a blend of super brightness, pink, and rad. Awesome!

I like wearing darker-colored pants, and that makes the pink pop more than normal. They are cool but different, and I literally wear them every day and love them to death.

I think they are very interesting on everyone! So yeah, and they don't get dirty easily.

24 Denim
25 Rose Gold

Love rose gold. It's a gorgeous color. Rose gold Converse make a statement on your outfit, and rose gold is the new black. Black and white Converse are a bit too bland and need some sparkling jazzing up. Although I love powder blue, rose gold eyelets look fabulous.

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