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1 Nike

They rock way better than adidas so you should buy them because they are the best and forget the rest

Nike is awesome they make air jordan and I personaly Love Nike and Other brands too but Nike and Addidas are my favorite brands. Nike can have anything you want to have... EPIC

Nike is a good top designer brand. They are stylish and very durable, lasting for a long time. The expensive price is very worth the product.

I used to like PUMA, but now I like NIKE

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2 Adidas Adidas Adidas AG is a German multinational corporation, headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest in the world. They were first founded in July of 1924 as Gebrüder Dassler more.

I think that adidas is really the best! Their shoes are really comfortable as well as stylish and good looking. :) They are good for going out, spots and every day activities also. ;) Because of its variety, everybody can find their perfect shoes.

I LOVE Adidas the are so comfortable and and a great fit and look! They are the BEST!

Not necessarily the best shoe brands but probably the best sports brand. From their jackets to the tracksuits to these shorts this socks and footwear and all apparel would sit comfortably at number 1. Now by best we do talk about designer but also custom for the individual and added us and it Adidas anatomically seems to manage the spectrum quite well compared to almost all of the brands besides you Everlast and specific local designer such as Black and Blue. So if you play sport and your body shows it in the features and anatomical structure seems to be the unknown to All But A few. For example a bodybuilder has the classic trained physique that structurally should be the template from which all sports brands work from but they all Clueless in the human form in a static state let alone one that is under duress or requires to be in performance mode this is where style and ingenuity through Engineering...

Y ou think I can get a pair of jeans off the shelf it's a joke. I'd slide ...more

Adidas shoes are great

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3 Jordan

They are the best and really cool they are worth the price better than all except nike

I think Jordans should be second because they would be first but nike sponsored them and made them so therefore without nike Jordan have been so awesome they are cool I have two pairs

Jordan's are a cool shoe and are very comfortable. They may cost much, but are definitely worth it if you wear them a lot. My pair of Air Jordan eclipses were a very nice and comfortable shoe, and it almost felt like my performance improved just by wearing them. Overall an amazing brand.

Air Jordans are really cool they are also sponsered by Nike they are way better than under armour and LeBron James shoe brand Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time he is way better than Curry is and it's not even a question Air Jordan has been running since 1984 back then the east was very competitive with players like Larry Bird and Isiah Thomas but in the 90s before Steph curry And the warriors started a dynasty that goes on today the bulls won six championships in eight years steph Curry and the warriors have 3 championships in 4 years Jordan scored 32,292 career points that for fourth most points in NBA history while Kevin Durants 22,281 points are good for 31st of all time

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4 Reebok

Reebok are the best shoes. This deserved to be the best shoe brand in the whole world. It's durability, comfort, and designs are the BEST.

They are so comfortable! I have been wearing Reebok shoes for at least 5 years and they are the only brand I buy. They last a long time unlike some other brands. I love the way they look and feel. I would highly recommend this brand of shoe!

Great for durability, comfort and design. Feel awesome after vigorous sprints without any pain in knee or ankles.

Reebok is better then nike,adidas,jordan

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5 Vans

Comfortable although... They get dirty very easily - wiz-kayz2000

I have 4 pairs of vans and I've had 3 of the 4 pairs for almost a year and they aren't dirty. So really it depends on the owner if they get dirty easily. They are amazing shoes and they deserve a spot in at least the top 2 - EMRichard

Yeah because other shoes defy the laws of logic and don't get dirty. all shoes get dirty. My Nikes are dirty as hell and the soles are falling off, but do I care? No. Because all shoes get dirty. - username34

Vans are super stylish! I have the galaxy print vans and everyone loves them. They are the perfect on the go easy slide on shoes that go with almost everything! Vans are the most popular shoes at my middle school and high school!

Good quality...
With stylish looks...

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6 Under Armour Under Armour Under Armour, Inc. is an American company that manufactures footwear, sports, and casual apparel. Under Armour's global headquarters are located in Baltimore, Maryland with additional offices located in Amsterdam, Austin, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Houston, Jakarta, London, Mexico City, Munich, New York more.

I think under armour is better than converse, puma, and fila. Converse because I just never liked it because of the style of the shoe. Puma because of the same reasons that I don't like Converse. And lastly Under Armour is better than puma for tons of reasons, one is because they are very easy to break and because the design isn't that good either. Also Under Armour does much more than shoes. Just saying'.

Well converse aren't designed as athletic shoes as much as the other brands you said

Under Armour is not the greatest shoe brand, because they do not last that long. If you want a pair of shoes to last you need to look for another pair or brand because this brand is not the right one, and they are expensive.

Yeah under armour should be third vans, converse, puma, fila and asics have a really bad style. All asics have the same shape when made only different patterns. Converse look ugly. Same with fila and puma. Adidas nike and under armour are the only cool ones.

Under armour is the up and coming brand that will soon be #1

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7 Converse

Converse are THE BEST! Right now I have 3 pairs and I have a fourth pair coming but they were on back order and possibly soon I'll be getting a fifth pair! Most of the ones I get are from Journeys so they are more expensive, but still I have had my oldest pair for about a year now and they are holding up pretty nicely. (but they are faded and slightly ripped but still very comfortable) Honestly they are my favorite brand of shoe ever and they are extremely comfortable. The only thing that they shouldn't be used for is running, but other than that they are great for anything!

Converse is a brand with great High Tops. - XxSpitfire34109xX

The bomb I'm getting converse because their awesome and the converse I'm getting is black and yellow this needs to be number one their the best who ever made these shoes is a genius. So I think nike and converse needs to switch spots so converse is #1 I (it always have been) and nike should be #5 go converse

Yas love them

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8 Puma Puma Puma SE, branded as Puma, is a German multinational company that designs and manufactures athletic and casual footwear, apparel and accessories, which is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany.

Puma's might be expensive but they are great! They are so comfortable. But they run small. I also love the design! These shoes are great for if you play sports like track. These shoes are great!

Puma is expensive, but they are totally worth it. I got my first pair a few weeks back and I have never had better shoes. I think this should be number 1 and then Nike, cause they are good too.

Puma is an epic shoe. I'm a growing girl and these shoes I got are awesome. They last long and aren't that expensive for the look and great quality. Nike and addidas are okay and have great quality although they are very expensive.

I like puma the best

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9 DC

Dc is awesome I just got a new pair of them and they are amazing they are stylish, trendy, comfortable great for skateboarding, and good for just walking around the town and when you try them on your friends are going to be so jealous they're goona be like man those are awesome tell me where you got them I have to have a pair of them plus they have awesome designs you'll love

DC shoes are really cool and good for skateboarding. I also really like Rob Dyrdek and he has the best styles. My favorite are the Aubrey. There are pink and black and another one of my favorites is the white and black one.

DC's are strong and if you want to throw a shoe at someone, you can without damaging your shoes. They're also waterproof and you can easily wash them in the washing machine. There's also DC flip flops and boots.

I own three pairs and they're better than most top brands by far my favorite

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10 New Balance

At New Balance they scan your feet to help you get the right fit and shoe insert combination. They zeroed in on why I was having trouble getting a good fit from other top manufacturers and now I can spend twelve hours a day on concrete floors and still feel like going for a walk. Not everyone carries the size shoes I need, but they do. Also, their shoe sizes are pretty consistent. Once you get fitted in a store you can order online with confidence. Their record keeping is excellent. I can go to store and ask for new inserts and they know exactly what I need and I am back out the door in minutes. Their sales staff is extremely knowledgeable. Their styles are classic, but limited, and unfortunately fashion is their weakness. I would really like to see them come out with women's wedge heeled pumps suitable for office dress in a wide range of sizes. They keep trying to sell me Mary Jane's -- which just won't do. Most of the people I have referred to the New Balance store suffer from some ...more

My father loves these shoes! They come in a wide option which is great for him. He finds them very comfortable. They don't last as long as Reebok shoes do but Reebok doesn't fit him properly. Being a teenager, I wouldn't wear them, they are just not my style but older people like them a lot.

New Balance shoes are some of the best shoes I ever had. They are super comfy and many models of them. They can be for sports or for casual. (When you buy a half size bigger than you, they are even better! )

Number 1

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11 Skechers

I think they make excellent shoes especially the memory foam shoes

Cool shoes I see a lot of people wear them

Most comfortable shoes I've ever warn

Na bro don't see them in my school

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12 Fila

Awesome collection of this company present in market, I love this brand.

Fila are afortable and last longing only person everyone wears Nike and Adidas and there like 100$ - 300$ in Australia Fila are really good quality last years and years and compared to Australia where they sell fake Nike and Adidas it's the best and a for table for people who don't have a lot of money for shoes these should be top

Huge variety to choose from, coupled awesome designs that you can't find elsewhere...!

Its very good quality

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13 Etnies

For anyone who doesn't know what this is, it's a skate shoe.

I've seen these and I don't want to buy them

Light weight long life been making shoes that get beat up and rubbed on grip tape for decades can't really go wrong here

Best shoes ever.

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14 Lebron

Shouldn't lebron shoes be with the nike group up there - Deadpoolfan13

Lebron's should really be up there with adidas, Jordans, and nike's or at least should be above skechers and fila

Lebron is great, it should be in the top 10. Skechers and fila should be lower than lebron. Lebron is with nike and it a good brand better than skechers and fila.

They are really nice they need to be top 3

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15 Champion

Why isn't champion in the top five on this list? I have no clue why because Champion is probably the most comfortable shoe on the market and by far the most durable of shoes I have a pair that I've owned for 12 years and they are still as good as new and even the shoe strings look like they are brand new they're just that good of a shoe you can spend your whole life trying to find another shoe as good as Champion but you won't find it not even Nikes can hold up to Champion

Champion is the lightest shoes you will ever own. They are perfect for all sports. They also make very good clothes that I use for all my runs

I just got champian and they are good for running nice and light

I love its texture and it is so much more comfortable! But sadly I lost it.

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16 Toms

They are adorable and look nice if you wear Capri's,skirts or dresses.

Toms are really cute

Toms are super comfy

Love their wedges!

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17 Asics

Most comfortable shoe and very supportive in the sole great shoe

Asics are the best brand of shoes! Great support for running and walking, good for school and other activities, the sole takes a long time to wear out, the shoes look relatively new after a couple years. Who doesn't like Asics? I love them!

This shoes I love because they are great to do every sports in and they are super comfortable to wear and hold great support for the activities and things you do in the human life. I would recommend this shoes for people that like comforts, style and availability of this shoes

The quality of the sneakers are far better than top brands

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18 Tommy Hilfiger

Whoever but that shouldn't have said that because this is a website for best shoe brands + their sweaters suck so whoever posted that is a numbskull

No one wears these anymore but they are good for other clothing.

The best shoe brand currently.

I saw them I don't want them

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19 Sperry

I had Sperry shoes for a whole year and wore them every single day. They were awesome, although they may not be the best for athletics.

Sperry's are the best why I say that is because your can look professional or a casual person. It is best when you're wearing khaki pants for some reason but it is.

Sperrys are the best shoes ever made, they can be worn anywhere. You can wear them casualy or dressy!

Sperry is always the best casual shoes. 100% guaranteed best casual shoes for me.

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20 Nunn Bush

Built like a much more expensive dress shoe, but at an affordable price!

I've never heard of Nunn bush so that's probably the reason there number 20

I got these shoes for dressing up

I personalty believe that Nunn bush is very...

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21 KD

Very very very very good shoes, just Nike but I see a lot of people wear them.

His shoes are like air cushions in the bottom of your foot

It is very comfortable to wear and they don't wear out easy


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22 Dexter

I bought this shoe & shoe bottom is broken in 8 months.

23 Derrick Rose Derrick Rose Derrick Martell Rose is an American professional basketball player for the Minnesota Timberwolves of the National Basketball Association.

U get hurt in these

D-Rose shoes are great for basketball and they look fairly good too.

D roses should be up with adidas

Great shoes

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24 Lotto

Very good shoes ever

Perfect balance and durability. No compromise with comfort.

Nice brand and superb shoes and my best shoes brand

This is the best shoe ever seen in the world

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25 Brunswick

As in the bowling place

These should be last

26 Airwalk

If you have these shoes never go out in public

I have My airwalk and I love to use it because its simple and durable.

Airwalk is one of the best shoes I have worn in the past.

If you wear these in public your trippin mad dick bro

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27 Osiris

The soles on my pair got so worn down that there was literally NOTHING between my feet and the ground. I jumped down 8 stairs and absolutely CRIPPLED myself.

Good looking but mine fell apart after a month and the sole wore down to nothing.

Don't be fooled by this shoe, the sole is terrible. Asics are a way better shoe.

Good for skateboarding

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28 Storm
29 Supra

Supra has simple yet amazing shoes with tons of bright color ways. Probably the best high tops on the market.

Most beautiful shoes in the world, I don't know why these are listed 20, they should be listed at least in the top 5

Supra is one of my favorite. Lots of upgrades, can be one of the fastest imports in the world when built correctly.

They should get on top

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30 Crocs

They're really cool and relaxing shoes

Very good shoe brand. My crocs have lasted for 4 years!

I rock them to work at Panda Express!

Better than Gucci

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31 Levis

Levis are rough and they last long I think they should be at least at the top ten

Their casual shoes and really comfortable.

Levi's are stylish and comfortable!

Levi's are one of the top
Brand I
Think it should come at the top 10

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32 Uggs

NO another way over priced item that people are falling for on the market. I hope one day people will realize that you don't need to pay 200 dollars to have a good pair of shoes

Uggs are very expensive, but a lot of people wear them and they are comfy and great for winter days.

Uggs are awesome but not the best, they are great for there boots. - Lilybethrocks

If you get a pair of UGGS and take good care of them they will last years I have had my first pair for 5 years and my 2nd pair for 3 years and now Looking for number 3 I Love them. I Live in Kansas and the winter weather here is COLD one day and the next day it can be warm? it is Kansas OH Heck just come Visit you will see.HAVE A HAPPY WINTER IF YOU COME TO KANSAS.

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33 Woodland

Awesome shoes... But less collection

How can Woodland be so low? It is one of the best shoe brands in the world. The quality and style of shoes is just awesome!

What? 32? Woodlands give you the most durable and long-lasting shoes in the market. Devoid of any exaggerration or overrate, woodlands has been satisfying its customers since ages. Collection of styles is limited but it goes well with any fashion outfit. It gives a macho touch to your apparel. No way 32. Deserves a spot in top 10.

Superb Quality Sheos
No words Awesome Company

My rating 10/9

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No one wants these

I've seen Fubu before there so ugly

They sell these at walmart

Only middle schoolers wear these

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35 Fallen
36 Catapult

These shoes suck I had a pear when I was nine and they only lasted 2 weeks

37 Timberland

Timberlands are really good boots and you should get them

Timberlands should at least be in top 20

My favorite shoes are Jordans these are my favorite boots...i don't got any

I really have no idea why a brand of such quality is placed so low in this list...
I can't remember a time period in which I didn't have at least one pair of Timberland.

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38 Lee Cooper

The best quality I ever experienced

Wow nice collection

Very nice sneakers

Best quality

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39 Gucci

Not like gucci sandals but the high quality sneakers and dress shoes, and the same goes for clothes

The best among the best!

These gotta be higher the ace was THE sneaker of last year especially the frank ocean roses colourway - Thicc_Neeson

i like it

40 Ecco

That' s a good shoe.

I will only buy Ecco shoes. Have loved them for over 10 years. Never a problem or poor fit.

The most comfortable one!

Best quality and comfortable! Amazing shoes!

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41 Merrell

The absolutely best shoes ever! I am 67 and have had a lot of shoes in my lifetime but Merrill is the most comfortable. I can wear them all day without a thought of taking them off!

Quality, comfortable shoes. I usually get two years out of one pair, wearing them almost every day.

No other shoe brand has such consistently high quality throughout their whole line of products.

This is the best shoe

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42 High Sierra

Nice party shoes

43 Avia

I like avia because you can run and have your own style at the same time

Very confortable I think it should be number 15 on the list

Cool shoes

I have worn Avia shoes for about five years, about seven shoes total. They are surprisingly durable and breathable, and, unlike other shoes, they don’t slip up on my feet. I would say they deserve to be number 10 or 9 on this list. - Camaro6

44 Roadster


Stylish cool handsome buget

45 RedTape

Superb quality. Comfort. Within reach of every one. I think redtape should be worlds number 1 shoe brand.

Good quality..

Hi tommorow say bye


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46 Above the Rim
47 Lacoste

I wear Lacoste shoes almost for everything... I use it for casual and sports wear (sometimes). Lacoste produces high quality shoes and good looking shoes for their consumers, and shoes by Lacoste are really comfortable to wear.

Lacoste has the worst quality shoes I've ever seen. Had a lot of these shoes because they look really nice but they break after few weeks of wearing. My personal record was 5 days!

The casual shoes design's really elegant and fully comfortable. Make me more confident..

Always my favorite brand 👍🏼

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48 American Eagle


49 Saucony

Arguably the Best running shoes ever. The shoes are SO comfortable and amazingly stable!

Nike sucks
Saucony's the best!
For the win!
Saucony has THE BEST running shoes ever!

Best running shoes. Definitely beats my Nike's and Adidas'.

How are these 48?!

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50 Hush Puppies

It makes one of the finest Office Shoes, its genuine leather and simple designs make it strong and long lasting.

Don't buy waste of money time

The best Shoes I have ever seen and used. Who the hell commended it:s waste of money,
Before the comment think of your time spent

They are the best ozzyhite

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