Best Fashion Trends for Teenagers

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1 Crop tops Crop tops

We are you wearing something so revealing when you don't even have a figure yet?

Even teenage girls were it. Crop tops always make me comfortable.

Yes, I love crop tops!

2 Glitter scarfs Glitter scarfs
3 Double denim
4 Plaid skirts Plaid skirts
5 Band merchandise

I love going to Hot Topic and finding some band merchandise.

6 Lace cardigans Lace cardigans

I have a black one super cute. - XxembermasterxX

7 Leather jackets Leather jackets
8 Beaded wire chokers

I rarely leave the house without it.

9 Neon fishnet tights Neon fishnet tights
10 Leggings Leggings

Practically every girl I know has a pair of leggings. They’re just so comfy to wear in almost any kind of weather!

The Contenders
11 Black leather duster coats
12 Bandeaus Bandeaus
13 Checkerboard Vans Checkerboard Vans Product Image

I wear these when I don't feel like wearing my knee high Converse.

14 Pop punk/pop rock band shirts
15 Jelly shoes Jelly shoes
16 Baggy cargo pants
17 Paisley tops
18 Pearl printed black cocktail dress
19 Fur-lined puffer jackets Fur-lined puffer jackets
20 Shirts with country names
21 Peasant tops
22 Folded off-the-shoulder tops Folded off-the-shoulder tops

I always wanted a black shirt like this. - XxembermasterxX

23 Popcorn shirts
24 Lowrise skinny jeans

I usually wear low rise black skinny jeans and pair it with a studded belt and a band tee, rawr XD. I'm stuck in the 2000s and always will be.

25 Jeans in fabric accents down the sides
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