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1 Ribbons

I think ribbons is the best out of all of them! It's lovely and simple! It goes with many different styles because of its color variety! If you want a nice, popular, flawless color get Ribbons! Goes with anything and is very traditional! :) very pleased with my purchase!

This color is the CUTEST COLOR EVER in Vera Bradley! Great for teens! I got this bag in 'Hipster' for Christmas and I love it! I totally recommend it for anyone. The only reason why it isn't #1 is because it's new!

I absolutely LOVE this pattern. It's not all mixed up like some of them. It's really cute and fancy. Also it's a cause for charity, cancer. I absolutely love it. It matches litterally anything and is super flawless. I just love it

The best pattern by far! I love the beautiful colors and flowers... And when you put them together they are just perfect!

2 Lime's Up

Lime's Up is amazing! It's vibrancy is beautiful! My friend's love this pattern so much! My favorite color happens to be that color! It is Epic!

Limes up is my favorite out of all the vera bradleys. I love it so much. I have one, and the colors are bright, for summer, and it could be used for kids or adults.

I love how bright and vibrant this pattern is! The green is so cute! Not to mention that the name is creative! Amazing!

Really green pattern but still very colorful, vibrent, and pretty. I have the cosmetic trio in this pattern which I got for my birthday.

3 Heather

I love the design and the colors are so pretty and bright, purple is my favorite color. I have this in the Hipster Crossbody and the Turn lock wallet. This is definitely my favorite pattern and Plum Crazy would be my 2nd favorite. Too bad both of these patterns are retired.

I really love this pattern! The colors are really girly and they make you sort of excited and energized. When I look at this pattern, it reminds me of the winter. It's probably because of the colors. I love the colors!

Really nice pattern! I have a Lets Do Lunch bag in this pattern! Best pattern by far! I couldn't decide what pattern to get and I got this pattern cause I loved it!

Heather is an awesome pattern! The colors are so vibrant and gorgeous. It is good for kids and adults!

4 Happy Snails

It's so bright and different from all of the other patterns available! I saw this pattern on a girl who was walking away and I felt that my life was walking away from me. That's an exaggeration but I knew I had to go home and find out what that pattern was.

I love this print so much, all of my school stuff from Vera Bradley is in the print because I love everything to much and it's such a fun and cute colour combination. I totally recommend this for everyone!

I have a contact case, makeup bag, eyeglasses case, and lanyard in this design. It is very cute, different, and can go with a
Lot of different outfits and color schemes.

Hapy Snails is my second favorite pattern with the most gorgeous colors and design. My favorite is Midnight Blues, and I was surprised it was not one of the top 10 patterns.

5 Lola

I think Lola is one of the prettiest and most versatile print VB has. I got it in campus backpack and looks great!

6 Mocha Rouge

It is really pretty behind doodle daisy of course! I have a mocha rouge mini hipster bag and I love it as much as it was a baby. So I really recommend getting anything in mocha rouge or doodle daisy! The first time I saw mocha rouge, I fell in love with it instantly. Please get mocha rouge, it's the second best pattern!

Mocha Rouge is so pretty, I love how the colors mingle!

7 Priscilla Pink
8 Island Blooms

This patterns is super cute!
It's one of my favorites! I love it so much I have it on 7 different bags! It's so cute.! Inside as out

This color makes me smile every time I look at it!

I got this bag in a lunchbox and was so surprised.
It is the best pattern and will look cute whereever
I take it and whenever

Love this pattern for summer!

9 Java Blue

I love all the patterns, but love Java Blue the best! I love the texture in it with the brown and the blue. Those colors go really good together. I mean I like the other ones to just not the color combination, blue and that shade of brown go best together. Awesome!

It has proper balance between light and dark shades without being so loud (bold). Good for both work and casual events.

My favorite because me and my mom went to Hawaii and bought this pattern and now we share the bag!

Love the colors brown and blue. Great for fall and spring.

10 Tutti Frutti

My fave pattern and I have almost all of them.

Bright summer colors. Love it.

Its an awesome cute and fun pattern for summer so it can pop out

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11 Summer Cottage

This is my second favorite pattern next to Island Blooms. Its awesome!

The colors just make me really happy!

12 Indigo Pop

Indigo pop is definitely the best pattern! It is my favorite! When I saw the Indigo Pop Laptop backpack I had to buy it! The blue and pops of green make for a really nice color combination complimented by a beautiful pattern

The pattern goes with everything. It is the most modern pattern. It looks good in not only a wallet but also a tote or schoolbags.

The most modern pattern!

13 Baroque

I feel that this color is the best pattern of all time to get a Vera Bradley! It is good for teens and adults! I am obsessed with this pattern! It is gorg and the pattern is so unique and the colors make the pattern look so classy!

Baroque is my all time favorite Vera pattern! So sad, the pattern is retired!

I love this pattern so much I have it in 4 bags. I am so sad they retired it!

Love this pattern can wear all year round.

14 Va Va Bloom

I love the size of the blooms and that shade of pink will simply melt your teeth. It makes me smile!

It's very floral and has a wide variety of colors! Great for a happy person with a passion for pinks

15 Twirly Birds Pink

Love this pattern the most cause it has pink and pink is my favorite color. I only have the tech case in this pattern.

16 Safari Sunset

I posted this laugh out loud. Same thing I love it! Once again I have way too many items in this pattern. Obsessed, people, obsessed.

17 English Rose

Love Englush rose! Sooo pretty how all the colors in the roses just flow together. It is one of the best Vera Bradley prints everr!

Loved the lunch box

18 Very Berry Paisley

Really nice! I have a sling backpack in this pattern! Love it! You should get this pattern! I just love it!

I love the colors its very pretty for spring and summer!

! This pattern is by FAR my favorite! Its totally gorg! <3 it! Have no idea why it isn't on the top ten list. I also love happy snails!

19 Petal Pink

Love this pattern! So pretty and feminine.

20 Marina Paisley

This color is really cute if your going to the beach, or to hang out with friends at the mall of outside. I have one item in this color and I think its really pretty.

21 Sun Valley

I love so much. I have the hipster in this pattern and I just love the red and blue in it!

22 Plum Crazy

Plum purple, turquoise blue, orange, moss green and white really match! I'd prefer having a big item in Plum Crazy such like Vera tote and Tote.

My favorite pattern. Olive green and turquoise are my favorite colors and they look great mixed with the purple!

My favorite pattern ever! Got a Hipster, tote, and wristlets in this for Christmas! Should be #1 for sure!

It just speaks to me. Purple is my favorite color, and this pattern has my favorite shade of purple.

23 Bali Gold

Perfect for the beach, a trip to the islands, or a beautiful summer day!

24 Midnight Blues

Love this pattern... The Tech bag goes with my blue luggage and makes a perfect set. I'd like to see every backpack have the Travel Trolley.

It is a very vibrant pattern that, unlike the others, does not get dirty as easily! If you are a lover of blue, this is the pattern for you!

If you're a lover of all shades of blue, this one will melt your teeth. It is strong and at the same time sensuous.

Very beautiful color perfect for all seasons fall summer spring and winter! Love it! It should be #1

25 Provencal

Love the most! I have tablet hipster, lanyard, and ID case in this pattern! Love love love! Love how the yellow just pops out for fall.

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