Top Ten Saddest Books In the Warriors Series

I am telling the truth. These are sad😭😭😭😭😭😭

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1 The Last Hope

Oh Firestar... I was reading this in the middle of school, and I literally started to cry -in the middle of class, and pretty dang hard, too- when Firestar died. Seriously, I know this sounds tacky, but I really loved Firestar. Oh Firestar. I'll miss you.

It was a little sad but, the battle was so good. And I loved it when the ancients came. It was very clever.

I think this is one of the best books in the series but poor Fireheart dies.-Bramblestar follower

I want to inform you that I cried for FIVE MINUTES when I realized firestar dies BEFORE I read the book so how much am I gonna cry when I read it for real? A whol f ing lot hm but then I think, should jayfeather have died too I wonder it's not going to be so sad because he'll get a love HM (get it hm from pokemon and half moon hah ha hah... oh God sorrY dis not da place 4 jokes

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2 The Darkest Hour

My favorite book, but also the saddest.

We all love whitestorm but he had to die. I also highly (more than whitestorm) Cry at the deaths of Stonefur (wow it was sad) and gorsepaw - AnonymousChick

What about Deadfoot and Runningbrook? Don't forget them, they died because of Tigerstar?

I agree. whitestorm was a good character. stonefur's death was also sad too.

3 A Dangerous Path

I didn't cry because I don't cry when I read ever and it was spoiled for me but it was still sad

Not many die but Swiftpaws death was sad and Lostface's injuries (I don't support the name) and Brindleface AND BLUESTAR! - AnonymousChick


4 Forest of Secrets

I love this book so much. It was very emotional and amazing. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

This book was emotional when I got to the end I was about to cry.

If I was a cat in these books I wouldn't survive a single day!

It was SO! sad when Silverstream died bearing Graystripe's kits and learning about what happened before Fireheart joined the clan was sad.

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5 Fading Echoes

I think this is the one where ivypaw gets jealous and starts in the dark forest. That part was sad. - AnonymousChick

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6 Yellowfang's Secret

Poor Yellowfang. She was exiled by the son she was unable to raise.

As I read this book I died a little every chapter. - jojen_reed

This book was heartbreaking. Poor Yellowfang. :'(

More like the rise of BUTTHEAD BROKENSTAR - AnonymousChick

7 Sunset

Dis not sad, it been a while dough

8 Moonrise

Feathertail dies because of Sharptooh. Curse Him!


He's not even a cat he maybe was trying to defend his territory many savage animals are like that. - cassiabez

9 Crookedstar's Promise

This book is by far the saddest! There are so many sad deaths it is crazy! Poor Crookedstar he didn't deserve that! Wasn't breaking his jaw and his mom being cruel enough pain. I didn't care when Rainflower died but the rest was so sad! Love you Crookedstar!

This is by far the saddest book because he loses most of his family besides Oakheart and Silverstream

I hate you, rainflower! May the rain fall and tear you and your flower to shreds!


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10 Moth Flight's Vision

This is when I cried, when Micah died. It was thrilling to the end, about how Mothflight had to live with it and move on, her mother hovering over her, and every bring else!

I almost cried when she had to give her tiny kits to the other clans!
Blue Whisker, Bubbling Stream, Spider Paw, Honey Pelt... they all seemed so sad..

I was in the sky train when I read the part where Micah died. I was really upset. His last words to Mothflight was so sad. :(

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? Dawn

Crowfeather is casually sitting by Feathertail's grave. I would have cried but I was in school. '_'

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11 Ravenpaw's Farewell

Have good hunting in Starclan, my dear friend

12 Bluestar's Prophecy

Not simply loss, but choosing to give them away. That must be heartbreaking - keycha1n

Haven't read it but I can guess it's sad - AnonymousChick

The saddest life story ever.

Snowfur! No!

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13 Path of Stars

To be honest, this is probably the only book in the whole series that made me cry. I thought that Gray Wing was one of the best characters and it was sad that he had to die in front of his kits.

This book really pulled out some of the best characters, including Gray Wing, who, in some people's opinion, one of the best cats.

14 Rising Storm
15 Tallstar's Revenge
16 Firestar's Quest

It was a bit sad, not really.

1. Firestar loses 3 lives. 2. Skywatcher dies. 3. Rainfur dies.

17 The Sun Trail

Am I the only one who thinks loads of cats die?
Plus Fluttering bird's death was kinda sad...
And How Her mother had to watch every single one of her kits leave..

NOT TO MENTION THAT BUTT CLEAR SKY (I really hate him >:( )

18 Bramblestar's Storm

Spoilers ahead
It was really sad when Dustpelt died. It was also sad with Frankie coming from the Twolegplace during the flood. Poor Frankie :( - Stormver101

19 Dovewing's Silence
20 Into the Wild

It's depressing to know how sad Rusty's owner must be, and how Redtail dies.

21 Skyclan's Destiny
22 Forest Divided

Poor clear sky

23 Fire and Ice

It is really sad when cinderpaw gets hurt ☹️

24 The Rise Of The Scourge
25 Spottedleaf's Heart

Why is this sad you may ask? Becuase is sucks.

26 Sunrise

It is sad how Hollyleaf dies.

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