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21 Karou Reveals to Aoi Why He Left the Hanabishi Clan - Ai Yori Aoshi

It was so sad hearing about how he was forcibly separated from his mother and had to endure all the hardships with being in the Hanabishi Clan alone. - egnomac

I just felt like beating up the grandpa rather then crying...

22 Itachi's Death (Itachi vs Sasuke) - Naruto Shippuden

This is the death that touched me the most, when watching with my bro we just couldn't hold it in but I sobbed on and on even though I'm the older bro

This moment broke my heart when the story was told about his truth... I Respect You Itachi

The moment where we all find out itachi always loved sasuke

This hit me right in my soft spot.When itachi's real story is revealed and when itachi whispers sorry sasuke,that's all I literally cried my eyes out.That was so painful

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23 I Love You - Angel Beats
24 The Death of Kamina - Gurren Lagann

Why is this not higher, if you basically kill one of the main characters within the first 10 episodes :'(

25 Death of Ayaumi - Kaze no Stigma
26 Abel's Death - Trinity Blood
27 Death of Portgas D. Ace - One Piece

This is the first time an anime/ manga ever made me cry, I sobbed myself o sleep after this. I was on a geeky 9 hour manga read fest because this arc was so cool. After an entire arc of breaking into the worlds number on most dangerous prison facility trying to rescue your only remaining and adoptive brother, he dies saving the one who came to save him. And if that's not enough to make me cry they have to go into a back story of how nobody ever wanted ace except for Luffy and the 3rd brother who also ended up Dead.


(or so u they think)

I was a HUGE One Piece fan! I started when the manga first came out. Luffy and Ace were my favourite characters of all time they were also the first anime characters that I got attached too. The love and respect that these two shared was something so amazing and beautiful. I cried for days and I know this going to sound pathetic but, after Ace's death I couldn't read or watch the series. To this day I find it difficult to watch any One Piece episodes knowing that Ace is gone. Looking at my plushies and action figures of Ace...sad face...

This death still makes me tear up as I watch it years and years later. what makes it the most said was ace saying his only regret was that he didn't see luffy fulfill his dream, as well as, thanking everyone for loving him, and the flashback with garp just added to it. "Gramps, was it good that I was born" "that's something you'll find out as you live" - did it from memory.

Why is this so far down

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28 Hide's death - Tokyo Ghoul Root A

At first I didn't know who it was because I didn't pay attention to the dialogue but when a friend of mine said to me that it was Hide that died I was in complete shocked

This ending was so sad to me. The moment Hide tells Kaneki he knew the truth and still accepts him for who he is and that they'll still be friends, he dies! The moment everything seems to be looking up for Kaneki after his world went after being tortured, his one and only support beam in life dies in his arms. What makes this even sadder is the music that plays as Kaneki carried his best friends body in his arms.

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29 Wake Up Ash! - Pokemon the First Movie

This and Pikachu's goodbye should be #2.

Pikachu's goodbye made me legitimately cry. No other moment in anime has done that to me. Maes Hughes's death is still the moment in anime. It didn't make me cry, but back then when I was an anime noob and the only anime I watched was Pokemon, my was no where near as tough as it is now.

30 Tina Leaves for America - Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi

This was one of those moments that made me both sad and angry, Tina just ups an leaves without ever saying goodbye and then completely forgets about em she doesn't write or even calls, eventually she does decide return to Japan. - egnomac

31 Death of L - Death Note

I was all for Light until this point. I was depressed when L died, and I couldn't help but be happy when Light died.

This showed you just how sad you could feel for someone who had you guessing up to the very end.

I was sad when L died to, man I have to tell you I cried man I am serious I did, L is still my favorite ever in death note.

I have nothing to comment actually...but I also sad when he should be in top 5

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32 Gaara's Past - Naruto

This is the saddest story of all animes... He was made a monster even before he was born... He's been all alone, hated, feared and unwanted during his childhood and more... He didn't have any friend... I don't believe any anime character has suffered so, so much as he...

33 Meruem and Komugi's Death - Hunter x Hunter

By far the best emotional scene I have ever seen!

54? it is by far the time I've cried the most in my entire life! and I'm a 17 years old dude...

My heart...

34 The ending of Your Lie in April

The only time I've ever cried in an anime...

That was by far the saddest ending I've ever seen. "An April's coming. An april without you." By far the saddest scene in anime

Without words...

I literally cried the whole day...and an April with you is coming was the saddest part and when kousei smiles in the end after tsubaki tells him he's not alone😭😭😭😭😭.when kaori says everyone needs someone to kiss them goodbye it hit me right in the feels...this should have been way high on the list😪

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35 Menma Disappears - Anohana

I'm shocked this isn't number 1. Nothing in anime gets me near crying, Anohana's ending has got me a few times. Second would be Ace from One Piece, but in the end not a single tear's shed. It's such an emotional moment in Anohana, their friend drowned in a lake during hide and seek, and at the end they -finally- found her, along with her disappearance, the letters and music... nothing comes close.

How come this is so low? Anohana was 4th in saddest anime I don't get it. I can never listen to the ending song without tearing up

The saddest thing I've ever seen and that is no exaggeration...

I can't stop watching the ending.. this is the saddest thing I've ever seen too.. :'(( with right song (secret base - anohana) and good sad ending story make you wont stop crying.. she is so kind and the reason why she come back make me want to do something but can't lol its just anime.. :'(( its sound silly but maybe season 2 and somehow she return ll be great.. Menma..

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36 Wolf Man's Death - Wolf Children Ame and Yuki
37 Minato and Kushina's Last Words to Naruto - Naruto Shippuden

Forget kushina... If you've read the newest manga... After beating the sage's mom (forget her name) Naruto and minato talk as the reanimation is being released.. Had me like T-T

This should be higher on the list! This made me cry so hard! POOR Naruto!

I hadn't cried for years until I watched this for the first time... I was sobbing so hard it hurt

The episode(474) of Madara and Hashirama death, Obito and Kakashi parting and Finally, Naruto and Minato goodbye on his 17th birthday, twice on his birthday. No wonder onions were sliced. T.T

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38 Yami Yugi Leaves to the Afterlife- Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yeah right! This is far from sad. If it was sad, (SPOILER ALERT! ) why does he appear in the Yugioh GX finale? - SelfDestruct

Just replying to the GX guy, that was just Yugi grown up, as you'd expect he has a deeper voice.

39 The Death of Kaori - Your Lie In April

The ep 22 in general was the saddest scene I've ever seen.. And for the first time ever, I actually dropped tears

40 Karou Cheers Up Mayu - Ai Yori Aoshi

In the Flashback Mayu is really upset that her parents aren't spending anytime with who she hasn't seen for months she runs off bumps right into Karou, as she's crying all alone Karou tries to cheer her up with the stuff rabbit she dropped out of frustration she throws the stuff toy away and says that she hates her father and then Karou tells her his sad story of how he had to grow up with out his mother and lonely he really was and tells her that she shouldn't hate her father and that her parents care deeply about her she then breaks down and starts crying really and emotional moment. - egnomac

When Mayu is first introduced I didn't really like because she was a total brat but a later episode revealed the reason she acts the way she does is because her parents were never around and that she was always lonely, Karou manages to cheer her up and tells he that its better to have parents that are never around than to not have any like does.

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