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121 Sana Tells her Birth Mother That She Can Never See Her Again - Kodocha

The episode couldn't have been named any better the whole episode Sana meets her long lost mother and after taking a trip to the amusement park along with her half sister Mariko Sana's mom asks her if she would want to come live with her ans Sana tells her she already has a mother and tells her she can never see her again the whole time this is happening Both Sana and Kaiko both cry and Sana also tells her that she's grateful for giving birth to her. - egnomac

122 Acting Scene from Episode 6 - Kodocha

Even though their just acting Asako & Sana are such great actors they make it feel real. - egnomac

123 Death of Legato -Trigun

Here we have a hero determined not to kill anyone, and the sick emo bastard Legato psychically manipulates the townsfolk to force Vash into killing him, causing Vash to suffer for the rest of his days.

124 Nausicaa Almost Dies - Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
125 Sasori's Death - Naruto Shippuden
126 Konan's Death - Naruto Shippuden

Now there all home...

127 Makoto's Ending - Kanon
128 Mikasa's Childhood

Yeah that was a tramadic experience for her

When I first started watching aot I was like, dayum y u gotta be so dang dark Mikasa then realised she killed someone that killed her parents, which she had to watch die. And what's even sadder is that she used to be such a happy girl

129 When the Hot Ice Melts - Outlaw Star
130 Death of Tenka - Donten ni Warau

Cried for an hour after watching this scene. Tenka sacrifices himself in front of his two brothers and the entire village are watching him as decides to die by the government to end the Orochi, an evil snake demon. Seriously if this scene doesn't break your heart what happens afterwards with the brothers will. This anime's a bit new (English title: Laughing Under the Clouds) and fairly short but completely worth watching.

131 Building Destruction Scene - Metropolis

Song Plays"I Can't Stop Loving You"

132 Lonely Pooch Planet, Baby - Space Dandy

I thought the dog was a sleep but didn't now she was dead. Poor doggy:. (

133 Setsuko Dies - Grave of the Fireflies

Never let your child watch this, I saw this when I was eight... It ended my childhood

134 Seita and Setsuko's Mom Dies - Grave of the Fireflies
135 Amelia's past - Trigun Badlands Rumble
136 Gene's past - Outlaw Star
137 Menma's Ascension - Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Why is this so low on the list for goodness sake, this is probably my second most sad moment in anime behing Kanade's disappearance.

138 "The Red-Nosed Reindeer" (EP5) - Sword Art Online

The episode itself is sad. This is the only part in SAO that I liked, actually.

Was it that sad? I myself didn't cry

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139 Later Buddy - Gurren Lagann

The death of Kamina So early in the anime, I'm sure, touched us all.

140 Mighty Gazelle's Sacrifice - F-Zero GP Legend
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