Death of Jiraiya


Before going to the Hidden Rain, he was unsure he would return to the Leaf...but that moment during his fight with Pain when he knew he would die there was devastating and then seeing him so painfully killed. I teared up, but I cried like a baby when Tsunade finally let it hit her that he was gone and of course when Naruto wandered around the village and reminisced about him. It made it so much tougher knowing Jiraiya was Naruto's godfather, and all that time he couldn't tell him.

Jiraiya was one of my favorite characters... he was a father to Naruto. The six intro Shippuden was just mean. Every time I had to watch him die over and over. And I'm still not over it. He was a easy to love character, who was just hilarious. When he came back from spying I was so glad for him to see how much Naruto grew. But the worst part is that... he will never see Naruto become Hokage...

Even though he couldn't win and he knew it he did it to protect his village.

I was so forced to bite back my tears that threatened all day... If I would have cried... My house would have flooded... Of course I can never forgive nagato for doing that... I was scared from the beginning of the fight... Something not right would happen... After all it was pain who he fought... I sobbed and bit back tears all day...

This by far is one of only 2 deaths that got me in tears, 1st being Haku's. The way he dies to his former student. His final thoughts being about writing his sequel as Naruto's book. How he made a last stitch effort to help the village. He will forever be a amazing hero and one of my 3 favorite characters

The saddest death in Naruto. It is sadder than itachi's because Itachi expected his brother to come after him and kill him; Itachi raised so much hatred in sasuke's heart. And itachi was resurrected too. On the other hand, Jiraiya was killed by students (in whom left kindness and love). And killed in the most cruel way

I was bawling my eyes out when Jiraiya died. A viewer can become so attached to one character. Jiraiya, I believe, was someone that we could all connect with, despite his perverted ways, in the fact that he just wanted what was best for Naruto. It felt like I'd lost an old friend when he sank.

This was by far the saddest death in my opinion that I have seen in the series. I didn't think I would ever stop the tears, I love Jiraiya and will miss him, he was so awesome and to be killed at the hands of his own student.. Just so sad.

He was like a father to Naruto he gave his life to try and help the boy he saw as a son/grandson. Honestly when he said I just went to die and be remembered as a splendid ninja I broke down because of everything he had to go through to get where he is

Jiraiya was something that no else in the Naruto universe ever was...father figure. Same could be said for Iruka, however I think he was more of a big brother to Naruto then a father. Besides that Jiraiya has touched the lives of many before his death and because of this his death was just a big deal not just to the characters but what was what motivated Naruto to learn sage mode and save the hidden leaf...well kinda but still the point is without Jiraiya the story would have already ended. Hell I even knew that he died before I watched the episode, I still cried seeing him dying with a smile on his face knowing he completed everything he wanted too do. And not a lot of people can say that.

Itachi isn't the only one who died smiling guys, Jiraiya did too, plus Jiraiya's smile while he was sinking was more sad in my opinion. Everything he did with Naruto and all the past memories he had with the legendary sannin and Sarutobi Sensei and Jiraiya's corpse is also out of reach, so they couldn't even do a proper funeral. Jiraiya the Gallant will always be remembered, the nostalgia is killing me right now I gotta stop typing

I think this death was the saddest out of all deaths in Naruto. I was crying like someone actually died. I think that the way he died was so sad. The way he lost his arm, choked, and stepped on by Pain was truly terrible

This was the saddest death ever. Did you even see Naruto face when he held the Popsicle or when he had a flashback

Jiraiya has always been there for Naruto he was the only person who never left him from the very beginning. Hearing that makes me thing of my best friend, and trying to imagine life without her is the saddest thing to think of.

My most favorite character, with one of the best background storylines. He definitely should have retreated the moment he found out that their eyes were linked and that there were 6 of them. He had the chance to at any moment because the toads could have summoned him back to Mount Myoboku with them... -_- He could have gathered enough intel to plan a real attack with backup

I was going to cry when I heard that Jiraiya was killed. Unlike Itachi, who we did not know was good till after, Jiraiya was always good and an amazing role model to Naruto

It's got to be this, we didn't really see it coming like Itachi who we knew would die eventually. Also to be killed by his own student who would have died without him, heart breaking. - Souret

He just brought a whole new thing to the show. You couldn't exactly tell it was gonna happen before the fight like a lot of characters deaths. He died with a last ditch effort to help the village by encoding a message on his toads back. Jiraiya sank to the bottom of the water with a smile on his face thinking of Naruto.R.I.P. Pervy Sage.

I have never cried as much as I did on this death. HE WAS A GREAT TEACHER! He went on a suicide mission and sacrificed his life for the good of Konoha. He lost an arm, his throat was mauled, he got stabbed 6 times. He died a true hero's death.

Literally killed me when he died. Easily my favourite adult/teacher in the series (sorry kakashi sensei)

Jiraiya is a lovable character... his death packed a huge punch and just watching Naruto's grief was heartbreaking

Jiraiya's death is probably the most unacceptable death in Naruto. It broke my heart watching Naruto sob with the ice stick in his hand.

I chose this one and not Itachi because this one made you cry right away but Itachi really didn't care until you found out the real truth

This is the greatest of all deaths in the entire series. THe main character "Naruto"was named by him after him. Naruto inherits his Will.

Alongside with some other moments, this is the saddest moment in Naruto history.