Top Ten Series 1 Roblox Figures


The Top Ten

1 Korblox Deathspeaker

Very cool figure design. Sleek and smooth, while also kind of rough and sharp on some areas. - SionicRelations

2 The Overseer

Amazing head design. The ax is also very cool. - SionicRelations

3 Lord Umberhallow

The dominus-horn combo makes it look cool. The cloak on the lower body makes it look more mysterious. - SionicRelations

4 Matt Dusek

The antlers on the pumpkin's cool face make's it much more desirable. Also the robe-cloak thingy he's wearing makes it cooler because of the symbols on it. - SionicRelations

5 Circuit Breaker

Amazing package in the game, and the figure looks almost perfect compared to it.The head has a sort of Terminator-esque look to it. - SionicRelations

6 Let's Make a Deal

The figure is an amazing work of comedy and art. The face looks very funny. The LMAO planted on the suit and tie makes it look pure awesome. - SionicRelations

7 Stickmasterluke

It is awesome because of its simplicity. The green shirt and average pants compliment the dominus-antlers combo perfectly. - SionicRelations

8 Mr. Bling Bling

Reminiscent of the Mr. Gold Lego figure. The money hat, eyes, the golden clothes, they all compliment the name with ease, making it live up to its name. - SionicRelations

9 High School Dude

This really relates to the cool kids in high school that are jocks or popular. The sunglasses have an effect on the way you look at it, and so does the scarf. - SionicRelations

10 Korblox Mage

The Korblox Mage makes it cool to be evil. The staff makes it awesome, and the head has a mysterious effect. - SionicRelations

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