Top Ten Peculiar Facts About Homosexuality

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1 Stress in early stages of pregnancy is shown to result in a gay baby, as the mother releases the hormone androstendione, which can be interchanged with testosterone in the baby's bloodstream; the brain can be conditioned into reacting to same-sex stimuli.

There are an awful lot of stressed-out mothers-to-be then! My advice? Listen to some smooth Jazz.

I knew this already, when I Google searched "what genetically causes people to be homosexual."

My mom has a lot of stress and I'm pansexual.

I'm stressed a lot and I'm gay.

2 The word “lesbian” is derived from the Greek island Lesbos, home of Greek poetess Sappho. Her poetry proclaimed her love for girls and praised the beauty of women.

I've already learned this fact.

Mmm... This is interesting.

3 Research shows that the more elder siblings a child has, the more likely it is that that person is a homosexual.

I'm the youngest and it turns out... I'm outrageously queer. Yay!

The youngest of 2... What does that mean? I'm half gay?

I'm the youngest of three, hmm...

I'm the oldest in my family.

4 Studies show that homosexual couples have higher earnings on average than heterosexual couples; the median gay income being much higher than that of a typical household.

That's only applies for a couple that's 2 males. Men earn more then women. There's no such thing as the gender payback. Its just that men are qualified for higher paying jobs. A male teacher and a female make the same amount

And they complain about being oppressed. They're making more than my parents every year

5 Same-sex couplings were honoured in Ancient Greece and India, including in one of the central plots of Homer's The Iliad, and the Kama Sutra. Native Americans also traditionally hold homosexuals in high regard, believing they have a special blessing.
6 In 1982, the Gay Related Immune Disorder (GRID) was renamed Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). AIDS was first clinically observed in homosexual males in California and New York, and considered a condition solely of homosexuals.
7 In Mexico, same-sex marriage is legal but performed only in Mexico City.

That is where my gay dad got married!

8 Jimi Hendrix pretended to be gay to get out of the army in 1962.

That's what I call determination. Also, interesting fact.

I did not know this! Very interesting fact.

... What is this I don't even

Wow, I didn't know that!

9 Homosexuals tend to be left-handed much more often than heterosexuals.

It might be because the pool is smaller.

Or simply fact. I dunno. I'm a southpaw... coincidence?

Well, I'm left handed. I don't feel homosexual...

I'm heterosexual, & I'm left-handed.

10 In early 17th century London, there was a gay brothel on the site where Buckingham Palace is today.
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11 Homophobic men are more aroused by gay porn than non-homophobic men

Because homophobes are so afraid of being gay that even the slightest thing may make them gay...

12 Homosexuals tend to smile more
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