Top 10 Most Shocking WWE Elimination Chamber Match Eliminations

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John Cena - No Way Out 2009

In a surprise twist Edge entered the RAW Elimination Chamber match after knocking out Kofi Kingston even more surprising was Edge eliminated then World Heavyweight Champion John Cena who had entered last following a 619 from Rey Mysterio, a codebreaker from Chris Jericho followed by the spear not only that but Edge would go on to win the World Championship making him the first and only superstar to not only lose the WWE Championship and Win the World Heavyweight Championship in the same night but also compete in two Chamber matches on the same night. - egnomac

Edge - No Way Out 2009

Edge went in as WWE champion and within 5 minutes before the pod opened Jeff Hardy Eliminated Edge from the match everyone was shocked that the champ was eliminated so quickly. - egnomac

Kurt Angle - New Years Revolution 2006

Angle came out of the pod like a beast suplexing the other competitors it seems like Angle was going to be victorious until once again Shawn hits a super kick to eliminate him. - egnomac

Undertaker - Elimination Chamber 2010

I totally called this just like I expected to happen Shawn Michaels came out from under the steel and super kicked the Undertaker costing him the World Heavyweight title allowing Chris Jericho to win leading towards their epic rematch at WrestleMania XXVI. - egnomac

Kevin Nash - Summer Slam 2003

Nash came out of the pod strong taking out the other competitors as he went for the jackhammer on Jericho Shawn Michaels hit the super kick allowing Jericho to roll up Nash for the elimination and all within less than 3 minutes. - egnomac

CM Punk - ECW December to Dismember

CM Punk was the future for not only ECW but WWE as well however WWE didn't see it that way as to stick it to Paul Hayman who originally wanted Punk to win the Chamber match had CM Punk eliminated first. - egnomac

Randy Orton - Elimination Chamber 2010

Eliminated by his own Legacy member Ted Dibiase. - egnomac

Goldberg - Summer Slam 2003

Goldberg was the fan favorite to win but of course Triple H made sure that Goldberg wouldn't leave the chamber with the world title with assistance from Ric Flair Triple H hammered Goldberg with the sledgehammer for the win. - egnomac

Wade Barrett - Elimination Chamber 2012

Even more surprising was eliminated by of all people Santino Marella who also eliminated Cody Rhodes. - egnomac

AJ Styles - Elimination Chamber 2017
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Dean Ambrose - Elimination Chamber 2017
Baron Corbin - Elimination Chamber 2017
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