Signs You Make Bad Lists

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1 You made this list

Get it? Because this is a bad list!

2 All of your lists have the same items
3 You have duplicate lists with different names
4 Your lists are too specific

Top 10 Blonde Females Who Died at the Age of 23. Yeah, that is a bad list. - TheFourthWorld

Top Ten Females aged 43 in 2014 that found chocolate ice cream to be delicious until they were 27, at which point they got sick of it and switched to lemon sorbet - kempokid

5 You make bad lists about other users

I thought the admin got his power of security of approval under control and well managed on every "worst" lists about users which he puts upon effort to make this website a gleefully one under strings of warmth and comfort- Kevinsidis

6 You make lists about why you are better than everyone

It's called a joke. - Userguy44

Top 10 Reasons Why TheFourthWorld is Better than All of You. That's just narcissistic. - TheFourthWorld

To me, this is the worst one along with the list about the worst user. It’s rude to others, you’ll get lots of hate, and no one will want to talk to you. I know someone (won’t mention the username) that made a list about why you should be jealous of them. It’s messed up and rude, because it’s selfish and quite frankly no one cares. Besides, it’s probably just a bunch of lies and hate over something awesome or stupid

7 You make lists about a fight you aren’t involved in
8 You put items on a list that are almost the same
9 You copy other people’s lists on purpose
10 You copy lists from other resources

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11 You focus on quantity over quality
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