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You obsess over every anime ever created

I love the anime I just don't feel like I should have sex with the characters - Mocchiko

Mainly applies if an anime obsession gets in the way of your studies or job all of the time, ruins relationships and on the whole changes your life very much for the worse. It's still possible to enjoy anime while reasonably balancing commitments and other aspects of your life. - Entranced98

It's fine to be a fan of anime, as a lot of the shows are pretty decent, but it would be a little obnoxious to be a fanatic. - ethanmeinster

I love Anime, but I am not a weeaboo. - MabelPinesJessieJ

You look at hentai and have a fetish for it

I don't look at hentai, but it's fine if you do as long as it doesn't take over your life. - RoseWeasley

Hentai is art. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Amen. This is what we call a true, genuine weeaboo. Not somebody who enjoys anime/manga/Japanese culture in a rational manner.

This is only a part of it though. Real, true and genuine weeaboo think they're Japanese - BorisRule

And its Boku No Pico.

You own a body pillow

I know someone who's obsessed with anime and also has a body pillow. Half this list applies to him, it's crazy accurate. - RogerMcBaloney

It's also a sign that you'll be forever alone. - ethanmeinster

So it also means that you compensate social interaction for a stuffed lump of fabric.

I never got the appeal I just find them cringe. - XxembermasterxX

You live in your mom's basement

You use this as a millennial stereotype.

Plot twist: I live in my dad's basement.

"... I'm like 32..." - Not_A_Weeaboo

Change it to you still live in your moms basement when your 25.-DarkBoi-X

You do cosplay even though you're an adult

What about cosplaying as an adult? I don't get it. Cosplay does not make you a weeaboo. lmfao

What about those crazy Disney-obsessed people who cosplays at Disneyland/World all the time? Are they weeaboos?

Whats wrong with cosplay?

What is wrong with cosplaying?

When chatting on the Internet, you use the terms "kawaii" or "desu" over 5 times in one comment

I certainly don't do this. Wouldn't it be time-consuming to type those words 5 times in a row? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Shut up, people! You are NOT Japanese!

How about just using the word "Karaoke" that is a Japanese word.

I just say "cute" like a normal person. - FrozenHatingPokefan

You haven't seen natural sunlight for over a week

Or you are an artist/illustrator lololol

This is my friend Beau William Bordelon the First

You use 4chan

Emotion cancer is a new cancer. Symptoms are when someone uses the word cancer as an insult for everything they dislike/hate. It doesn't kill anyone but it makes someone else want to kill them. Cure for it - grow up.

Stop using cancer as an insult. It's like saying gay and autism as an insult and insults people with cancer. - JaykobWalson

Which is just a more cancerous version of reddit.Redditers can be cancerous but most of them are nice and I have been in many subreddits.4Cjan mostly consists of Alt Right and Weaboos as well as Communists and there's very few decent people.-DarkBoi-X

You pretend you know Japanese even though you're really just making fun of the language
You talk about literally nothing but anime

If all you talk about is anime 24/7,you have a problem.

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You like ramen and Pocky solely because they are Japanese

Sure those are both good foods but why souly like them only because they come from japan? I'll never understand why people do this

While I do like the two and I also like Pocari Sweat (which is Japanese) and I use LINE (An asian social media app), I don't like them only because they're Japanese. I also love various western dishes and even dishes from the country I'm from. Heck, If anything there are more western dishes I love than the japanese/chinese dishes. I'm definitely not a weeaboo

Agreed. I've never tasted ramen, but I already tasted Pocky. But I really like Pocky because their flavours are interesting.

I can sense the Naruto fanboys from here...

You look down on Western culture
You type "uwu"

I just do it because it's cute - RoseWeasley

UwU is also typed by non-weeaboos - ElSherlock


Mcm and wcw - BorisRule

You are a Japanese

That does not make anyone a weeaboo. A weeaboo is a non-japanese person. - ElSherlock

How can a Japanese person be a Weeaboo? I thought it was someone who wasn't Japanese but was obsessed with Japan and Japanese people.

My uncle is Japanese and he is NOT a weeaboo

That'd be like more as a nationalist than a weeaboo - BorisRule

You watch Boku No Pico.

Either you do it ironically or you're a pervert and possibly a pedophile - RoseWeasley

Only weebs like boku no pico. I am highkey disgusted with the maker of this series.

Boku No Pico? More like No. - styLIShT

This is the best anime in the world - upupdowndown

You hate on English dubs

"wow you don't speak japanese? okay, but that means you should die faster than an old person in his death bed"

You want to be a Samurai

Only a moron would want this - MLPFan

Who doesn't want to be a Samurai?

You abuse the word "baka"

Saying "baka" in an English sentence will only make you sound like a weeb, so don't do it.

That word is stuck in my head for some stupid reason that's why I don't watch anime no more

You say Animes are not cartoons

The plural is the same as the non-plural variant of the word "anime". There's no such thing as "animes". Grammar mistake, bro. - BorisRule

Oh shut up this is not an English lesson. (or learning Japanese)

The plural of anime is anime, why don't people seem to get that? - styLIShT

Anime, cartoons what's the difference? there is none.

You can name every Pokemon.

It sounds impossible, but I did named like a few hundreds of Pokemon. - ElSherlock

Pokemon is anime, but it's a completely different thing. Like what if you're good at the game or something? - styLIShT

I know a few of Pokemon names. - BorisRule

You mean the 807 and probably more to come?

You only like Japanese entertainment
Your diet is Japanese food.

It should be German food because anime is German - RoseWeasley

You know how to read Manga.

I can read Manga. You don't have to be a weeaboo to know how to read manga -.- - BorisRule

Dude, you don't have to be a weeb to know how. Heck normal fans like me can read it. It's just a normal comic book read from the right instead of the left, GEEZ - MLPFan

You have a dyspraxia or dyscalculia and have problems with right/left. 0.o
I had problems with my shoes arrgggh.

You want live in Japan.

Tons of people want to live in Japan lol

I would like to visit Japan. - ElSherlock

So what? - BorisRule

You think western cartoons are either kiddy, or cliched

Some are some aren't

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