Top Ten Signs You're a Weeaboo


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1 You obsess over every anime ever created

It's fine to be a fan of anime, as a lot of the shows are pretty decent, but it would be a little obnoxious to be a fanatic. - ethanmeinster

I love Anime, but I am not a weeaboo. - MabelPinesJessieJ

The most obvious one because weeaboos are created because of this and they watch anime everyday - MChkflaguard_Yt

I personally hate weeaboos. They piss me off cause they try to be Japanese, or just Asian, they eat ramen, write words down like Kawaii, watch anime like crazy. It's just annoying. And they're attempted accent just sucks.

2 You look at hentai and have a fetish for it

And its Boku No Pico.

Bitch I can fap to hentai whenever I want.

3 You own a body pillow

It's also a sign that you'll be forever alone. - ethanmeinster

And you marry one. - Elina

Filthy Frank inspired list. - IronSabbathPriest

4 You live in your mom's basement
5 You do cosplay even though you're an adult

Whats wrong with cosplay?

What is wrong with cosplaying?

I have never cosplayed - MLPFan

6 When chatting on the Internet, you use the terms "kawaii" or "desu" over 5 times in one comment

I certainly don't do this. Wouldn't it be time-consuming to type those words 5 times in a row? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Shut up, people! You are NOT Japanese!

I just say "cute" like a normal person. - FrozenHatingPokefan

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7 You use 4chan
8 You haven't seen natural sunlight for over a week
9 You pretend you know Japanese even though you're really just making fun of the language
10 You look down on Western culture

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11 You probably like dan and phil
12 Your diet is Japanese food.
13 You listen to "Turning Japanese"

You change it to "Turning Weeaboo"

14 You want to be a Samurai
15 You think western cartoons are either kiddy, or cliched V 1 Comment
16 You don't like The Lion King because it is a ripoff of Kimba V 1 Comment
17 You use the word "waifu"
18 You have a username like "Twenty ├śne Crybabies Sleeping With The Sirens With Killjoys Panicking At The Disco!"
19 You like ramen and Pocky solely because they are Japanese

While I do like the two and I also like Pocari Sweat (which is Japanese) and I use LINE (An asian social media app), I don't like them only because they're Japanese. I also love various western dishes and even dishes from the country I'm from. Heck, If anything there are more western dishes I love than the japanese/chinese dishes. I'm definitely not a weeaboo - MLPFan

20 You watch Boku No Pico.
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1. You obsess over every anime ever created
2. You look at hentai and have a fetish for it
3. You own a body pillow



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