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1 You obsess over every anime ever created

Mainly applies if an anime obsession gets in the way of your studies or job all of the time, ruins relationships and on the whole changes your life very much for the worse. It's still possible to enjoy anime while reasonably balancing commitments and other aspects of your life. - Entranced98

It's fine to be a fan of anime, as a lot of the shows are pretty decent, but it would be a little obnoxious to be a fanatic. - ethanmeinster

I love Anime, but I am not a weeaboo. - MabelPinesJessieJ

No I am not! - BorisRule

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2 You look at hentai and have a fetish for it

Amen. This is what we call a true, genuine weeaboo. Not somebody who enjoys anime/manga/Japanese culture in a rational manner.

Hentai is art. - Not_A_Weeaboo

And its Boku No Pico.

Wolfaboos are somehow way worse than weeaboos.

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3 You own a body pillow

It's also a sign that you'll be forever alone. - ethanmeinster

And you marry one. - Elina

Filthy Frank inspired list. - IronSabbathPriest

I just don’t get the appeal of these things. - Zach808

4 You live in your mom's basement

"... I'm like 32..." - Not_A_Weeaboo

Change it to you still live in your moms basement when your 25.-DarkBoi-X

5 When chatting on the Internet, you use the terms "kawaii" or "desu" over 5 times in one comment

I certainly don't do this. Wouldn't it be time-consuming to type those words 5 times in a row? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Shut up, people! You are NOT Japanese!

How about just using the word "Karaoke" that is a Japanese word.

I've never use these terms... - BorisRule

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6 You do cosplay even though you're an adult

Whats wrong with cosplay?

What is wrong with cosplaying?

I have never cosplayed - MLPFan

7 You use 4chan

Emotion cancer is a new cancer. Symptoms are when someone uses the word cancer as an insult for everything they dislike/hate. It doesn't kill anyone but it makes someone else want to kill them. Cure for it - grow up.

Which is just a more cancerous version of reddit.Redditers can be cancerous but most of them are nice and I have been in many subreddits.4Cjan mostly consists of Alt Right and Weaboos as well as Communists and there's very few decent people.-DarkBoi-X

8 You haven't seen natural sunlight for over a week
9 You pretend you know Japanese even though you're really just making fun of the language
10 You like ramen and Pocky solely because they are Japanese

While I do like the two and I also like Pocari Sweat (which is Japanese) and I use LINE (An asian social media app), I don't like them only because they're Japanese. I also love various western dishes and even dishes from the country I'm from. Heck, If anything there are more western dishes I love than the japanese/chinese dishes. I'm definitely not a weeaboo - MLPFan

Agreed. I've never tasted ramen, but I already tasted Pocky. But I really like Pocky because their flavours are interesting. - BorisRule

I can sense the Naruto fanboys from here... - styLIShT

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? You Only Play Visual Novels

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11 You talk about literally nothing but anime
12 You watch Boku No Pico.

Boku No Pico? More like No. - styLIShT

This is the best anime in the world - upupdowndown

You have a messed up mind or sarcastic.

Nope! - BorisRule

13 You want to be a Samurai

Only a moron would want this - MLPFan

14 You look down on Western culture
15 You can name every Pokemon.

Pokemon is anime, but it's a completely different thing. Like what if you're good at the game or something? - styLIShT

This series is super popular all over the world. Not just Japan. - Zach808

You mean the 807 and probably more to come?

I know a few of Pokemin names. - BorisRule

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16 You are a Japanese

That'd be like more as a nationalist than a weeaboo - BorisRule

17 You hate on English dubs

"wow you don't speak japanese? okay, but that means you should die faster than an old person in his death bed"

18 You probably like dan and phil
19 You have a username like "Twenty Øne Crybabies Sleeping With The Sirens With Killjoys Panicking At The Disco!"

Aren’t all these groups American? - Zach808

The "Ø" instead of "O" in Twenty One? - BorisRule

20 You only like Japanese entertainment
21 You think western cartoons are either kiddy, or cliched

Some are some aren't

22 You say Animes are not cartoons

The plural is the same as the non-plural variant of the word "anime". There's no such thing as "animes". Grammar mistake, bro. - BorisRule

Oh shut up this is not an English lesson. (or learning Japanese)

The plural of anime is anime, why don't people seem to get that? - styLIShT

23 You loathe 4kids.

Crosse & Blackwell 4kids pasta shapes in tomato sauce? Which is pasta shapes of children's cartoon characters. I suppose Heinz is the original tinned pasta.

Ok did you grow up watching a 4kids show.
For example Pokemon
1.When it was a craze in the 90s to early 00s.
2.When the craze went but it was just still around.
3.When it became a bit of a craze again when Pokemon Go came out.

Um... everyone does. - Not_A_Weeaboo

24 Your diet is Japanese food.
25 You listen to "Turning Japanese"

You change it to "Turning Weeaboo"

26 You know how to read Manga.

I can read Manga. You don't have to be a weeaboo to know how to read manga -.- - BorisRule

Dude, you don't have to be a weeb to know how. Heck normal fans like me can read it. It's just a normal comic book read from the right instead of the left, GEEZ - MLPFan

27 You watched Super Duper Sumos

Yeah its an American cartoon, but it's a bit insulting they use their butts to stop crime?

28 You watched banned Pokemon episodes

Seriously, the Electric Solider Porygon, who the hell would watch that.

Don't even mention it. It's horrible enough it gave nearly 800 children in Japan seizures, 685 of which were sent to the hospital. - BorisRule

Not necessarily - it's perfectly normal for non-weeaboos to check them out if they're fans of the Pokémon series or just out of curiosity. - Entranced98

29 You weigh over 300 pounds
30 You abuse the word "baka"
31 You don't like The Lion King because it is a ripoff of Kimba

Finished the list, none of these apply to me.
Yay. - Skullkid755

32 You use the word "waifu"

Your waifu is Baka - Not_A_Weeaboo

I use it ironically lol - MasonOcker

This word... Kill me. - Zach808

33 You watch School Days.

School days is actually a good anime. Even though it's bad, it is realistically portraying the life of teenage kids, and is showing us the bad things that happen to High Schoolers. - styLIShT

This also amezing - upupdowndown

34 Your idol is Tamotsu (Mokkun)

Lol, only some lame loser would idolize such failure - MLPFan

I feel sick for merely knowing who this guy is - styLIShT

35 You only listen to J-Music
36 You don't know Japanese history.
37 You own a Samurai Sword.
38 You own chopsticks.

Chopsticks aren't only used in Japan, so this doesn't count. - Entranced98

But what if you're already Asian? - Not_A_Weeaboo

You serious? - Zach808

39 You watched Samurai Jack

That's an American cartoon - BorisRule

That's a western cartoon. - Not_A_Weeaboo

40 You want to become a sumo wrestler.
41 You want live in Japan.

So what? - BorisRule

42 You only watch Japanese shows.
43 You know and have watched every Japanese gameshow past and present.
44 You know the first Anime/Manga.
45 You own beyblades.
46 You know every Japanese television channel

I hardly watch T.V. so why would I care - MLPFan

I know NHK, NNN, JNN, NTV, and maybe that's it. - BorisRule

47 You know every Japanese television show
48 You own a Japanese dictionary.

This would get you more closer to a degree in Japanese than being a weeaboo - styLIShT

This would only make your Japanese better. - BorisRule

That doesn't make you a weeb, to be fair - MLPFan

49 You have learnt the Japanese alphabet.

Not always, you might just want to learn it to increase your language speaking knowledge - MLPFan

50 You have a friend that lives in Japan

No, no, no. This doesn't make you a weeb whatsoever, especially if the friendship didn't even form over anime. - Entranced98

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1. You talk about literally nothing but anime
2. You like ramen and Pocky solely because they are Japanese
3. When chatting on the Internet, you use the terms "kawaii" or "desu" over 5 times in one comment
1. You obsess over every anime ever created
2. You look at hentai and have a fetish for it
3. You own a body pillow


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