Top Ten Simpsons Season 9 Episodes

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The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson

Homer in New York is just hilarious to look at.

In the episode homer says: Come on off, you mfer to the wheel of the car. Did ya know that? It's hilarious! - queeniifan

Simpson Tide
Trash of the Titans

I like Homer, but to be honest he was such a jerk for NOT HELPING Marge take out the trash. Homer can't keep on relying on Marge to do everything. But then again, I still like Homer.

Lisa's Sax

A funny & heartwarming episode.

Treehouse of Horror VIII

I like every Tree house of horror.

Good episode. - MorlaTurtle8

Natural Born Kissers

Just so much sex, whats better?

This Is A Good One

Girly Edition
Das Bus

This is why everyone HATES MILHOUSE!

Lost Our Lisa
The Principal and the Pauper

This was originally going to be made in an earlier season which would've made more sense.

Come on it's a daft plot with funny jokes, anyway American sitcoms are dumb. Not every episode from seasons 1-8 is perfect.

Even though a character looked like his dad in earlier episodes. (The army) It did give a minor character more personality and was funny. "dog food, up yours."

This episode is non canon.

The Contenders

This Little Wiggy

My top three episodes from this season: 1. This Little Wiggy 2. Girly Edition 3. Natural Born Kissers


The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons

"This wedding displeases me"

I like this episode, especially the Hindu traditional wedding. Homer is hilarious! 😂

Lisa the Simpson

Don't worry there is no such thing as The Simpsons Gene. Remember a later episode when Homer put a crayon up his brain when he was 6 years old.
Homer just got the dumbest male relatives who look like him.
Homers father just senile.
Lisa just having bad luck through most of the episode.

No this is just sexist. Apparently, Lisa is sad because she thinks she'll become dumb like the other Simpsons and at the end only the women Simpsons are successful. So that's pretty much saying Bart and a bunch of other men will be failures.

Sexist episode. Its not matter regarding genetics (science is filled with such ridiculous ideas). It's a matter of action/consequence.

King of the Hill
The Trouble With Trillions
Dumbbell Indemnity
The Joy of Sect
Miracle On Evergreen Terrace

Meh! Not so interesting episode. Bypass...

The Cartridge Family

Should be in top 10 - queeniifan

Bart Carny

Marge: "He was wearing a hat! "
Me: "And I thought Homer was the dumbest Simpson family member."

Bart Star
The Last Temptation Of Krust

How is this at the bottom? Canyonero still makes my whole family laugh to this day!

Realty Bites
All Singing, All Dancing
Lisa The Skeptic
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