Best Snow White with the Red Hair Couple

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1 Zen x Obi

Much better than Zen x Shirayuki (sorry but I like this ship better)

My personal favourit ship

I personally was attracted to this ship since I started watching this anime... I would give a whole lot of explanation but I'll go short and just say : I THINK THIS IS AN AMAZING SHIP! - Javeria

My favorite ships are
1.Zen x Obi
2.Obi x Torou
3.Mitsuhide x Kiki
100. Zen x Shirayuki (sorry but seriously I don't like this couple)

2 Obi x Shirayuki

I felt they had really good chemistry very early on. They were natural together. It seemed more believable than the love they were forcing on us between Zen and Shirayuki. There's just something that feels right when I think of the two of them together, like they compliment each other rather than being the same person. There's something tangible in the way he looks at her and cares for her. Just like she trusts him and believes in him whole-heartedly. And considering how much time they spend together, I'm not surprised that there's more connection between them.

To be honest I don't quite like zen. Obi is a way better character

YUP! everything about it!

3 Mitsuhide x Kiki

They are so adorable!

4 Ryu x Garack
5 Shirayuki x Izana
6 Zen x Shariyuki

This at #9. This is the top couple ya know? - listotaku17

7 Zen x Izana
8 Zen x Mitsuhide
9 Raji x Shirayuki
10 Obi x Zen

The Contenders

11 Obi x Torou
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