Top Ten Worst Things About/Related to TikTok

From dangerous challenges to toxic fan-bases, what’s to like about TikTok? The answer is nothing, by the way.
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1 Toxic community

It spreads vanity and promotes dangerous Botox. and isn't good for those who feel inadequate with their bodies And so are easily Influenced Into getting cosmetic procedures.. cancel culture is also bad and toxic.. the site is rewiring peoples brains and is also contributing to narcissistic behaviours

If the community became less toxic then this app would be 5 times better than it is now.

When I think of TikTok, I think of Roblox-aged kids.

2 Dangerous challanges

Not only are these TikTok challenges dangerous, they're also very harmful to people with learning disabilities and mental illness. It's disgusting on how mentally ill and autistic people are stereotyped as well as being made fun of.

It also sickens me to learn that people use these 2 things as an excuse for their narcissistic behavior. That's why ableism is a crime, similar to racism and sexism which must be stopped if we work together.

Man this generation can be REALLY stupid.

It's one thing if it risks your own life, but it's a whole 'nother type of disturbing if it puts other people's lives on the line.

Whoever created the milk crate challenge should be banned from creating any more challenges. Enough said.

Why on Earth would you think that doing the Milk Crate challenge and the Tide Pod challenge is a good idea?

3 Lip-syncing

Lip-syncing can be fun and creative in the right ways, but the way most people are doing it, is just uncreative and boring.

4 TikTok steals data

This is what makes the app unreliable in the first place, it's especially dangerous for minors

5 Cringy dances

I mean to be fair tik tok actually used to mostly consist of people dancing.

6 Like beggars

My ex "friend" was obsessed with getting famous from the stupid app, that she considered dropping out of school for it. Glad I'm not friends with her anymore.

7 Online bullying

Bullying is the worst.

If this is a common thing then it should be higher than "cringy dances" or lyp syncing which don't really harm anyone.

8 Terrible ASMR
9 People who do stupid things for views

I remember hearing about the birthday party in Surf City that got out of hand. The person who put out the invite should've been held accountable.

Why can't people be creative? So many people nowadays are lazy and don't take the time to use their imagination and make something original, instead of everything being copied and pasted.

There are TONS of people doing dumb stuff for attention, views, and likes not just on YouTube, but Tiktok as well.

I saw that some guy on tik tok legit killed his neighbor to be famous on the most cringe app like why?

10 National Rape Day

National... WHAT?

This sounds bad enough. I know this generation can get desperate for clout with the faking mental disorders and stuff, but seriously?

I HOPE TikTok took action against it.

I seriously cannot believe how messed up this community is, this was a date created by some trolls, and there are some idiotic TikTok users that SUPPORT it. At least there are some TikTok users have the decency to go against it.

While I do think that we can't hate on Tiktok for a few bad users, just as we can't hate on TTT for some trolls and awful people, this is absolutely horrible and just a taste of how bad Tiktok is. It's addicting, time-wasting, makes you feel self-conscious, and makes you uncontent.

TikTok is proof that people will do anything just to get their 15 seconds of attention...

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11 TikTokkers criticise people who don’t like TikTok.
12 The Vegan Teacher

She should be Terminated off YouTube.

She should be murdered by a carnivore.

TVT is basically just PETA in internet troll form. I think she was banned, so.

13 Awful music

It seems there was much better music during the mid-2000s and earlier, or I'm just thinking of my favorite songs on StarSue games and what I heard on Disney and Nickelodeon, or it just felt that way because anything before the mid 2000s was more creative in general. When you look at the new Nick Jr or Disney Junior or any other shows for kids, almost everything is rushed, fast paced, minimalist, has to have bright flashy colors everywhere, and the music isn't so creative, like it's made to be hurried up and it just doesn't have any creative feeling at all. The mid 2000s and older had a mixture of old-fashioned and modern music, both for big kids and little kids, but there was more old-fashioned music for the littler kids, like on Noggin. Nowadays, all music on media for young people has to be completely modern and fast-paced.(the only exception is generic upbeat children's folk music with light sounds like the ukulele and xylophone). On Noggin, the "grown-up" music exposed to kids was ...more

There's awful music everywhere, even outside TikTok, but TikTok catches up with the latest trends in music & since all this junk music is trending lately, TikTok plays it.

14 Unoriginal content

All platforms have unoriginal content. Even TV has unoriginal content & so does music itself (even before social media existed).

15 Charli D'Amelio

I'm not a huge fan of her, and I'm pretty mad about the fact that SHE of all people gets 100M followers before the age of 18, but other than that, she's not THAT bad, and doesn't deserve to have her entire life ruined. If she had 200K followers instead of 100M, she probably wouldn't be as hated.

She definitely has her problems but she's being treated like a much worse person than she really is. She's trying to live her life but people keep bullying her. Plus even the people who are making lots of great content are getting bullied & it shows us how toxic not just TikTok, but society in general has gotten.

16 Thots
17 Misinformation

Obviously. There's been so much about COVID-19 & lately the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. TikTok isn't all reliable after all & it's certainly gone way downhill since March 7th.

18 Kids dancing to inappropriate songs

Sometimes the songs are so nasty you fee like your inside a full toilet

19 Female text-to-speech voice

I may hate my voice, but I'm thankful to not sound like the infamous TikTok text2speech voice. If you sound like that, I genuinely feel bad for you, since you're life is likely never going to be the same again.

Very annoying. They even do this with YT Shorts, which I hate. Why can't you just narrate the video? I will never get some people.

20 Animal abuse videos

I'm sorry WHAT?

I hope TikTok is at least taking these videos down on sight.

You should never harm animals. How sick & cruel have we become?

21 The logo is a rip off of the Muve Music logo
22 Zoe Laverne
23 Fidget toys

Little kids who use fidget toys are so annoying.
They also fake serious conditions such as autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and many more. I even came across a video calling out a fidget account for the girl faking cancer. Fidget toys are for 8 year old girls who make inappropriate videos using Gacha games.

24 No tributes to good music artists

When a good person such as a a great artist/band makes great music, retires or passes away, they should be given tribute, but unfortunately TikTok refuses to pay tribute to such great artists & even pioneers. They payed tribute to Kobe Bryant, Chadwick Boseman, John Lewis the RBG & even music artist DMX tribute, but they don't pay tribute to many others like Sophie Xeon, Dazharia Shaffer, George the Monkey, Caitlyn Loane, Anthony Barajas, Biz Markie, Willard Scott or Sarah Harding after their deaths, not to mention those who were the biggest categories lately. This shows us 1 of the dark sides of TikTok, like disrespecting many good creators & what if Madonna dies? They would give her tribute but who knows if they really would & if they can't give George the Monkey (TikTok's best nonhuman animal & 1 of its big creators), they may never give creators like Addison Rae or even artists like Bella Poarch for example tribute. Yet we know Charli D'Amelio & Khaby Lame are the top 2 biggest ...more

25 It's too addictive

That can be a good & bad thing depending on the purpose.

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