Top Ten Best South Park Season 6 Episodes

The Top Ten
1 The Return Of The Fellowship Of The Rings To The Two Towers
2 Professor Chaos

I loved this episode - OneWayStreet

3 Asspen
4 A Ladder To Heaven
5 Simpsons Already Did It
6 Child Abduction Is Not Funny

The city wok guy defending his wall against the Mongolians was so funny. The ending was hilarious too.

7 The Biggest Douche In The Universe
8 Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society

An episode where Bebe is actually likeable! Awesome! - Popsicles

I loved when the boys were being little apes

What's 6x8?
Those are two completely different numbers, dear. - MoldySock

9 Jared Has Aides

City wok joke is funny

10 Red Sleigh Down
The Contenders
11 My Future Self n' Me
12 The New Terrence And Phillip Movie Trailer
13 Free Hat
14 The Death Camp Of Tolerance
15 Fun With Veal

I loved when Craig flipped off

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