Top Ten SpongeBob Episodes No One Talks About


The Top Ten

1 Procrastination
2 Wigstruck

Is this the episode when the guy loses his wig on that bus and SpongeBob finds it and everyone gets mad at him for wearing it? - Catacorn

Whens the last time you've heard of Wigstruck. Uh, never, right? - Joansb

3 Slimy Dancing
4 SpongeGuard On Duty
5 A SquarePants Family Vacation
6 The Chaperone
7 Ghoul Fools
8 Once Bitten
9 Séance Schméance
10 SpongeBob Meets the Strangler

This episode is awesome. I laughed so hard the whole way through.

The Contenders

11 Krabby Road
12 Accidents Will Happen
13 Chimps Ahoy
14 The Pink Purloiner
15 Not Normal
16 Penny Foolish
17 The Slumber Party
18 Grooming Gary
19 Chum Bucket Supreme
20 Buried in Time
21 Shellback Shenanigans
22 The Masterpiece
23 The Other Patty
24 The Googly Artiste
25 Walking the Plankton
26 Mr. Krabs Takes A Vacation
27 Free Samples
28 Squiditis
29 Treats!
30 Move It Or Lose It
31 Squirrel Record
32 The Curse of Bikini Bottom
33 That's No Lady
34 Eek! An Urchin
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