Top Ten SpongeBob Episodes That Should Be Removed from the Show

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1 One Coarse Meal

At first I was like "SpongeBob hasnt gone downhill at all. Its still good." But after seeing a few of the newer episodes I am starting to change my mind about that. Slowly Gravity Falls is starting to become my second favorite show. - cosmo

Mr. Krabs put Plankton to suicide, which not only ruined the episode, but ruined the WHOLE SHOW! No one's ever watching SpongeBob again because of that part. - nelsonerica

To be honest SpongeBob is my favorite show but the episodes have gone down since the year of 2005 but thankfully Spongbob is making a comeback in 2014!

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2 A Pal for Gary

The way Gary was treated in this episode was wrong. SpongeBob should have trusted Gary instead of that new pet. - Minecraftcrazy530

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3 The Splinter

I hate everything about this stupid episode. I have never watched it in full and I never will. - BKAllmighty

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4 Are You Happy Now?
5 Demolition Doofus
6 Face Freeze
7 Little Yellow Book
8 Pet Sitter Pat
9 Choir Boys
10 Stuck in the Wringer

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11 SpongeBob, You're Fired!
12 House Fancy

If you think SpongeBob didn't go downhill, watch this episode... The toenail scene is gross and morbid! - HoH

13 Good Neighbors
14 A Day Without Tears
15 The Card V 1 Comment
16 To Love a Patty
17 Fungus Among Us
18 Karate Island
19 Boating Buddies
20 Squid Baby

As much as I love SpongeBob this is my least favorite episode of SpongeBob. This is a little off guard for young kids because Squidward gets head trauma which I don't think children should watch.

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