Top Ten SpongeBob Episodes That Should Be Removed from the Show

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1 One Coarse Meal

At first I was like "SpongeBob hasnt gone downhill at all. Its still good." But after seeing a few of the newer episodes I am starting to change my mind about that. Slowly Gravity Falls is starting to become my second favorite show. - cosmo

Mr. Krabs put Plankton to suicide, which not only ruined the episode, but ruined the WHOLE SHOW! No one's ever watching SpongeBob again because of that part. - nelsonerica

To be honest SpongeBob is my favorite show but the episodes have gone down since the year of 2005 but thankfully Spongbob is making a comeback in 2014!

This episode is why I HATE Mr. Krabs... - HoH

2 A Pal for Gary

The way Gary was treated in this episode was wrong. SpongeBob should have trusted Gary instead of that new pet. - Minecraftcrazy530

3 The Splinter

I hate everything about this stupid episode. I have never watched it in full and I never will. - BKAllmighty

This episode was disgusting!
One of the worst episodes - Ajkloth

Me, tell Mr. Krabs
Oh no! No no no no no no no no no no,no no no no no non no, No"

4 Are You Happy Now?
5 Demolition Doofus
6 Face Freeze
7 Little Yellow Book
8 Pet Sitter Pat
9 Choir Boys
10 Stuck in the Wringer Stuck in the Wringer

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11 SpongeBob, You're Fired!
12 House Fancy House Fancy

If you think SpongeBob didn't go downhill, watch this episode... The toenail scene is gross and morbid! - HoH

13 Good Neighbors
14 A Day Without Tears
15 The Card


16 To Love a Patty
17 Fungus Among Us
18 Karate Island
19 Help Wanted

This started spongebob, if it got removed, then no one would see the first episode, except if it was found online, even though I hate the song near the end this episode should say since it's the first episode

20 Boating Buddies
21 Squid Baby Squid Baby

As much as I love SpongeBob this is my least favorite episode of SpongeBob. This is a little off guard for young kids because Squidward gets head trauma which I don't think children should watch.

22 Big Sister Sam
23 Yours, Mine, and Mine
24 Truth or Square Truth or Square
25 Waiting
26 Trench Billies

Please save our children and erase all content regarding this episode. It's more terrifying then the exorcist and Nightmare on Elm street combined

27 Can You Spare a Dime

Another season 3 episode that does not deserve to be here. - BKAllmighty

28 The Battle of Bikini Bottom
29 The Gift of Gum
30 Gullible Pants
31 Best Day Ever

Oh my GOD I hate this one! EVERYBODY is a jerk to SpongeBob and it's basically consists of everything that can go wrong going wrong. And they built it up like it was supposed to be a half hour or even FULL hour special...and it's only 11. About 8 of which are nothing more than filler and everything going wrong. WHY do you people like it? And no, I DON'T think it's better than SpongeBob You're Fired, I think it's WORSE! And hate me all you want but I actually liked SpongeBob You're Fired the first time I saw it. But then the reviews came and now I'm convinced I'm going to hell because I liked an episode everybody hates. At least with SpongeBob You're Fired it WAS a half hour special, even if it WAS stupid and awful. But I fail to see how this is any better. This episode was nothing but a shameless money making scheme. It's also one of the VERY FIRST bad episodes. The saddest part is, Season 4 was only the BEGINNING of the nightmare this show would become. It's only got worse in the ...more

This episode isn't bad at all in my opinion. It's way better than episodes like squid baby or SpongeBob you're fired, those two episodes are awful. - Imreallyboredrightnow

Am I the only person who likes this one? - Garythesnail

I like this one... Is that bad? - HoH

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32 Party Pooper Pants

I might take heat for this but I ADDED THIS ONE! I hate it just as much as The Best Day Ever, for the reason that it has practically THE EXACT SAME PLOT in which everything that can go wrong goes wrong. This is actually the very first bad episode if you ask me, although I can't remember if it was released before or after The Sponge Who Could Fly. If it's after, then it's the second bad episode. But still, I HATE THIS ONE. Read my review for it at IMDb.

Why is this here? It's from season 3. This episode is just fine. - BKAllmighty

33 Licence to Milkshake

Probably the most unfunny, boring, poorly-written episodes I have ever seen. Find me a single, solitary funny moment and I will eat my shoe (and it's steel-toed). - BKAllmighty

34 Tunnel of Glove
35 All That Glitters

I'm surprised I had to add this. It's one of the worst SpongeBob episodes in my opinion. - Imreallyboredrightnow

36 Band Geeks

Everyone is nice to sqidward

37 The Original Fry Cook

Worst season 5 episode ever! It's so depressing

38 Dunces and Dragons Dunces and Dragons

I hate this episode I found it boring, I don't think spongebob and friends in a castle don't go togeather, rather see him, at his house, at the krusty krab, at patrick or sandy's house or somewhere else in bikini bottom

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