Top Ten Problems with SpongeBob, You're Fired

The Top Ten
1 Terrible plot

Mr. Krabs fires Spongebob just for a NICKEL. This creates a extremely poor plot, and stating that Mr. Krabs' greed is at its worst, showing once and for all that he's a complete and utter tightwad, even for just 5 cents. It should be a worthy note that while in early seasons (1-3) he was cheap, he was never that cheap, and to go so far as to fire one of his best employees like Spongebob for a nickel is just off pudding. Which leaves us to the bigger question, instead of firing one of his best employees like Spongebob, why couldn’t he just fire Squidward for a nickel? Isn't he is the lazier one of the two? Sandy cooks and sells radioactive toxic for people to eat, which is highly illegal and a somewhat villainous thing to do. Every other of the 4 managers fired SpongeBob all because he altered their food into Krabby Patty versions of said food, and yet they don't even try his meals in the first place. When he cooks in the restaurants, the only thing that he makes is Krabby Patties, ...more

Mr. Krabs is an idiot for firing Sponggebob for a dumb and stupid reason. - DynastiSugarPop

2 This episode is loaded with padding

Such as stupid and cringey parts that go on for too long, just to pad out the episode's runtime

3 SpongeBob cries too much

This reminded me of a Day Without Tears, an awful episode.

4 Retarded jokes
5 It ripped off Karate Choppers

It also ripped off can you spare a dime squid on strike le big switch pizza delivery sleepy time model sponge krusty dogs and license to milkshake

In that episode, SB got fired.

6 It uses gross close ups
7 SpongeBob is extremely annoying

Because of his heavy breathing and loud crying

8 Patrick is super unlikable because he thinks that unemployment is a GOOD thing

This not only makes him act like a bad influence to SpongeBob, but this also stirred up a lot of controversy for how it was depicted.

You know this episode is really bad when it's not only bad in terms of plot, but also in terms of controversy as well. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

9 SpongeBob got fired 5 times
10 It's recommendable only towards the brain dead people of a very young demographic
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