Best Ages to Get Pregnant

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1 25

You are still young but old enough to know how to raise a child.

That's when the brain finally stops developing.

2 30

This list is not stupid! Maybe you can learn something. I think that 30 ranked on number one is correct. After that you can get difficulties. I would say between 26 and 30 is the best age to get pregnant. Before 25 you will lose a lot of your youth freedom and after 30 you will be to old ( you will be 60 when your child is 30 ).

3 16

This is an awful age to get pregnant! You're still WAY TOO YOUNG (you're not even an adult yet), and you'll only be 20 when your child is 4 and maybe a 32-year-old grandma if you're child has kids when he/she is sixteen. Plus, you might not be mature enough or able to handle a baby at that age. I wouldn't know, I'm too young to get married or get pregnant. I think that 25 is probably the best age to get pregnant.

Pregnancy is suitable for 16+ not 20+, I won't get Pregnant as a male because it will lead to male Pregnancy.

Who wrote this? If you get pregnant at this age you have just thrown away your chidhood.

Dumb teen: Mommy! I'm pregnant can I go in MTV?
Mother: No, now get out of my house you trash

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5 29
6 21
7 13

No, this is a horrible age. 13 is when you're still underage. Also, why the heck are there so many items like "12", "16", etc?
This reminds me of all those Quora questions where some people ask stuff like "Can I be a mom at the age of 12? I think I'm ready to do so." (Yes, that was actually a question I saw there.)

No...just...NO! Why would someone think this is a good idea?

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10 24

You are young and will be able to relax in your mid to late forties.

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That's when my mom was with me!

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13 18

In my eyes 18 and 19 year olds are still kids, TEENS! Imagine if their own children then go on to have kids as teens and becoming a grandmother run your 30s…

14 15

Kids shouldn't have kids...

No, that's illegal

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16 33
17 26

You don't feel you are really wasting your youth anymore.

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19 40
20 34
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