Top 10 Things You Would Most Likely Do If You Were a Kid Again

Imagine time reverses and you wake up as a kid again. The first thought you have is that everything suddenly goes easier for you. We've gone through times of wishing to be an adult, but when you reach that point you start to experience the harsh facets of life. When that hits, it's not uncommon for people to wish to revisit the golden days of their childhood. What if that actually happens, and what do you think you would do if you were suddenly back into your kid's self?
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1 Play more games

No doubt this is what almost everyone would do knowing that gaming is a common hobby regardless of age. First thing you would probably do is try to fill up your entire pokedex or finish up that minecraft palace you and your old friends made back in those days - only if your offline friend of 2584 days suddenly came back online though...

You can still do it as an adult. It's called free time.

2 Read more

This is one of the things that most of us probably wished doing back in our childhood, as some of us would be spending all our time on video games and such - something that the recent generations do continuously. Assuming you have all the knowledge you gained in your lifetime you'd definitely be the librarian's pet. If not you can try to be more knowledgeable than your past childhood self. Simply put it helps you in the long run.

3 Build with LEGOs

For most people, LEGO's sum up a huge part of childhood. Remember you used to build the tallest tower or imagine badass scenes with lego figures? Now that you are a child again why not take that second chance to build the tallest tower, or the largest city if you have a vast lego collection?

I used to love building and playing with LEGOs.

4 Go back to school

Assuming that you still have all the knowledge and smarts in your head, the biggest flex is that you can demonstrate your knowledge in calculus or linear algebra in an elementary school. Writing this entry just gave me a question - are child prodigies just former adults who somehow managed to lodge themselves back into the mother's womb, or geniuses who learned the secret of reversing their age but refuse to reveal it to everyone?
If somehow you didn't manage to retain all the knowledge you've gained as a teenager or young adult, at least you have a second chance of taking school and homework more seriously. Unless your mental age is also affected.

I'd go back to school just to be able to hang out with friends and have fun like the good old days.

5 Watch cartoons

Obviously most people would binge watch cartoons seeing that kids have less responsibilities to handle. Finally you would have a chance to finish all your spongebob episodes but without the pressure of work. Of course you may still have housework to do, but take out school (assuming that you finished high school) and you have an abundance of free time.

6 Invest

Obviously it's not the first thing that people are going to consider when they are back into a child's body, but this is common sense assuming you still have sufficient disposable income - the earlier you invest, the further you are going to get compared to other people who haven't started yet, and that investments grow in profits overtime. This is the convenient choice if you want to get ahead of your financial issues later on when you're an adult.

7 Eat healthier

Most of us did the unhealthy mistake of developing a habit of eating fast foods early as kids. Heck, some people just don't have the free time to work out, preferring to prepare instant soup rather than taking the time to rustle up a quick healthy meal as they spend most of their time working to survive. Provided that you keep your mentality, it may be easier to restrain yourself from eating unhealthy food than when you were a kid in the first time. The only downside is that people may even have little access to healthier ingredients as fast food is cheaper for convenience, depending on where they live.

8 Work out

This is one of the less likely items, but it's common knowledge that working out brings great benefits, and the effects are optimal in the long run especially when you're a child. Exercise is mandatory for people regardless of age, and you won't regret it if you work out earlier in your life.

9 Go outside

Go grab your childhood bike or skateboard you haven't used for years or even decades. Better if you live with nature surrounding you - swing on ropes, climb on trees, or just pull grass strands around your backyard, run like you're heading towards the sun.

10 Rent an animated movie
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11 Spend more time with family

Admit it we were pretty rebellious when we were entering puberty and some of us didn't have the chance to know more of our family and relatives. Now with the pressure of work/college there's little time for family time and meetups. Perhaps being a kid again would renew this opportunity.

12 Spend more time with friends

This is only if your friends could get over the fact that you've somehow became younger

13 Get new toys

Pretty much the first thing most people would do if they were a kid again.

14 Try getting a girlfriend

For those of you who are in your peak ages but sadly haven't managed to find a partner yet. Well at least you know all the cues girls typically give, so your chances would be slightly higher.

15 Correct your past mistakes

If only you are somehow aware of the mistakes you did in the past, you could avoid some of the biggest mistakes you've done in your youth.

16 Play with pets
17 Make new friends

This would also be a wise choice if you used to have a sheltered life.

18 Find better friends
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