Best Stores to Shop at for Christmas

The Top Ten

1 Toys "R" Us

Closed in 2018.
You needed to drive to get to one they where in the middle of nowhere.

Toysrus has a great variety and selection of brands for toys. lots of people prefer to shop at toysrus rather than anywhere else.

2 Walmart

Walmart has toys, food, electronics, shoes and more.

3 Kmart

At kmart they have fun toys, amazing headphones, and layaway. It is incredible. I love shopping at kmart.

4 Build-A-Bear Workshop

Build a bear workshop has the greatest deals on stuffed animals and accesories. It is for sure an ideal gift for a child.

5 Kohls

Kohls has so many items to choose from so many to pick.

6 Justice

Girls will be so glad when they find out that under the Christmas tree is either clothes or shoes.

7 Famous Foot Wear

Famous foot wear has high quality shoes and fashionable materials and looks.

8 Five Below

You may not of heard of this phenomonal store, but in there everything costs five dollars and less. this is the best store to shop for small valuebale items.

9 Forman Mills

I love forman mills! They have unbeatable prices cute. shoes and the best clothes.

10 Lizzy's Shoes

Lizzys shoes is a ten dollar shoe store. they have headbands, scarves, and dresses in there also.

The Contenders

11 Target Target Target Corporation is the second-largest discount store retailer in the United States, behind Walmart, and a component of the S&P 500 Index.

Can't believe I had to add this to the list

13 CeX
14 Argos
15 WHsmith
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