Best Stores to Shop at for Christmas

The Top Ten

1 Walmart

Walmart has toys, food, electronics, shoes and more.

2 Toys "R" Us

Toysrus has a great variety and selection of brands for toys. lots of people prefer to shop at toysrus rather than anywhere else.

3 Kmart

At kmart they have fun toys, amazing headphones, and layaway. It is incredible. I love shopping at kmart.

4 Build-A-Bear Workshop

Build a bear workshop has the greatest deals on stuffed animals and accesories. It is for sure an ideal gift for a child.

5 Kohls

Kohls has so many items to choose from so many to pick.

6 Justice

Girls will be so glad when they find out that under the Christmas tree is either clothes or shoes.

7 Famous Foot Wear

Famous foot wear has high quality shoes and fashionable materials and looks.

8 Five Below
9 Forman Mills

I love forman mills! They have unbeatable prices cute. shoes and the best clothes.

10 Lizzy's Shoes

Lizzys shoes is a ten dollar shoe store. they have headbands, scarves, and dresses in there also.

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11 Target

Can't believe I had to add this to the list

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