Alien X


Alien X is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of a Celestialsapien from the Forge of Creation. Celestialsapiens are infinitely powerful, capable of controlling both reality and space/time to their will. Their reality warping is so powerful, that their mere thoughts become reality. However, a Celestialsapien cannot do anything unless at least 2 out of 3 or all of its personalities agree on it. They have spent eons debating before using any of their powers (Alien X was so backlogged by debates that it was still undecided on whether it should save the dinosaurs from extinction).
Ben acknowledges Alien X as his strongest and most powerful alien; however, he cannot afford the cost that comes with becoming the alien. - utkarsh

People say Ultimate Ben because he can transform into any alien by saying the alien's name, but that still means he must have an ultimate transformation. Alien X has infinite power. So tell me, what is infinity plus the power levels of the other aliens? INFINITY! Alien X is just as powerful as Ultimate Ben, but Ultimate Ben has to say his name, so he can easily be killed before he transforms. Alien X can't be killed. Alien X survived the UNIVERSE IMPLODING, THEN RECREATED THE EXACT UNIVERSE. The best Ultimate Ben can do is a tie.

I believe this alien is way awesome because of his super natural strength he can obviously open warm holes and create black holes bigger than any other he also could clone himself making one of his aliens a tag partner, he'd get all the chicks to be honest laugh out loud

Alien X, as I am agreeing on, is by far the strongest alien. Although not the biggest (which is by far Waybig), he is infinitely powerful and can make anything he wants happen (as long as his three personalities agree on it, otherwise he could be one of Ben's worst aliens ever! ). Go Alien X!

Alien X is practically like god in Ben 10. He can do anything he wants and he can destroy UNIVERSES without even lifting his hands. Ben doesn't think that Alien X is too hard to control, he just thinks that transforming into a Celestialsapien isn't worth the time because he would need to get Alien X's multiple personalities to see each other's point of view and that is very difficult. But when the 3 personalities agree, they can destroy multiple UNIVERSES without bothering themselves much.

Definitely Alien X is a strong and powerful selestialsapien that can change the fabric of space himself. But with so much power has a bad part, he has two stubborn other sides of Alien X's mind. But they were arrested which gave Ben Tennyson the ability to control Alien X willfully and without wait. But Ben can't be to grateful of alien x being able to do anything because if Albedo was able to get Alien X's DNA from the omnitrix, He would be unstoppable. So Alien X by strength, skill, speed, reflexes, and brains would give him the advantage anytime but alien x is still too risky to use most of the time

I mean, the alien x beings are basically the celestials (omnipotent beings from marvel. Ego was one of them) except of the Ben ten universe and even more powerful. He used alien x to stop an explosion that could have wiped out the Galaxy, and that was also used to create the entire Ben 10 universe, possibly placing him on the level of galactus, or maybe even the Beyonder.

Oh my god Alien X is absolutely invincible there is nothing he can't do and the fact that he has enough power to recreate the UNIVERSE just extends the fact that he is omnipotent

Alien X has three voices or personalities. A majority has to agree on something for Alien X to work. Because of this Alien X is frozen all the time, but Alien X can do anything. In the show, Ben 10 Omniverse, Ben and the other two voices agreed to recreate the universe after it was destroyed.

Alien x can warp reality his powers are god-like

Alien x is highly powerful I don't think much of anything could stop him

Alien X is the most powerful alien. He can do literally ANYTHING he wants to, but he has a crappy weakness where he has to play X Factor with 2 other guys just to move his arm

He is really strongest alien of ben ten I agree that it freeze but when he wake up he can destroy all in its path he can also control universe and time what you want else he is best

He create a world also but there is also alien that is most powerful than alien x and that alien is atomic x he is mixture of two aliens atomic and alien x

Alien x can can do anything. He can build a whole universe! Anything he imagines becomes real!

Alien X is omnipotent making him accomplish anything if all three personalities agree

first is the alien x is the strongest

Alien x is the powerful because it can time alien and destroy everything what he wants he can also can destroy the 50 galaxies if he want.

No doubt the strongest alien by far! I don't even know if the other aliens even deserve a vote because they already mentioned in the show how strong he was

I think he is the strongest because he can do anything and stop any one.

Well Alien X can do anything, destroy. Create universes. IF serena and the other dude agreed on everything then they would be the most powerfulest. Also if X didn't freeze every so often too they could do ANYTHING. AT AL!

He can wrap reality and is very strong

In the omniverse series Ben unlocks some of alien x's power and is able to move like all his other aliens

Alien x can literally destroy the entire universe one time the universe was destroyed he just sat there like nothing happened alien x rules!

Strongest seen apparently there is a stronger alien we don't know about probably one of those blue fire aliens from the higher dimensions