Strongest Ben 10 Aliens

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61 Bloxx

Block is the most of my favorite aliens because any power can go through him and he will not feel anything I think on 9

62 Ah Puch

May still be alive but can take on original ben ten, gwen, the forever knights and grampa max in a hasman suit if only the roof stayed up

63 Terraspin
64 Wildvine V 1 Comment
65 Ultimate Terraspin

HE can Cause a Tornado with one BLOW and WISH he was real

I have never heard of ULTIMATE terraspin

66 Rook Blonko

He has the proto tool which obviously could do anything he should be number 1

67 Ultimate Wildmutt
68 Ampfibian
69 Aggregor
70 Grey Matter

Grey Matter is my favourite alien. It is the most intelligent alien

V 1 Comment
71 Eye Guy V 2 Comments
72 Blitzwolfer
73 Chamalien

He should escape from the watch and have a omnitrix and become a better hero the ben 10 and his real name should be reptilian

74 Lodestar

"Are you kidding lodestar can influence anything metal he should be number 2 on this list"

75 Upchuck
76 Ultimate Brainstorm
77 Ultimate Grey Matter
78 Ultimate Upchuck
79 Werewolf
80 Erza

Because she control any people and aliens

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