Original Storm Pegasus


Storm Pegasus, my first bey. I have had my Pegasus for a while now and I have learned its strengths and weaknesses. Storm Pegasus has the ULTIMATE attack power, greater than Galaxy Pegasus, or L Drago. Pegasus' low profile spin track allows it to uppercut high profile beys like Flame Sagitario, and Rock Leone. Pegasus' weaknesses are that it has low stamina due to its rubber flat performance tip. Although the rubber flat gives Pegasus an agressive spin it also stops spinning quickly. Pegasus has a fast repeated attack pattern that usually defeats every bey. Pegasus is the most POWERFUL bey and can defeat even the best stamina and defensive beys. Pegasus has defeated L Drago, Earth Virgo, Burn Fire-blaze, Counter Leone, an Galaxy Pegasus. Pegasus rules! GO PEGASUS!

Storm Pegasus is the STRONGEST bey. Pegasus speed and power is the greatest, more than any bey. Pegasus is low on stamina but it makes up for that with its tremendous attack power! My Pegasus has defeated every bey it faced at least once, except for Earth Eagle. Storm Pegasus is more powerful than Galaxy Pegasus, and he has beaten Dark Bull, Burn Fire-blaze, and Lightning L Drago. Pegasus is the GREATEST BEY! GO PEGASUS!

Storm Pegasus... It is greatly underestimated because of its lack of stamina. That may be true, but Pegasus is extremely fast and strong, its power is unstoppable. The speed and power of Pegasus make up for its lack of stamina. Mine is very powerful and has beaten every bey I have battled... Except Earth Eagle. PEGASUS IS THE ULTIMATE BEY! GO PEGASUS!

Storm Pegasus, my most powerful bey. It has awesome attack power and speed. It may not have much stamina, but it is better than Galaxy Pegasus. Pegasus' power exceeds even Lightning L Drago. Pegasus has defeated every bey it has battled and it put up an amazing fight against Earth Eagle. GO PEGASUS!

Well storm Pegasus is the best bey he is my partner and he can launch a l drago to Pluto he attacks better than any bey I have and if I were you I would make him 1 on your page cause he is in my life he's my partner and 2 months I'm going to battle bladders with him and I'm going to win it

Storm Pegasus is a powerful bey. It's speed and power can send even the heaviest beys flying. Pegasus' speed allows it to win by stadium outs. Pegasus can beat Burn Fire-blaze, Earth Eagle, Lightning L Drago, or any other bey that spins in its path. PEGASUS IS AWESOME! GO PEGASUS!

Pegasus is the most powerful and the fastest bey. I have beaten all my brothers and friends bey with Pegasus. I have beaten many beys such as Flame Sagitario, Cyber Pegasus, Earth Virgo, Counter Leone, Storm Leone, Rock Orso, Flame Aries, and Dark Bull. I have also beaten another Storm Pegasus as well an original lightning L Drago. GO PEGASUS!

Storm Pegasus... A bey with the ultimate attack power. Pegasus was my first Beyblade... And it has beaten even the best stamina and defensive beys. Pegasus has amazing speed and powerful attacks makes it the strongest bey. Storm Pegasus is AWESOME, GO PEGASUS!

Storm Pegasus is an awesome bey because it is is one of the fastest and it it is just unpredictable in battle. My record for this bey is about 124-3. It lost to Rock Leone, Earth Eagle and other ones. But it as beaten those Beys at least 9 times and only one loss to them!

Storm Pegasus is POWERFUL. Most people underestimate it due to its lack of stamina. Its speed is unmatched, and its attack is off the charts. Its powerful enough to send even Earth Eagle flying. Pegasus is the BEST! GO PEGASUS!

The pegusus right now has a lot of attack but it doesn't have stamina. But the original one has more stamina then the beyblade right now. Thats why I thinks its good.

Storm pegasis is my 3rd bey he blew my fireblaze and rock leone out of my stadium he beat them 12 times in a row. I like him because he is blue and blue is my favorite color. I beat 20 people with pegasis.

I have a storm Pegasus it has NEVER EVER LOST a BATTLE EVER so yeah also I have a lightning ldrago and it uses SPIN Steal nothing is changed its a regular lightning ldrago so I never lose EVER

I love storm pegasus-its my favorite bey and it can defeat any bey-even Lighting L Drago, Earth Eagle, Rock Leone etc I love STORM PEGASUS!

Storm Pegasus is extremely powerful. My friend has original Lightning L Drago and Pegasus obliterated it in the first 2 seconds. It was awesome! I beat L Drago several times and Pegasus was clearly better than it. My friend and I had a six-blader battle. Pegasus faced: Lightning L Drago, Flame Sagitario, Counter Leone, Earth Virgo, and Cyber Pegasus. I the end Storm Pegasus was the last bey spinning. Pegasus even beat L Drago in his own stadium. GO PEGASUS!

It broke the metal face of cyber pegasis! Unbelievably fast and strong. Best bey ever. Truly an epic. Expert in kicking butts. Go pegasis! Vote for him! Please!

Storm Pegasus is the best. It always beats my brothers beys. It has low stamina though. If you want it to be the best you have to give it a performance tip with a lot of stamina

My friend launched 6 Beys, I launched storm Pegasus, and he DEMOLISHED them all! Three went out, three beaten. I even broke one of his Beys!

Pegasus is my first Beyblade it is awesome and thrashes all my Beyblades. It can also defeat the forbidden bey lightning Ldrago, Flame Sagittario, Rock leone and Dark wolf. It has amazing speed and power. If a bey gets hit by pegasus in the first launch The point goes To PEGASUS.

It's the coolest beyblade in the world because it threw my rock leone, dark bull, l drago and poison serpent in just one shot

It is awesome has very good attack I mhave it and completely crushed every beyblade on this list all together and on its own!

I think pegasus should be #1 because it beat my ray striker, galaxy pegasus, Capricorn, and my friend's aries. It also beat cyber pegasus, a phoenix, and dark bull. It should be since it beat 7 beys and many other beys. I had a battle bladers tournament and it beat everyone in the tournament, so it should be #1.

Pegasus is the best bey no one is as best as pegasus
Other beys are suckers.
The original last dukkar means l dragoo

Pegasus is my first Beyblade... He's totally awesome. He is extremely strong and will usually win if you get a good launch. Pegasus has low stamina, so it has to beat the opponents in the first 25 seconds, that's how it is for me. Pegasus has amazing speed and has beaten: earth virgo, flame sagitario, flame aries, and cyber pegasus. If you want to be the best, you GOT to have storm pegasus. GO PEGASUS!

It is the best bey in the world

I all ways win with him and he beat all of my beys and they are really strong