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121 Custom Storm Pegasus

Best stamina tip best attack bey=ultimate Beyblade. Earth eagles base storm pegasus

122 Earth Capricorn
123 Tornado Herculeo

He is the best of the best he defeted my earth eagil my big bang pegis fang leon in one shot.

124 Storm Leone
125 Hyper Aquario

My first bey, the bey that got me into beyblading. GO HYPER AQUARIO! YOU ROCK! It can also beat my bro's L Drago and I love it how it can sometimes still stand when finished spinning.

I think hyper aqario is a strong bey because when it was fighting cyber pegasus, it sent it flying right at my window

Hyper aqurio was my very first bey and wene I got him I battled 20 people and won them al

126 Rock Gasher

Rock Gasher has both the defensive and attack-type qualities. Its heavy rock fusion wheel gives it great balance and its performance tip wide ball also makes it unstable for powerful attack. Gaher's spin track creates down-force to increase stamina. Gasher is an awesome bey. GO! ROCK GASHER!

Rock Gasher is a great defensive bey. Gasher's spin track creates a down-force for awesome defense. Its performance tip WD also gives it tremendous attack power. GO! Gasher!

127 Gravity Pegasus

I beat so many friends with this bey

128 Burn Libra

This thing is AWESOME! I don't use beys from the episodes; I make my own with my brother. It has the Libra Energy Ring, the Burn Fusion Wheel, Dark Libra's Spin Track, and Earth Eagle's Performance Tip. In my opinion it's better than any "real" bey and it can beat all the other bey; even if it gets down to a battle of stamina. My only advice is to try it- you most certainly will NOT regret it!

Why not vote to this bey that it crushed galaxy pegasis and fried eagle, serpent, dark wolf, dark leone, and ray unicorno

129 Flame Aries
130 Thermal Pegasus
131 Hell Herculeo

My herculeo beat every one of my beys, which the strongest are earth eagle, storm pegasis, meteo ldrago, and a lot more

132 Earth Gemios

Earth Gemios can spin for 5.34 minutes and has great stamina, plus has excellent defense and attack! Should be the best Beyblade in the WHOLE WORLD! EVEN BETTER THAN EARTH EAGLE!

133 Fury Leone
134 Sungod V 1 Comment
135 Rock Aquario

We had to retire this bey, because it kicked some much butt! And it destroyed 3 performance tips.

V 1 Comment
136 Hell Crown

I highly recommend this bey because it can beat all attack balance and defense types

I would vote for this bey its epic if it was called kame gold drago it should be a really good bey I love this bey so much that all the oponnents I battle I bet em up

137 Thermal Gemios
138 Galaxy Libra
139 Flame Bull

This Beyblade is my most favourite Beyblade of all time! It might not seem much but this bey beat every other Beyblade my brother and I bought with its multiple attack barrage. I honestly didn't believe it to be on the top when I saw the list because I know a lot of people don't think its strong or cool enough to buy but take my word that this Beyblade would beat every other or almost every other Beyblade ever existed. This Beyblade is the king and deserves to be #1.

140 Thermal Orso

It is just as earth eagle and when it spins it appears as earth eagle but it is more stronger than it in attack and defense. So just take these parts and combine it and you will get the greatest blade. I and my friends made it with great research. So just try it and crush your opponents.

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