Top Ten Stupidest Ideas for a How to TheTopTens Blog That Involves Users

A New list. I'm not making fun... I'm just complementing you... in a strange way

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1 How to Stalk Postrionwildhawk

Oh, a party for him? How thoughtful!... where'd you get that rope? - SwagFlicks

2 How to Make Turkyealysum Dance
3 How to Make Cosmo a Planet

Making me a planet? Lol! Maybe since my username sounds spacey. - cosmo

4 How to Make Puga My Pug

Back off, I have a tail and I'm not afraid to use it! - Puga

I like Puga's comment. Back off! LOL - EpicJake

5 How to Make Blood With Foreversmiling_13

This is simply murderous - ToptenPizza

6 How To Find Therandom's real name

I want to know his age, for all I know, I could be chatting to some 50 year old woman. - DapperPickle

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7 How To Kiss Britgirl

Does keyson still have to know how?

8 How to Lick Garythesnail

I'm a little concerned about this... - DapperPickle

What pervert thought this up? - ToptenPizza

This is just gross - EpicJake

Is it me or did Sugou Nobuyuki from Sword Art Online make that blog? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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9 How to be Faster Than FasterThanSonic

Be faster than the speed of light. Period.

10 How to Tie BlueDiamondFromNowhere

The Contenders

11 How to Stare at PatrickStar
12 PositronWildhawk goes to McDonalds

Wow. Who added this? - AnonymousChick

13 How to Make Pony Into a Pony
14 EpicJake the Explorer

Please don't EVER do this. - EpicJake

15 How to turn VelitelCabal into a cyborg

CABAL means Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform.

16 How to Eat TheEvilNuggetCookie
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1. How to Make Cosmo a Planet
2. How to Make Turkyealysum Dance
3. How to Stalk Postrionwildhawk
1. How to Stalk Postrionwildhawk
2. How to Make Turkyealysum Dance
3. How to Make Cosmo a Planet
1. How to Make Turkyealysum Dance
2. How to Stalk Postrionwildhawk
3. How to Make Puga My Pug


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