Top Ten Suggestions to Improve TheTopTens

If you have any thoughts about ways to improve this site your input would be most welcome. As good as it is, it feels incomplete.

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21 Take votes that can be categorized together and join them with the accumulative votes.

I sometimes see in a list that the same thing can be mentioned more than once and if they were combined, they would probably be higher in the list. Maybe even no. 1. - wizardryuk

22 Add a way to search/organize our personal lists.
23 Admin sends a TopTenner a message at the end of the week telling us how we did during the week

Yes! What a great idea. I would like to know if I did a good job or not. - cosmo

You do realize that this is almost impossible, right? As of Sept 2017 the site has 167,390 members. Most of them aren't active but still. - Metal_Treasure

24 Allow comments on non-votable lists

Non-votable lists can be very useful in some cases and I would use them more often if I had the option "Allow comments" - Yes/No. Currently people can't vote and can't comment on these lists but some authors may want to allow comments. The authors should have this option and decide whether to allow comments or not. - Metal_Treasure

25 Make all non HQ posts visible somewhere
26 Show how many people have voted in total for each list.

I think that this would give a better idea to users as to how accurate the list may be. Maybe some sort of system can be devised to give an accuracy rating percentage for each list instead based on such things? - wizardryuk

We do this anyway. I like this feature as it indicates the reliability of a list, - gemcloben

It could be like YouTube, showing how many views of the video, only this time it is showing how many votes are on a list. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

27 Place the "Search List" option at the top of the page

I added this item because currently the "Search List" option is at the bottom of the page. It would work much better at the top.
1) When we add items to long lists (often our own lists) we have to go through the "Search List" Option in order to add every item. With the "Search List" Option at the bottom it's very annoying - too much unnecessary scrolling.
2) When we vote on a long list we have to scroll down again to find the item we wanna vote for via the "Search List" option. Maybe I don't wanna see all 20 items on the 1st page because I wanna vote for an item that's at #223 and I will find it by using the "Search List" option. But again, the "Search List" option should be at the top of the page to avoid the unnecessary scrolling. - Metal_Treasure

28 TheTopTens merchandise
29 Improve the relevance of the "Related Lists"
30 Be more vigilant about upholding the beliefs of the site Examples: making it a PG site (too much pornographics/sexual content).

You say this in your FAQ "
What are some reasons why my item would be rejected?
... Items may also be rejected if they do not logically belong in a list. We aren't going to approve a Ford Pinto submission for a coolest sports car list.
but I see Chuck Norris as number 61 in greatest guitarists ever. ETC... - wizardryuk

31 Improve the all list section by not repeating the lists in each page.

I find that when I click the "All Lists" that the fist page is fine, then if I click on page 2, I get page 1 and 2, if I click on 55 then the list is huge and repeats what is in other lists. What is going on? - wizardryuk

32 Spell Check
33 Remove lists that can cause hate

It's up to the person to start hating.

34 Disapprove hate lists

Because of idiots who can't stand opinions? No way.

Depends On How Offensive And Extreme It Is - JPK

35 Let us delete items that we don't want to be on our personal lists
36 Have more top level categories for lists (and/or even sub-categories)
37 Erase all Negative Comments From All Anime Lists Made By Anime Haters

They needs to happen if your not an anime fan you shouldn't even be on there. - ZZDOORAL

Oh? So the easily offended idiots added this item, eh? - gemcloben

They Have Opinions.

38 An optional voting time limit for the creator of the list
39 Monitor comments
40 Make voting percentages go to the hundreths

This is so itll be more specific and we can see how close our voted item is to beating the next highest item - SupremeNachoe

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