Best Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 Music

A big reason we love Super Mario Galaxy 1-2 is because of music. I've mentioned in another list that Super Mario Galaxy has the best soundtrack in Video Game Industry. I'll be counting down our favorite soundtracks for Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Feel free to add any music that I may have forgotten.

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1 Gusty Garden Galaxy (SMG)

Although many consider this track "overrated," it is still one of, if not the best song I've ever heard in a video game. It's so lively, majestic, and beautiful that it's nigh impossible not to love. It already has a great remix in Super Mario 3D World called "Champion's Road".

So majestic and amazing. I love it. I feel so peaceful listening to it. When I unlocked it in Super Smash Bros I made it that only good egg galaxy were and gusty garden the only songs. If I was an orchestra teacher I would play this and a lot of the Mario Galaxy Music. I love this song and Rosalinas theme in the observatory.

This track is so good. It's so good, it's used a LOT for remixes. Not only that, it sounds really nice. - RebelGamer

The best music in gaming history. It is slightly overrated but still, it is an almost-perfect orchestrated masterpiece. Good on ya Nintendo

2 Ending Theme (SMG)

This song horribly underrated. It only has 8k or 9k views as of 11/19/15. To me it's so good, I want to play it during my graduation. Go Class of 2020! - RebelGamer

3 Space Junk Galaxy (SMG)

There's just something about this song I just really like, I just don't know what it is. Respond to me, if you know. - RebelGamer

4 Melty Molten Galaxy (SMG)

Like every Lava based levels, the Galaxy itself it's so cool and challenging. But let's talk about the track. It feels so good when it reaches the EXPLOSION part. You know, that part you usually reach the volcano and then explodes. I don't even care if I keep failing the missions, because that's a good excuse why to listen to this track over and over. - RebelGamer

Best. Mario. Music. Ever. Fin. This should be higher up on the list. - Vic21102

5 King Bowser (SMG)
6 Good Egg Galaxy (SMG)

This song is the 1st song, well actually, this is the 2nd song you hear the very first time you play Super Mario Galaxy. Then, when you start playing Good Egg Galaxy and hear the intro of the song, you're in for a wild ride. - RebelGamer

Had a hard time deciding between this and Space Junk Galaxy, but I felt this was more epic and it makes me feel like I'm exploring the depths of space

This song makes me feel nostalgic

7 Ending Theme (SMG2)

Come on this is like the best ending music to a Mario game

8 Final Battle (SMG2)

Bowser deserves something for making that music.

Come on this definitely belongs high on the list

9 Fluffy Bluff Galaxy (SMG2)

I love dis song so much. I don't know what it is, but I love it I Love It I LOVE IT!

10 Fleet Glide Galaxy (SMG2)

To me, this is also underrated. It fits perfectly with the galaxy. It also sounds really cool. - RebelGamer

The Contenders

11 Final Boss (SMG)

Thanks for adding this! Keep it up. - RebelGamer

12 Buoy Base Galaxy (SMG)

The orchestral majesty of this song blows my mind. It is so intense and gets you pumped up for almost anything. I always picture an army of 1,000 men marching into battle to this theme. It definitely feels the most like space with all of the different synths and techno instruments. Truly a masterpiece.

This song is one of the best songs in Super Mario Galaxy but I think all SMG songs are the best

It feels like you're actually in space. - RebelGamer

This took everyone by surprise.

13 Purple Comet (SMG)

No explanation needed if you played the fan-made game called Super Mario 63. - RebelGamer

It's somewhat epic to hear this while being followed by shadows.

14 Sky Station Galaxy (SMG2)

This song was a new beginning to a new adventure, it feels so adventurous. - RebelGamer

15 Bowser's Lava Generator (SMG2)

Hands down, the best Bowser level theme ever (in my opinion). - RebelGamer

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16 Puzzle Plank Galaxy (SMG2)

I love this one - smwc23105

best music

17 Bowser's Lava Lair (SMG2)

I had a tough choice between the 1st and 2nd versions, but the 2nd one had more instrument sounds, and has a choir. - RebelGamer

18 Cosmic Cove Galaxy (SMG2)

Beautiful Ambiance

I listening to it write now as I'm typing this, really really good song

19 Battlerock Galaxy (SMG)

Its starts off nice and easy, then BOOM! The Brass instruments start get louder, and better. - RebelGamer

20 Gateway Galaxy (SMG)

It's super awesome! It calms me down. I like listening to it while looking at the stars. It's so soothing yet sad like Rosalina. I listen to it for at least 5 minutes every day. I just love it.

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1. King Bowser (SMG)
2. Ending Theme (SMG)
3. Melty Molten Galaxy (SMG)
1. Gusty Garden Galaxy (SMG)
2. Good Egg Galaxy (SMG)
3. Fleet Glide Galaxy (SMG2)



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