Top 10 Super Mario Maker Music Levels

Yeah, yeah, yeah, these can be considered to lowest of the low: auto-Mario levels. Except they're not, since don't hurt your ears with the SFX, and they play awesome music with the Music Blocks!

The Top Ten

1 Smash Bros. Theme

Here, you can listen to the SSB4 theme! It's very close to the original. - TheYoshiOverlord

2 Melody Roads: SMB3 Athletic Theme

This gives yet another reason why there should be a sky theme in Super Mario Maker. - TheYoshiOverlord

3 Melody Roads: SMW Athletic Theme

The only reason SMB3 was on top is because that one was a slight bit closer to the original than this one, but this was pretty good. - TheYoshiOverlord

4 Star Wars Theme

This was made by Sporky, and is rated #2 (but for me, it should be #1, if that dumb Japanese level wasn't there) on the leaderboards. - TheYoshiOverlord

5 Super Mario World Theme V 1 Comment
6 Rainbow Road Double Dash Theme

This was made by Emerson, and has a bit of a platforming challenge. - TheYoshiOverlord

7 Melody Roads: Luigi's Mansion

Luigi's Mansion is one of my favorite games, so this has to be here. - TheYoshiOverlord

8 Super Mario 64 Slider Theme V 1 Comment
9 Good Egg Galaxy

This was made by Trousers. I liked how he used the doors to repeat parts of the track, but ends up taking you to a different area. - TheYoshiOverlord

10 Sky Station Galaxy

Gspirit is a famous Mario Maker music level creator, and this was just beautiful to listen to. - TheYoshiOverlord

The Contenders

11 Gourmet Race
12 Bombfire Rise V 1 Comment
13 WX2
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