Top Ten Superheroes and Villains that WWE Superstars Should Play

A great idea for the WWE that their employees should play in. If there's any ideas you want your favorite superstars to play in, write names down here.

The Top Ten

1 Carnage / Finn Balor

We all know The Rock and Batista have their parts as hero and villain, but others can play any character that can be Marvel or DC. Finn might be a great choice to play Carnage. - TechnicallyIDoComics

2 Black Cat / Sasha Banks

The Boss will do a great role here playing as Spidey's ally or enemy, she might need white hair for this performance. - TechnicallyIDoComics

3 Kevin Owens / Solomon Grundy

I don't know what's better for KO to play in, but he might do some Grundy here. - TechnicallyIDoComics

4 The Undertaker / The Spectre

It probably best to say that Taker might be a great choice to play this DC character. - TechnicallyIDoComics

5 Bayley / Squirrel Girl
6 Charlotte / Cheetah
7 Brock Lesnar / Bane

Lesnar looks like he ate a truckload of steroids, so this would be the perfect fit. - Jackamalio

8 Randy Orton / Moon Knight
9 Becky Lynch / Hellcat
10 Alexa Bliss / Catwoman

The Contenders

11 AJ Styles / Punisher
12 Ryback / The Rhino
13 Seth Rollins / Nightwing
14 John Cena / Hyperion
15 Triple H / Thanos
16 Dean Ambrose / Deadpool
17 Nikki Bella / She-Hulk
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