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1 Shankar S.

He is the James Cameroon of Tamil film industry.
One of the best, Indian film indutry has seen...

Costly, Differently, beautifully, graphically, a SENSATIONAL Tamil director

The best... His movies might not be as classical as mani's but still he has the all the abilities in this world to pull off a movie like mani's. But he s still sticked to commercial movies,

Whatever graphics he put on

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2 A.R. Murugadoss

He is number 1 director... The shankar is 2nd... Do you know about talent of the murugathas sir.?

He is the director of director

Very very excellent director

He is creative director

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3 Mani Ratnam

MANI SIR is the only reality film maker! And all time hit film maker. His films like iruvar, roja, naayagan and so on... Speaks for his talent.

Thala maniratnam dhaan mass... All his films are mega hit,... Best director in world... No one can make film like him...

Awesome director with huge super movie in Tamil, Hindi and telegu

Very very very super director in india

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4 Selvaraghavan


SELVA is making class films for tamil cinema. He deserves a great honour in future

He is a wonderful director

He shows in the films so reality compare to life incidend

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5 Bala

Bala is the only director who direct the different film he is very simple person he is the only director pick up the acting skill of all heros,

Bala is one of the best director above to bala maniratnam and shankar are told iam bala s fan I will be asst to bala anna iam from madurai I want to be asst of bala sir how ammer and sasikumar to bala innum 4yrs la nannum andha idathiku varuveyan adarkana thagudhigalum ullana ennidam 05 kathaikal ullana ennai asst director aka etru kollungal nan ungal thivira rasigan ivan than bala bookil ella visayangalaium paditheyan ungalai valtha vayathilai thalai vanangukureyan thalaiva 2014la dft course padikapogerayen

He is great at his vision of movies, never ever think about positives and negatives feedback from others, this is what the a good capability of a film maker, he is simply deserved with lot of hardwork and thinking, nice to have him in a tamil cinema, we are really proud of you bala!

Bala is a mother of Indian cinema...sir u are...

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6 Gautham Menon

Gautham Menon is the only director who bring the stylish in film making and good trend setter in tamil cinema, movies like KAKHA KAKHA, VETTAIYADU VILAIYADU etc...

Gautham Menon became very popular due to his Story & Direction. Almost he know to give Feel good Film in His Journey

Wonderful man with pecaefull mind set

He creates his own movies which all the youngsters like... Awesome director but I would request him to take a film with rajinkanth as hero and Anirudh or g.v.prakash as music director in his direction... I love his each and every film... please GVM make my wish true...

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7 Balumahendra

The greatest legend, his movie is completely different from others...

This my number 00971 0554517846

He done very well..


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8 K.S. Ravikumar

Mass Director of all times. He always has Excellent Screenplay in his films

He is one of the best director in tamil cinema and he is best than shankar

I like his movies

Sir onge asistant kedakum ahh from kerala 9447202974

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9 K. V. Anand

His films are excited

He is superb in direction

He has super creative thinking and very highly twisted

Sure shot hit director... kana kandane, ayan, ko, anegan...

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10 Kamal

Tamil film industrial talented person for real director only kamal..others only copy..

First I must say he is best director and all rounder in film field...:0

He got everything on cinema on his finger tips... If he is given enough freedom he will achieve what everyone tries to achieve in parts of world!


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11 K. Bhagyaraj K. Bhagyaraj

Revolutionized Tamil cinema that paved me for modern movies

He is most beautiful director

He is the no1 entertainer... So he is number 1 director...

Great...Better known for his brilliant screenplay - mpKarthik

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12 Vetrimaran

Super screen play writer

Interesting Director

King of reality with commercial one narrates like him a story

I like all his movies and its very commercial,natural,different local tamil slang speaking like adukalam and polladhavan, superb narrator and so on.

Good and nice to watch I think after few years he will be on the top most directors...

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13 Balachander

he made the greatest films of all time

His films are excellent

A Legend of Tamil Cinema

Great director given new face to Tamil movies

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14 Hari

Awesome director singam 2 will and is rocking Tamil cinema

He is real singam

Best director ever. Just awesome. He should be in top ten


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15 Bharathi Raja

He is one of best director who changed the trends of Tamil Cinema. When Tamil cinema was always dominated with actors, he could bring out roaring success even with new casts. He is a superb director

He brought Tamil celluloid from studio to village... That is original and natural

He is the most socially sensitive director ever

Legend of Tamil cinema

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16 Venkat Prabhu

I like your film sir, your film actor all are one of hero in they acting sir, you give equal preference to all actor in your film, your r good director, and youthfull director

You only understand youths mind thought sir. All the movies You are following sir. Keep it up Sir.

He take film about youngsters

Hi sir I am uma en husband ku cinima la oru chance kuduga sir please sir avan nalla act pannuva sir avan name manjesh sir

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17 M. Rajesh

Worst film maker. He must make good films

Hello sir all the film great sir. Please one cinima chance. Chance

Vanakkam sir your all movie very excellent different movie in Tamil cinima am interest sir please give me acting chance my mobile no 8870741728

Hello sir all the film great sir,please one cinema chanch my mobile number 8489029063

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18 Prabhu Solomon

He gives heart touching films and I like him very much. His mynaa and kumki was excellent

Excellent movies with their own originality

My name santhosh any cinema chance give call me sir 8680869089

My Dream director prabhu Solomon sir. Bangalore

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19 Kathir

A man who shows a college dreams "love" in his movie. I'm great fan of your movies from my childhood. I wanna to meet you once sir. To ask that why r you not directing. I'm having a good college based love script and like to share with you and we make it as a good movie. Surely you will like sir. My number is 8056674442

He is the most under rated director in Tamil cinema industry.His screenplay is excellent.

20 Suseenthiran

More creative and think for new concepts

Vanakkam sir your all moive very excellent sir deffrent director for Tamil cinema sir iam interest for Tamil cinema please give assistant director chance sir. Please give your address I seen orly my mobile no 9884724117

I am big fan is Sir my name is Kadir Kudi padam stunt director Aasai irukku sir I am is coming Chennai I Am Number 7892 973334

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