Top Ten Best Things About P.E. Class

Most of you hate PE,I love pe,you gotta be a shame you weaklings

The Top Ten

1 It just proves you're weak if you hate it

If you hate it due to exercise you are weak,if you hate it due to idiots,your not weak - Nateawesomeness

Most of us who hate P.E. don't hate it because we don't like exercise, but because most of the people IN P.E. are complete idiots. - Garythesnail

Yea guys,pe is the exercise class,and since you don't like it,your probably thworst in your class,you should have more effort on pe - Nateawesomeness

No. There are many strong people who hate PE. Physical strength is overrated anyways. Nice job proving you're an idiot jock, Nate. - JakePlaid

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2 It's fun

All those sports top Lay,so fun - Nateawesomeness

3 Sports
4 Running

The only good thing about PE trololololo. - JakePlaid

5 You get healthy in PE
6 PE is the best class

Best of the worst. - JakePlaid

7 You get fit with PE

Some* people even play in PE. - JakePlaid

8 You compete with your friends

...and enemy's. - JakePlaid

9 It teaches nerds how to do exercises for once

Hey, nice stereotype you used there. And even nicer grammar. - Garythesnail

I can see why you don't have the most followers on the website, no offense though. - Skullkid755

I respect yo opinion gary - Nateawesomeness

Because all nerds are weaklings who can't exercise. Even though a nerd is just someone who is smart but socially awkward. Nice stereotyping, Mr. Spoiled Jock. - JakePlaid

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10 You meet new friends
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