Best Things About Playing WiFi Races On Mario Kart Wii

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1 Your Course Keeps Getting Picked

I had this feeling. One time, I kept on voting for coconut mall, and It got picked 3 times in a row! Then, on the next race, I voted for Mushroom Gorge, and it got picked six times (not In a row. )

If my course is getting picked I just scream cause the course I'm picking is easy for me :)) - jeweldashie_19

2 Someone With Funny Names
3 Some People You Play With Are In the Same State As You

To the person who said they live in Delaware I live in Delaware and I play Mario kart so I was probably one of them.

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4 Someone Plays As Waluigi/birdo and Loses

Kind of easy why I put this here. Look up the worst Mario characters and you will see.

5 Someone Has Dry Bowser
6 You Fall Off a Cliff But You Don't Teleport to Last Place
7 Major Add of Points When You Win

I got 198 points when I was in 2nd place

8 Spaming items on Peach
9 Shortcuts

If you know how to use them, there are ultra shortcuts that you can use to win races. An ultra shortcut is a glitched shortcut that you can use to shave seconds, even minutes, off your track time. In Grumble Volcano, you can drive around the rock, and it will count as a full lap!

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