Top Ten Things Danny Phantom Fangirls Needs to Understand

DP fangirls often said whoever hate Danny Phantom are idiots. But, how about theyself? Just give them some lesson why they should respect people's opinions who hate Danny Phantom

The Top Ten Things Danny Phantom Fangirls Needs to Understand

1 Some of the people would like Danny Phantom

Agreed, not everyone likes Danny Phantom. What if some people hate it? Well, they are going to have to deal with it.

2 If Danny Phantom is cancelled, they should stop whining all the time and watch another good show

Yeah phans wacth the lod house or spongebob squarepants or even dora the Explorer - epictoonsfan1

3 Calling people idiots just because they hate Danny Phantom is cyberbullying
4 Danny Phantom is a fictional character so they should stop being obsessive with him
5 Danny and Sam are actually friends, not lovers.
6 Danny Phantom will never come back
7 People will get bothered if they get forced to like Danny Phantom
8 Not Everyone Has To Like Danny Phantom
9 If someone said he is a really bad character, they should give them suggestions or criticism, instead of attacking them.
10 If they still attack people who hate Danny Phantom, then, no one of the another fangirls should befriend them

The Contenders

11 The reasons why Nickelodeon cancelled Danny Phantom is because the show is expensive and Nick pays 2 Million Dollars to advertise it, not because Nick is bad

That a lot of bucks. Not everyone has to like something.-Vestalis

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