Top Ten Things On Family Guy That People Take Too Seriously

The Top Ten

1 Racism

This list doesent mean I hate family guy it's why a lot of people think it's offensive or think it's stupid - FerrariDude64

2 Sexism

Sexism - FerrariDude64

3 Violence
4 Religion

I'm not religious but its not like The Simpsons. I only remember these episodes...
1. Homer The Heretic (Just about Homer not wanting to go to church then religious people save his life when the house goes on fire)
2. Lisa The Skeptic (Making a new shop, but really they were conning people into believing it was the end of the world. Only Lisa and a random scientist who didn't do any tests didn't believe it was an angel)
3. Simpsons Bible Stories (Just the bible in the dreams of The Simpsons, the rapture at the end.)
4. Praiseland (Ned's amusement park, the gas leak)
5. The Monkey Suit (Ned shocked at the museum, and then gets the school to teach creationism, which offends Lisa who gets kids to learn evolution with her)

5 Inappropriate Scenes
6 Dumb Jokes
7 Dumb Cutaways
8 Cruelty
9 Swear Words
10 Animation
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