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1 All you do is treat your friends like crap

Espescially when Twilight was trying to teach you a friendship lesson because you are dumb and in need of knowledge, you were mean to her instead of being grateful. - TwilightKitsune

RD makes friends, has them for a few years and then treats them like a broken toy and throws them away

Detect the Brony Cancer

2 If you are meant to be loyal, why did you cheat in the race with Applejack?

This is just a joke! Rainbow dash never being loyal - Disneyworld

You changed the signs and slapped her with a stick! That's against the rules, in other words, CHEATING. - TwilightKitsune

AJ did it too, egghead.

3 Even when you learn your lesson you still act like a brat

In the mysterious mare do well, she was so rude to everyone. She doesn't deserve to be in the show. - TwilightKitsune

You have no right. But since you wanna play it that way, Twilight shouldn't be in the show either. She turned peso in front of the CMC. She is a total egghead! She is a control freak! She is clue less when it comes to athletics. She's slow. She lectures ponies. For hours on end. I mean respect and all, but if your gonna ditch on RD, don't think I won't bite back.

4 You are a ripoff of Buttercup and Sonic

Buttercup and Sonic are way better than you, Dash. They both can kill you. - TwilightKitsune

Buttercup is way better than Dash, dash is weak compared to buttercup. She makes buttercup look like Goku.

Don't even start. This is an MLP chat.

No she isn't.

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5 You have a terrible personality

You are bratty, selfish, egoistical, pompous, lazy and disloyal and selfish. You only care about winning and cannot accept defeat. - TwilightKitsune

6 Badmouthing people behind their backs is not loyalty

Loyalty means faithfulness. Its partly made of honesty. You badmouth many people and it is a crime. You are a shame to Ponyville and the show. - TwilightKitsune

This coming from the person who supports eggheads who almost tear Ponyvill apart because of ratty Smartypants dolls with stupid notebooks and quills. "So she can do her homework! " Not cool.

7 You are a pathetic role model

Who'd want to be a jerk like Rainbow Dash who just bullies and abuses her friends and lacks loyalty? Rainbow Dash, you are a hypocrite. - TwilightKitsune

So are you.

8 You can't accept loss

Accepting loss with dignity is the true strength of man. - TwilightKitsune

What did ya get that from, egghead daily?

9 I have to get back to eating my own diarrhea

Ew. Dude.

10 You deserve to die

Someone who badmouths their friends behind their backs, slaps a poor person in a race, makes Fluttershy cry, bullies everyone and only cares about herself definitely deserves to die. - TwilightKitsune

But in her defense Fluttershy made Rainbow Dash cry too

Hey, leave TwilightKitsune alone. It’s just her opinion on Rainbow Dash. In certain episodes of MLP Rainbow Dash did bad stuff to her friends and other people, Calm down.. - Swampert02


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? If I give you $5, will you quit being a dick?
? Can you fart on me for the year please?

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11 Your fans suck

They are always going caps lock on the lists and sending death threats. They always make every other character look bad by saying stuff like 'Fluttershy sucks' and 'Twilight doesn't deserve to be a princess' etc. They want us to die because of an opinion. If haters respect the opinions of Dash fans, why can't Dash fans do the same? Grow up. - TwilightKitsune

Haha. You eggheads are funny. You don't respect our opinions.

Yeah! Your fans looks similar like Danny Phantom fans who often send death treats, RD! You and Danny are same! - ChatNoirFan18

I respect your opinions. I just don't respect that u would want my favorite character to DIE! AND YOU ACT ALL INMOCENT! HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF I SAID THAT TWILIGHT SHOULD JUST KICK THE BUCKET?

12 I'm just a stupid bully

I' very enraged with this horse and her fans, Look how about If you Rainbow Dash fans...Shut up! We're not! Listen you b****y Rainbow Dash fan, You are the stupid bullies! We only wanted to share opinions. But you fans don't! Stop making us look bad! Stop bullying or I'll report you guys! (I don't normally swear. ONLY when I'm enraged and on writing teen fic stories) - MLPFan

13 Some of your fans are bullying us

They are, can they quit being rude for disliking a character? I want this to stop.

Well we would stop if you would stop bullying us

14 I'm so pathetic, hating on a cartoon character

Whoever added this is probably some stupid Dash fankid who needs to GTFO (looking at you, visitor fanboy -_-) - MLPFan

15 Just kidding, you're awesome


16 Breadwinners is the best show ever made!

That has nothing to do with this. Also, Breadwinners sucks.

I Like breadwinners!

So, did the list maker just run out of ideas, and put random things on here?

17 You have the intelligence of a brick


18 You're gay!

That's just stupid?

19 Buttercup is better than you

This is 100 percent true. She is better than dash.

You obviously are delirious.

20 I'm retarded, so my opinion doesn't matter

Point taken.

21 I have no life.

Hey, Rainbow has a life. But you need to get one if your wasting time wanting cartoon characters to kick the bucket.

I ture! You have life! Just quit wasting it hating on what we have to say because none asked your opinion.

22 I am going to poop on you

Yes! Go, Twily! Poop on her head! - Nova Star


23 Barney & Friends is The Best Show Ever Made

But, what does that have to do with this?

Rainbow dash added this

24 Go die of cancer!

Cancer is nothing to make fun of. Millions of people have died from it. Take it seriously.

25 Your fans act like immature 5 year olds

I would spank them to put them in their place. They should stop saying Haters are jealous and sending death threats. - TwilightKitsune

You are pretty jelly.

26 Go die

Ok that's harsh.

27 Stop tripping Fluttershy, Rainbow Crash!
28 Drink acid
29 Eat poop
30 Drink pee
31 God hates you
32 Stop Nagging
33 I like Breadwinners
34 I hate myself.

You all hate yourselves.

35 I Hate Your Show!
36 It's not all about you!

Enough said.

37 You make other characters look worse

I added this,is it okay? -ApplejackFan

38 I'm just a pathetic, snobby girl
39 I like Big Brother, Breadwinners, and Survivor
40 I'm doing a survey. What's your name, your number and are you free this Saturday?
41 Be nicer to your friends

Yes - Swampert02

42 Stop avoiding Pinkie Pie!
43 Sonic is better than you
44 Stop being so rude!
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1. All you do is treat your friends like crap
2. If you are meant to be loyal, why did you cheat in the race with Applejack?
3. Even when you learn your lesson you still act like a brat


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