Top 10 Things Rainbow Dash Would Say to Her Haters

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1 "My friends like me, so I couldn't care less what you think of me."

"You have friends? Last time I saw you called one an egghead, bullied one constantly, and acted like a jerk. They aren't your friends. They are your punching bags." That's what I would say back. - Ultron123

We love you, Dash.

They like you? Don't remember that.

Blow me, bitch tits.

2 "Can't hear you, too busy being awesome."

Dear Dash, you can be more awesome in trash can, it fits you.

3 "I've helped save the world multiple times. What've you done recently?"

The world? Only your pony world but not the real world.

Hm well I've saved the real world in video games a lot. You're just a dumb animated character who needs to lose her wings than get knocked off a cliff. Not harsh at allz

4 "Can't hear you. I'm deaf to stupidity."

Huh? What'd you say? I'm also deaf to stupidity.

5 "I farted on your pillow!"

This just goes to show the immaturity of Dash fans. - TwilightKitsune

6 "You're just jealous that I have more friends than you."

At least I have a real life that's not treating my friends like crap! Plus, who cares?! - MLPFan

Haha, I actually have more friends than you dash.

She's right. But my friends actually like me unlike her.

I can only be jealous of how stupid you are

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7 "I am going to kill your parents"

This is cruel, whoever said that should be sorry.

Rainbow Dash is rude, but she would never say or do this. - Ghostbunny

8 "Don't you have anything else better to do than talk about how much you hate me? I mean, I know there are a lot of moments in the show that aren't my best, but I at least learn from my mistakes."

Not true. You'll always be a brat and stupid. Most of your fanboys (except JPK, Neonco and Riverclan for I know now) are stupid and so are you - MLPFan

9 "I think someone's stealing your car."

I don't have one.

Yeah, like I'm buying thatšŸ˜‘ - MLPFan

10 "You don't even know what bullying is."

More like rainbow dash doesn't know what bullying is.

If this is to refer about her fans that are actually mean, apparently, we know what bullying is - MLPFan

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11 "Your parents don't love you."

Rainbow Dash is a fictional character. You must be a complete idiot to think that she would say this to people that are real.

Liar liar pants on fire - MLPFan

My parents love me. Deal with it. šŸ˜Ž - Ultron123

12 "I am jealous of Buttercup"

Whoever is calling me a fanbrat needs to be nicer, all I am doing is that I'm trying to prove how Buttercup is better than rainbow dash and you guys bullying me for just sharing my opinion, it is not like I am being mean to you guys, I just hate rainbow dash. You guys need to stop saying rude stuff to dash haters, then we will leave you alone if you stop responding to us calling us bad names, how would you like it if I called you a bad name? Do you guys want someone to commit suicide? If you don't then don't call people bad names, what you said was offensive. I know I do bring buttercup too much, but you don't have to be so rude about it. Plus I never called you bad names so be kinder.

She sure is, no wonder she is trying to act like buttercup. She is just jealous because buttercup is prettier and stronger than her.

Who is calling me buttercup fanbrat? Just proving how mean you are. I can be obsessed with her if I want.

13 "I hate you back!"

#worst insult ever. - Ultron123

Hey, Dash. Wanna know what I think about it? 3 words:

14 "You realize you're pretty much bullying me, you hypocrite"

You say that to your butt-hurt fans who bully people who doesn't like you and not respecting someone's opinion. - CorvetteroZR1

15 "Why are you wearing diapers?"

I'm not wearing diapers.

Heya, blind pegasus. - Ultron123

16 "Your face looks like a pizza."

I do not look like pizza, dash looks like pizza.

You look like an homosexual clown (I have nothing against homosexual people). - CorvetteroZR1


Are you evil or something.

You need help fast :v - MLPFan

18 "Your mother was really good in bed last night."

So Dash is a lesbian? - TwilightKitsune

She was sleeping, you idiot

She's not zoophilic ;V - CorvetteroZR1

19 "Go get me a drink, slave."

I'm not your slave, you horse! I'm not a horse's slave because I'm a real person who lives in a REAL world and you're not even real - MLPFan

Fine! :gets water and puts poison in it: :Rainbow drinks it and she dies: DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD

I am not your slave, and I will not bring you anything, you don't even deserve fame.

20 "Buttercup is my bitch"

You're just a cheap copy of her. - CorvetteroZR1

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