Top Ten Things That Should Be Banned from TheTopTens


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1 Bullying

I have seen visitors bullying and attacking other users because of an opinion. Unfortunately, you can't ban them because they don't have an account. - Userguy44

You can flag their comments though. - TheAwesomeDude54

I mean legitimate bullying,not the people who make sense but is overreacted about - Nateawesomeness

Not Allowing Any Law Abiding Legal American to Carry A Concealed Hand Gun is Way Stupid!... This is the Best Protection You Can Have for You and Your Loved Ones!...You Don't Need to Wait for Help... You Have an instant Chance to Keep on Living if the Worst Should Happen... Screw the Democrats on this Topic!... Join the NRA... I Am an NRA Proud Democrat... Be Wise Be Real. 🦊🥂🎱Be ALIVE. VOTE

2 Sexism

I honestly think this is more of a problem this is targeting women and they have more pain than men do they get all the freedom

Both genders are Equal,and don't say I didn't warn you,but if you make a sexist list,expect to be quickscoped - Nateawesomeness

3 Racism
4 Porn

Porn is ugh! - Userguy44

Their is a specific pornographic blog series in this website,so yes their is porn here that should be removed - Nateawesomeness

5 Lists saying to hate a religion

The saints are professional noscopers I'm warning you,but besides that just don't be a religious nutjob - Nateawesomeness

6 Trolling
7 Hacking

It causes some people to retire - Nateawesomeness

8 Opinions bashing fangirls/boys

The most close-minded people in existence. - Userguy44

Fans don't define anything. It's what that particular thing is all about. - SwagFlicks

Yup,I'm talking about frozen fans - Nateawesomeness

9 Users who should date the user (insert user) lists

Ok I highly regret putting this - Nateawesomeness

10 Spamming all caps

YES - MrCoolC

They already ban it on twitch, - Nateawesomeness


*cough* *cough* Caps locks girl,ummm,pharmacy,I just coughed,so can you get me some medicine,NO I'm NOT TALKING ABOUT STEROIDS,JUST GIVE ME AN AUNTUNIVE OR SOMETHING - Nateawesomeness


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11 Idiots
12 Swearing

You shouldn't swear in ever sentence, but people shouldn't overreact to swearing. Even though it's banned, it should be allowed. - Userguy44

Already banned last time I checked. - OnlyInDreams

This shouldn't of been added - Nateawesomeness

Hasn't this been banned already? - Skullkid755

13 Rainbow Dash Haters

They hate her? I hate them worse

14 Autism Haters
15 Barney & Friends Fans

Yes. Barney sucks. - Userguy44

16 Selfish people
17 Anti-Christians
18 Bronies Bronies

Nope! - KalloFox34

19 Anime

No. Just no.
Anime is the best form of art it's beautiful, just admit it. Also, just because you don't like anime doesn't mean you should ban it for everyone else. If you don't like anime, fair enough, just don't watch it. You can't ban it and ruin the lives of me and millions of other anime fans.

It sucks, and everyone knows it.

20 Disney Haters
21 Fetishes
22 Memes

I think there's nothing wrong with memes on this site. Sure, some memes might get annoying but that's to be expected. - OnlyInDreams

Nobody wants to hear that you like shrek movies.

23 Brain Fetish
24 Haters

You will always have haters. Because of different interestings and opinions. - Userguy44

I agree if you mean the irrational haters, but if it’s just someone who doesn’t like the same things you like and gives a million reasons they don’t like it, you’re gonna have to grow up or get off the internet because that’s not going to happen as this site is about sharing your opinions and that’s what the so called “haters” are doing. - 3DG20

25 The Administration
26 Justin Bieber Fans

I haven't seen many of them on here though. There are more Justin Bieber haters than Beliebers. - Userguy44

27 Letter lists
28 Pocoyo
29 Spacetoon
30 Adding Justin Bieber on Every List

Yes - Userguy44

31 Rule 34 Artists Rule 34 Artists
32 Nazis Nazis
33 Xenophobes
34 Closed-Minded People

Hate those people. They can't respect opinions and think they are always right. - Userguy44

35 Anti Furries Anti Furries
36 Drag Queens
37 Momo Momo

Who even is Momo? - Userguy44

38 JoJo Siwa haters
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