Top 10 Things Trump Supporters Don't Want to Acknowledge or Believe

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1 White people also commit tons of crime in America (They will change the subject to Black on Black crimes or mental health)

Oh yeah I agree they can commit tons of crimes. Just take Bill and Hillary Clinton for example - Randomator

Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, Green River Killer, Son of Sam, Albert Fish, Timothy McVeigh, & etc. - RichHomelessGreedyMan

Yes they do. - iliekpiez

Wow, big surprise, this wasn’t totally obvious at all. Who is saying these things? You’re just throwing out blanket statements without actually backing them up. Bill and Hillary Clinton are both white, they’ve committed plenty of crimes, and Trump supporters HATE those two. So what is the argument here? - DCfnaf

2 Many "White" people were immigrants from Europe (They want to believe they were always from this country)

Weird how you brought "race" into the illegal immigration argument. Trump is only against "Illegal Immigration", legal immigration is always possible no matter what race you belong to & what country you are from. - Joeljohns249

Exactly.Now can't wait for the trump supporters to get butthurt like the SJW's they claim to be against. - DarkBoi-X

What DCfnaf said. Immigration isn’t an issue it’s coming here ILLEGALLY that’s the issue. The Only reason the Left wants the illegals to come is so they get more votes to stay in power. - Randomator

Whoever said they weren’t? The problem isn’t immigration itself, the problem is that people are coming into the country without proper registration, which is against the law and we shouldn’t allow these people to increase our population total and decrease the number of job openings when they technically aren’t American citizens. - DCfnaf

3 Illegal immigrants aren't only Mexican or people of color (They don't acknowledge the fact that Canadians can be illegal immigrants too, as well as people from Europe and Australia)

But mexico does the most... looking' at you Speedy Gonzales. - Maddox121

Yes, but most of them are Mexicans. Also neither Canadian immigrants nor European or Australian immigrants are the ones that are now prosecuted for drug trafficking. - Joeljohns249

But most of them are Mexicans. - 2storm

We literally get little to no immigrants from Europe. The European refugees end up in other European countries, not usually the U.S.

Illegal Immigrant Percents in U.S.

Mexicans: 95%
Middle East: 3%
Europe: 2%
Australian: 0% (seriously? Australia? ) - PackFan2005

4 There are other "gods" in the world (They think that their "god" is the only one that is real, even though there are thousands of gods in history. Heck, their "god" might just be fake)

So you assumed all Trump supporters are Christians? - B1ueNew

Most of them seem to worship Trump as their god. - DarkBoi-X

This is more of a religious topic rather than something about Trump or Republicans. Besides, who said all Trump supporters are Christian? - nintendofan126

Oh! So you just assumed that all Trump supporters are Christians. Bigotry seems to cross all borders these days - Joeljohns249

5 The country was largely built by Black and Asians (They won't like the fact that Chinese people helped build the railroads that connects the country)
6 They don't want to blame themselves for their failures (they think that things should be given to them, instead of working for it)

In my opinion both Republicans and Democrats are parasites and should seriously die. - DarkBoi-X

Um I think it is the other way around. Liberals think they are the entitled ones. - 2storm

Hypocritical item. I can say the same about liberals as well. - Joeljohns249

Really think about what you’re saying here, and then decide which side of the political spectrum this truly falls under.

"Officers! If nobody invited him here, can we ask him to leave this campus!? " - DCfnaf

7 Obama is only half Black (Trump supporters forget that he is half White, they only focus on the "Black" part of him)

And skin colour matters to be being a good presidents with no knowing of the actual good stuff he did do? - iliekpiez

I have never looked at Obama as being a skin color. I believe he is a good man, but a bad president. - 2storm

Oh... I didn't know that race is the factor that determines one being a good president. - Joeljohns249

Why the hell do you care about Obama's race/ethnicity?

8 Some minorities like Trump also (They want to feel that only White people can like Trump)

What the bloody hell are you talking about? If anything, liberals have insinuated that black Trump supporters are too dumb to research their own candidate, which is completely racist and not true in the slightest. - DCfnaf

Actually it’s mostly Democrats that believe all Trump supporters are white. I’ve seen plenty of non-white people that support Trump. - nintendofan126

9 They won't get that "high paying job" even if there was no "minority to steal it" from them (they will probably not even qualify for it in the first place)

And your evidence of this is...? - DCfnaf

10 Americans won wars with the help of the Puerto Ricans

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11 Obama is the one who first proposed a complete border wall, not Trump

Incorrect. Tons of presidents have proposed it. Trump is just pressing it harder. - 2storm

12 Jesus was probably tan, not White (They think Jesus was White and often draw him being White, but he is from the Middle East so he is probably tan or brown)

This has nothing to do with politics whatsoever. Many people think Jesus is white, not just conservatives. Liberals also. Man, this list is stupid. - PackFan2005

13 He doesn't care about the poor farmers who voted for him (He only plans to help the rich and wealthy)
14 He supports Islamic Republic of Iran government
15 Mexico will never pay for a border wall
16 The unemployment rate and wages are on the same trajectory as they were under Obama (the economic trends haven't changed)
17 He is living off of Obama's success that Obama started when he was in office
18 Having their money confiscated is for their own good
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