Top Ten Things That Would Happen In a TheTopTens Movie

The top tens: the movie...

Should we make it? It would be great for the show!

The Top Ten

1 Tina and Martin Go On a Date

2 of the most popular users... And they are dating in real life (I think based on comments) so I was thinking beach or picnic or restaraunt. It would be pretty cool. - ToptenPizza

2 Starts a War With TheTopTens

A total copy of TheTopTens tries to gain power, starting the first war of the internet. - ToptenPizza

3 The Admins All Get Overthrown, Starting an Anarchy

Every few weeks some new random user takes over, to be overthrown, until one very evil tyrant takes over, and all the users must unite to stop him - ToptenPizza

4 Puga Gets Into a Fight With Whoever Posts All This Puga Abuse Stuff

Puga will win of course, but it will have really close calls and awesome music and slow mode with knifes and swords and dragons - ToptenPizza

5 Justin Bieber Performs at a Concert, Then Gets Attacked by All the Users

I'm pretty sure there will be no shortage of volunteers to help throw tomatoes at Justin. - ToptenPizza

6 A Band Is Started

Not sure who would be in it, but this would create a musical! Rock band? Boy band? Emo band? Punk? Alternative? - ToptenPizza

7 Total Drama TheTopTens

24 of the most loved TheTopTens users compete. Of course their needs to be at least one hated jerk who will win invincibility all the time and start drama. - ToptenPizza

8 Toptenpizza Creates a City

I made this list so I should have some scenes... And I have a good idea for a city, mevill, giant scyscrapers, and monuments, and I will turn it into an empire and try to conquer other cities! - ToptenPizza

9 Turkeyasylum Turns Into a Knight and Slays Nicki Minaj (Who is a Dragon in the Movie)

I would love to do that! By the way, is it supposed to reference Shrek? If so, my skin is far from ogre green. - Turkeyasylum

This is hilarious. And I don't mind Nicki minaj the dragon being slayed. - ToptenPizza

10 Turkeyasylum, Keycha1n, and Jaystoptens Enter the Labyrinth

Will they make it? Will they loose their minds? - ToptenPizza

The Contenders

11 The Visitors Try to Hack All the Accounts


12 Gemcloben Starts a Heavy Metal Band

I shall be his biggest supporter of course. - RiverClanRocks

13 BlueDiamondFromNowhere Slaps Chris Brown in the Face
14 Catacorn and RiverClanRocks start a band
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