Top Ten Things You Don't Want Your Parents to Catch You Doing

So you are minding your business home alone when surprise! One or both of your parents came home early! Here's the stuff they don't want you to see you ever doing.

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1 Masturbating

Lol so true, if parents caught you jerking your fly... then wouldn't be so happy about it. I mean there's been a few times I was almost got caught doing this. My advice whatever room you're doing it make sure it's locked and that the volume's muted. All I have to say about that. - BoredJeff02

I KNEW this would be at #1 before I even clicked on the list. - RockFashionista

I knew this would be on here. - nintendofan126

Lmao so true - ethanwakeman

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2 Breaking their stuff

It's one thing to mess with their stuff without permission. It's another to break something they own. - NuMetalManiak

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3 Burning down the house

Easily, because they could even see it before they even notice! - EpicJake

My parents enjoy the Talking Heads' music.

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4 Getting into their stuff

I'm nosy, so when I'm worried about my parents, I go through their stuff to see what's going on. If my mom caught me, she'd just get mad. If my dad caught me, he'd kill me. That's why I do it when they're not home. - Elric-san

5 Eating all of the food

My parents already catch me doing this - LizardKing99

I have a fear that somebody's going to walk in on me eating something and be like "WHY are you eating all the food? " - junior1337

My pet peeve lol-strange spider

Yep lol - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

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6 Committing suicide

What? Then they could stop you because everyone knows nothing's worth killing yourself over. - keycha1n

I nearly committed suicide 3 times and my mom nearly put me in a shelter. - PrincessKiana

Wow. They could stop you any moment now! - Neonco31


7 Watching porn

I don't necessarily watch porn but I do watch the stuff that I don't want my parents know I'm watching

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8 Breaking your own stuff

They'll rat on you regardless of whose stuff gets broken. - NuMetalManiak

9 Having sex

Why is this not on top?!

What a disturbing thing to find. - Powerfulgirl10

What the heck? - junior1337

What the? - Chromium

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10 Wasting electricity

I opened all of the lights and machines in my house. And 10 MINUTES LATER... *power goes out*. - nko32

The Contenders

11 Making a mess in the house
12 Smoking weed

Unless you have parents that do drugs every day (and are subsequently awful at parenting, for the record), no parent ever wants to catch a kid doing drugs. You learn this kind of stuff is school yet some kids you might know decide to do it. Heck, I see lots of smokers on campus daily.

On the other hand, there is that whole legalization business for marijuana, so I'm not exactly sure what the future will hold for the pot smokers. - NuMetalManiak

This should be at the number #420 - WhatAreWeHaving4Lulz

Smoke weed every day BI-~ - GrapeJuiceK

13 Singing V 1 Comment
14 Talking to yourself

I pretend I can talk to my favorite characters and my mom doesn't mind. - PrincessKiana

I like to commentate when playing games. - M4j0r45

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15 Listening to inappropriate music

I hope my parents don't find out about the lyrics to Kurumi Ponchio, because I have that song on my mp3 player - mayamanga

16 Being on TheTopTens

I am always very careful because they will get angry if they find out about this site

I would probably run out of the house and never return. - Catlover2004

17 Wasting water
18 Watching South Park

I really want to watch this show, but Mom doesn't let me. I even got to the point where one of the items on my christmas list was for mom to let me watch South Park. - Blaze

Ah man, I remember the day she caught me. Let me just say, it wasn't pleasant. Now we make jokes about the whole thing. - NikBrusk

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19 Watching a parody on YouTube

Luckily for me, My mom doesn't care what I watch. - PrincessKiana

20 Stealing their stuff
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1. Having sex
2. Smoking weed
3. Masturbating
1. Masturbating
2. Watching porn
3. Having sex
1. Masturbating
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