Top Ten Things You Don't Want Your Parents to Catch You Doing

So you are minding your business home alone when surprise! One or both of your parents came home early! Here's the stuff they don't want you to see you ever doing.
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1 Masturbating

My dad caught me masturbating twice. The first time he walked in on me and it was kinda awkward but we didn't talk about it afterward, I guess he just accepted it because he knew it was normal and I'm sure he does it or he at least used to do it when he was younger. The second time he caught me I had my door open, which was stupid of me and he saw me masturbating. He had a chat with me about it but all he mainly said was its fine if I want to do it, he doesn't mind me doing it but I just need to close my door because he doesn't want my sisters or mum to have to see me masturbating. But mostly he was pretty chill, I guess cause he knew every guy does it, it is normal and he most likely does it or did it when he was my age. (to be honest, he probably just has sex every night now with my Mum! ) - That would feel better and you'd get better orgasms anyway!

Lol so true, if parents caught you jerking your fly... then wouldn't be so happy about it. I mean there's been a few times I was almost got caught doing this. My advice whatever room you're doing it make sure it's locked and that the volume's muted. All I have to say about that.

Imagine being quiet for so long, but suddenly your dark secrets have been discovered then the explaining gets too complicated.

I KNEW this would be at #1 before I even clicked on the list.

2 Breaking their stuff

I accidentally broke my mom's heater while carrying it down the stairs. She told me to take it down from her room and I accidentally tipped it over and broke the dials as I was picking it up. She forgave me afterwards.

It's one thing to mess with their stuff without permission. It's another to break something they own.

This something that someone would do if they hate their parents really badly.-LitSavage

Oh you broke insert high tech gadget that was overly expensive.

3 Having sex

Masturbating, they do not get angry. Sex, they go mad and ban you from the person you ar doing it with forever

Sex and Masturbate are basically similar aspects both found in the top 10 I wonder.

I really don't care to be honest, I'd be more annoyed than awkward to be honest

What the heck is wrong with you people!

4 Burning down the house

By having the stove kitchen run a good portion, and KABOOM! There goes the home owners insurance.

Easily, because they could even see it before they even notice!

Why would you be doing that in the first place?

My parents enjoy the Talking Heads' music.

5 Eating all of the food

I have a fear that somebody's going to walk in on me eating something and be like "WHY are you eating all the food? "

One time, my mom caught me rummaging for snacks in the cabinet and she yelled at me

I do this whether they see me or not, I don't care if it pisses em off

Typical, but no harm no foul just make up for it next time around.

6 Getting into their stuff

I'm nosy, so when I'm worried about my parents, I go through their stuff to see what's going on. If my mom caught me, she'd just get mad. If my dad caught me, he'd kill me. That's why I do it when they're not home.

I have and found a case of porn dvd's

This happened to me today

By starring at there personal fiance... that would be considered somewhat creepy intentions.

7 Smoking weed

Unless you have parents that do drugs every day (and are subsequently awful at parenting, for the record), no parent ever wants to catch a kid doing drugs. You learn this kind of stuff is school yet some kids you might know decide to do it. Heck, I see lots of smokers on campus daily.

On the other hand, there is that whole legalization business for marijuana, so I'm not exactly sure what the future will hold for the pot smokers.

Duh! Off course parents would not let their own daughters and sons smoke weed. But it's also their own choice.

Just do it outside and mask the smell with mint gum.
I've never actually done it though lol.

My mom wouldn't care but my dad would beat the hell out of me probably

8 Watching porn

Not a porno movie but it is an adult movie. I watched "Showgirls", a 1995 movie about topless showgirls in Vegas. I knew that my mom didn't approve of this so I decided to turn it on and watch when she's out of the room. She walked in later and caught me watching it and then soon she told me that it's too inappropriate for it and that I shouldn't be watching those types of movies.

by the way I am 26.

Don't really give a damn, I don't watch porn anymore anyway

Don't watch it, don't have any interest in doing so.

I never watch this kind of stuff, and never will.

9 Committing suicide

I want the parents to walk in while the child is commiting suicide to try to prevent it from happening.

Depends if you are willing to give up you're life at the point of hopelessness.

That would be very stressful and awkward

Definitely one of the worst things to do.

10 Wasting electricity

It's cloudy/raining outside during the day, I turn the lights on to see/read better and my mom is like "you're wasting electricity! Turn it of! "

My youngest brother does this all the time, yet my parents don't seem to care at all.

By having it on in the middle of the night I've down way too many times.

My parents busted me turning the lights on many, MANY times...

The Contenders
11 Breaking your own stuff

Yeah overheat, and not be up to date, by cleaning your files, and then buy a new computer that sucks.

They'll rat on you regardless of whose stuff gets broken.

I got in trouble for dropping my phone many times

12 Making a mess in the house

Not going to make the same mistake my brother ended up pulling.

When I was 7 I got in trouble for puking on the carpet and when was like 11 or 12 I got in trouble for puking on the bathroom floor instead of the trash can (I was sick and I couldn’t make it to the trash in time)

my parents are kinda chill its ok

13 Getting naked

I started getting private when I'm nude at almost age 8. It would get embarrassing if it happens today. Even if I would be an adult. - Connor4808

Sometimes I get changed in my room, and it annoyed me to death every time my parents came in without knocking.

My mom caught me naked, but that was ‘cause I was changing and I forgot to lock the door. Lmao
Good thing it was just my mom, not my dad or my brother. That would've been worse.

I enjoy being naked but I'd rather they didn't see

14 Singing

Yeah, I don't like it when my parents hear me sing. I don't sound perfect. not even for rock and hip-hop/rap. Some people say that you would sound like an adult at age 17. I am middle-school aged and when I was 10, I was quietly singing a part of Bohemian Rhapsody and my dad recording it. I was embarrassed and I am glad he didn't show it to anyone. And I don't want anyone but my Dad to see videos of me crying for crazy, little to no reasons at mostly age 2 to 5. Hey at least I wouldn't do the stuff at the top 11 because I'm in middle school. - Connor4808

My dad videotaped me singing to a song from some kid show when I was little when I wasn't looking. I felt super embarrassed when he told me. Thank goodness he didn't show it to anyone...

I am usually uncomfortable about singing in front of others although my teacher said that I have a good singing voice.

It's especially worse when you are metal screaming or growling.

15 Doing drugs

My cousin once brought cough syrup and made lean, my aunt caught him and beat the crap out of him.

Stay away from lean, kids.

Decided against doing hard drugs but I love me some dab

Kids simply do not take drugs in any circumstance.

My parents caught me. I'm surpised this isn't on the top of the list. they were super pissed!

16 Seducing inappropriate partners

Happened to me, I was sitting next to my girlfriend once and my cousin gave me a funny look. After my aunt left, my cousin took me for a walk and explained that my girlfriend is a hoe. I always end up dating hoes for some reason.

Better get some protecting otherwise this will come back to haunt you down the path, and before you know you could be on the Maury show lol.

They talk about getting a boyfriend or girlfriend but get skeptical when u actually do

why would somone do that

17 Watching GoAnimate Grounded Videos

I would not want my parents to know that I'm watching a GoAnimate Grounded Video

I have to watch them with headphones/earbuds and out of my parents' sights

My parents don’t let me watch GoAnimate

My parents hate it when I watch these because they are “offensive to children.” That’s why I tend to watch them in private

18 Being on TheTopTens

It's not a bad site but there could be weird or inappropriate lists on the web. Lucky I haven't been caught on TheTopTens at all. - Connor4808

I try to distance any glimpse of them knowing what this site is about. Granted all these countdown related, but there are various other things you can do as well.

This is the ultimate website for me to get away from all my problems, if my parents knew what I posted I would get my butt kicked, even though most of my comic comments always end in trouble for me...they would still get very angry...thank god mom doesn't know how to search history,


Well, there goes my butt...

I just don't like when my parents look at my screen in general, even if it's just something normal like Amazon or YouTube.

19 Talking to yourself

I commentate when playing games but don't like it when people hear me. My mum says my lips randomly move and that's just me talking to the voices in my head, which I believe that for some reason some are real people across the world. I'm weird and offbeat, end of story.

When I was little, my parents would tell me to stop because they think it's weird. I didn't stop, and now I still talk to myself.

My parents think that only people with mental problems do this

I got caught doing this once. My mom gave me a weird look.

20 Listening to inappropriate music

I'm fine if it's Rap but not 6ix9ine because he says the n word a lot and he is white. Good thing I listen to the app, "YouTube Music" at Dad's Car and the Radio at Mom's. - Connor4808

My overprotective mom won't let me listen to "inappropriate" music but allows my YOUNGER cousins to listen to songs with expletive language in them...

My parents blocked songs with explicit content on my iPod and she blocked my 6 favorite songs so I listen to them on Spotify and YouTube every day!

Not a problem. Most of the music I listen to barely has any swears but when it does, it's usually only an f bomb or two.

21 Suicide

How is masturbating and not suicide worse to catch your child doing. I would rather see my son or daughter masturbate the hang or stab themselves.

22 Staying up past your bedtime

It sometimes happens to me. I can't sleep in Christmas Eve and Vacation Trips because Xmas was my favorite holiday. I don't really care about the presents. and Yesterday at 1:30, My youngest Cousin, Jacob was here so I had to play with him. and Go to my uncle's house for swimming. And we went back at 11:00 >:( because I haven't finished my Canvas yet! So I looked on my phone. - Connor4808

I stayed up twelve minutes past my bedtime, and my dad forced me to stay up until 4 a.m. cleaning! Then, I can't take any naps, even though I'm so sleepy! Like, who does this to their children?

Sometimes, my mom catches me on my phone in the middle of the night and she grounds me

Ha, imagine my mom walking in on me on my phone at 4am, I'd be grounded for so long.

23 Wasting water

Imagine running the sink for a couple of hours... then a week later the water bill is up high gee I wonder what acts you pulled this time.

My parents complain that I shower long, yet my mom and sister showers last EVEN LONGER!

24 Eating Dessert

I eat so much sweets yet I’m skinny. Lmao logic.

My mom is paranoid about me getting diabetes so when I enjoy the occasional dessert during parties that she’s not attending I have to tell her in a way that won’t cause her to overreact like crazy

25 Watching a parody on YouTube

My mum always asks "what do you watch on youtube" in that voice as if she knew exactly what videos you saw. Why the heck would my mum be interested in a youtube channel about pokemon cards and cutting up Elemental Monkeys and Hawluchas

My mom called me "racist" because I was watching Asian parody videos (eg. "Vietnam is My City by Aznromeo" and "Things Asian Parents Do"). I am Asian, by the way.

But Bart Baker's parody of Anaconda is educational, Mom!

She'd kill me if she knew I were watching Bart Baker.

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