Top 10 Things YouTube Should Do in 2018

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1 Ban Logan Paul

Nah, he'll fade into irrelevancy soon enough, just like his brother. It's already happening as we speak. - Swellow

Both Logan and Jake should be banned. - TheFourthWorld

Logan and Jake Are Spoiled Brats!

2 Ban Jake Paul

yes please - 23windomt

3 Remove Pornographic Videos by YouTubers that Claim to Be 'Child-Friendly'

Ban all of the people who puts shrek on their videos.

AKA the Elsagate. - Entranced98

YEs - EliHbk

4 Remove Racist Videos by YouTubers that Claim to Be 'Child-Friendly'

No more racism, it’s not even funny. Racist jokes like “You are so black for eating KFC” or “You are a white girl for drinking Starbucks” is not funny at all(I actually do not mean these comments, these are just racial stereotypes I always see). None of these are funny.

5 Ban DaddyOFive

He has some serious problems. Like seriously, this guy's a mental nutcase to the max!

Done - 445956

6 Remove 2 girls 1 cup from the internet forever

It faded, it's not that popular anymore, so it's basically gone.

2g1c is the most disgusting video I have ever watched in my whole entire life. don't LOOK IT UP, YOU WILL BE SCARRED FOR EVER. It should be banned... - Swampert02

That’s nasty, it should actually be permanently banned.

7 Ban Matpat

Nah... There are much worse YouTubers out there.

This arrogant idiot should be banned! He is manipulative, encouraged his fans to attack Ellen Degeneres, plagiarized the Rosalina unmasked theory, and doesn’t even make good content! It’s obvious that he cherry picks evidence and if you don’t believe me just watch Mario is mental.

8 Make Offline Videos Storage Bigger
9 Remove Ads

We would all love this, but technically without ads, we would have no youtube - YOSHIA2121

Just use youtube red! - lionsforlife

YouTube > OurTube

I think there's just PROBLEMS with the ads. They don't exactly need to be removed, they need to just be skippable.

Nevercake makes good ads on League Of Legends, but then you get the ones that you just... question. - mattstat716

10 Make Reaction Videos Illegal

What? I love reaction videos, as long as its not a reaction to something dumb. They are funny.

Why? I like reaction videos.

Sure, some of these are inane and cringeworthy, but banning all of them is definitely too far. They're a fun and harmless way to share laughs and banter so long as they're not making fun of sensitive issues. - Entranced98

You mean "reduce the number of reaction videos". Annoying as it is, it isn't a crime. - Swellow

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11 Ban Music video ads

There's clearly no need for music videos to be advertised on youtube!

12 Ban Michael Bruja and prevent him from coming back.

If anyone wants to know who this guy is, he's someone who is extremely prejudice towards tons of races and religions including(but not limited to) Jews, Asians, Hispanics, African Americans and is homosexual. On top of that, he is homophobic and used the "n" word many times and believes slavery shouldn't have been abolished. It also gets worse than that. He made fun of an incident where 2 kids put a cat in a washer. He also claims to beat his wife and claims women are inferior and claims to be a teacher who paid his students to beat up a Hispanic student, which would get him arrested and prohibited from having another job with children. He's also glad that child molestation happens and believes fathers should use it as punishment, even for the smallest mistake. He even thinks events like 9/11. the holocaust, the list goes on, aren't big deal. Recently, he also posted on a video showing the news of the death of a child whose parents deprived him of water that the child died because he ...more

13 Ban Vine users

Nah I like my boi Josh Kennedy - EliHbk

14 Remove the 'Videos for Children' that are extremely weird, creepy and generally screwed up

The Elsa gets pregnant videos, those are trash.

15 Ban Clickbait Videos
16 Ban Jacksfilms

What's so bad about about him? - SpectralOwl

This is just stupid. Jackfilms is funny and the most underrated youtuber. His content is pretty decent. He doesn't deserved to get banned.

17 Stop demonetizing all of Onision's videos

Last time I saw he had about 63 pages of demonetized videos, that's a LOT - EliHbk

18 Allow people not signed in to comment

I don't know really, but MAYBE - EliHbk

19 Be more careful with demonetization
20 Keep 5 second skipping on ads

If I get a 30 second to a minute ad that can't be skipped, I'm refreshing the page and getting pissed at youtube. - mattstat716

I have had FIVE minute long ads you can't SKIP... on like a 4 minute video -_- - EliHbk

21 Bring back Scare Pewdiepie Season 2


22 Ban Supermariologan

This needs to happen in 2019.

23 Punish Corporations That Unfairly Demonetize Videos

Jeremy Jahns doesn't even use video clips in his reviews and yet Universal Studios (ZEFR) keeps demonetizing the videos he makes. He's not the only one either. Pewdiepie, Chris Stuckmann and even smaller channels like Tyler Calvert who haven't even hit one thousand subs yet. Anyone who talks about their movies gets punished. The only way they're going to stop is when they actually get in trouble for it. - RoseRedFlower

24 Remove the I fink U freeky music video
25 Ban SofloAntonio
26 Ban iHasCupquake
27 Ban RiceGum
28 Ban Tana Mongeau
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