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1 Ichigo Kurosaki Ichigo Kurosaki Ichigo Kurosaki is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

He is the most strongest by far. He has hollow powers, soul reaper powers, shikai and bankai. BEAT THAT!
ICHIGO for the win!

I love him because he's caring not always emotional loyal sweet and never gives up. I don't understand why he's number two... He should be number 1

I just love all about Him... ^_^ He's the coolest guy for me... He's the BEST of the best in bleach... I love the tandem of Him with Rukia Kuchiki who's also the coolest girl in town.. Woohoo

Best Bleach character - ElSherlock

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2 Rukia Kuchiki Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia is different than most heroes in shonen, she's tough, strong, not whiny, and not a damsel in distress who cries for the hero. She cares about her friends and is very selfless, she'd rather die then have her friends hurt. She blames herself for many things, (Ex. Kaien's death) Her personality is amazing, she can be mature, smart, and serious or funny, teasing, and immature in a way. She's my favorite anime character (along with toshiro)

I love how she wants to be tough in front of everyone even when her power is not at its highest. She is admirable and strong-willed. She doesn't need giant assets to get what she wants. She, in my opinion, a very underrated.
She deserves more credit. She did help Ichigo become what he is now after-all.

funny she also strong HEART. she stop the RAIN

My baby! I hate how Kubo demolished her character and her importance. She struck a chord in me. I looked up to her for so many reasons. She had a serious and wise side, but she also had her cute and gentle side. Role model to follow. I swear every time she came on screen/panel I squirmed a little because of how intense her presence was. I didn't like her just because she was the protagonist, no. There have been multiple times when a character is supposed to be liked but the chemistry isn't there. I LOVED Rukia. Correction, I LOVE Rukia. Her determination and dedication was always such a pleasure to experience. I only wish she was more present towards the later parts of the manga, but sadly Kubo tried to place someone else in her role, BUT he failed because Rukia Kuchiki is that unbelievably precious. I adore her and her will. She will probably forever be my favorite woman in a manga!

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3 Toshiro Hitsugaya Toshiro Hitsugaya Toshiro Hitsugaya is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

There's this aura around him that makes him unique than the other characters.. Not mentioning he's the youngest Captain there is..
And also I love cool characters and he's on the list

I already knew he was going to be in top 3

He's too powerful, especially with the Hyoten Hyakkaso.

Cool character - ElSherlock

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4 Byakuya Kuchiki Byakuya Kuchiki

Byakuya (The Noblest Of the Captains) is the best character as he is apathetic towards other and his pride is something none other captain could attain. He is selfless with unparalleled strength that never goes down even if he has to fight while he is injured.

This guy is legend

He's very cool
He is the strongest and cannot be defeated
He can solve problem in the cool way
That's why I respected him

yeah, byakuya is pro, better than any other character since he just is!

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5 Gin Ichimaru Gin Ichimaru Gin Ichimaru is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

Most dedicated friend/lover who takes action despite other people's reactions. Gin is just awesome! And his eyes are so beautiful!

A character that has depth... a character you can feel from the bottom of your heart. and someone you can miss from the bottom of your heart when he dies. the end makes him so much incredible...

Just a sentence to describe him
*itachi of bleach*
I didn't cried for anyone's death in bleach but I cried for ichimaru gin

Bye Bye - JustJake27

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6 Kisuke Urahara

He's always shady and mysterious. He's smart, strong, funny, and knows about almost everything.

He is...urahara

Master troll of the show - TheDarkOne_221b

Amazing headband of justice in place! Amazing armour of justice protect me now!

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7 Kenpachi Zaraki Kenpachi Zaraki Kenpachi Zaraki is a fictional character and an antihero in the anime and manga series Bleach created by Tite Kubo.

you can cut him in half and he will keep laughing

If the battle against Tōsen doesn't make you understand he's the ultimate badass, I don't know what would make you understand.

Kenpachi is a beast he beat Ichigo in the soul society trying to save Rukia and his bankai is crazy strong he should be #1 everyone vote for him

He is cool, very powerful and at the current Arc or final arc bet Unohana which is stronger than or equal to yamamoto so it seems that he's one of the strongest or else the strongest character in Bleach!

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8 Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

The most badass Arrancar. And despite Ichigo being infinitely times stronger than he previously was the last time they fought, Grimmjow's strength is still a threat to him. Also Kenpachi wanted to fight him, AND WE ALL KNOW HOW STRONG HE IS.

Grimmjow is the freakin best and the only to defeat ichigo more than once, also he has the bad ass attitude that every one loves. Finally Grimmjow has the awesome blue hair and thats why he's the best

Get the king higher than Ulquiorra. Grimmjow is badass - TheDarkOne_221b

Grimmjow is the most awesome character in Bleach! I mean - LOOK at him! That's kick-ass eye candy right there! Grimmjow radiates smex 24/7!

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9 Ulquiorra Schiffer

He is cold and very rational he might be the strongest character in Bleach but ofc the anime has to make ichigo the best and with this Ulquiorra died :((

I just like how he is always emotionless... Which is in fact one of my favorite types of personalities. His death was also one of the most moving scenes in manga/anime history (in my opinion). I love death scenes that are emotional.

He is the best if he didn't care about aizen so much he could be number one/


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10 Sōsuke Aizen Sōsuke Aizen

I think he is the one of the best villians I ever seen, and the way he takes the situation and ever stay calm, he deserves more...

Everthing is on aizen plan

God - JustJake27

So chilled yet so powerful and evil, awesome guy

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11 Renji Abarai Renji Abarai Renji Abarai is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

He needs to be #1

Roar Zabimaru!

I Don't know why people are so quick to hate renji.
good character - JustJake27

Renji is such an amazing character, caring and he would do anything for Rukia, even though he doesn't admit it that much. During the Renji vs Ichigo fight, when Ichigo cut Renji's rubber band, that kept his hair, I cried like a little baby. Renji screaming and begging Ichigo to protect and save Rukia. He's a lovely character and I can't understand why he's no in the top ten.

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12 Yoruichi Shihoin Yoruichi Shihoin Yoruichi Shihoin is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

Her and Kisuke are literally the most hype thing my brain has ever tried to comprehend

She needs a place in the top ten... She is YORUICHI for gods sake.

I jack off to her

Best female character in bleach because of funny and great personality. She is thoughtful, badass, awesome and beautiful. She is in general my third favorite bleach character...

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13 Shunsui Kyoraku Shunsui Kyoraku Shunsui Kyoraku is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

I reallly like his abilities, takaoni, kageoni. He's always funny (and drunk), and loves the girls

He's too funny! Always with a smile, and always drunk!

He is very powerful, cool, and his sense of justice was very good, and he is also very funny.

He was made the next head of the soul reapers after yamamoto

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14 Shinji Hirako

He's very strong in a way and he is very playful.He is also very powerful.I will definitely vote for him.

The best character

Brought some mystery back to Bleach. To this day his enigmatic smile and design that reflects an Egyptian pharaoh makes you hope he'll still have something important to do yet.

He's so funny, and happy. Hehe he'll make an awesome best friend! -- to me anyways.

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15 Retsu Unohona

A character so powerful, that she even can intimidate captains like ukitake and kyoraku with a smile on her face. She also is probably the most skilled swordsmen/women in bleach. I forget if it said that she had mastered a few hundred styles of sword play or something. When bringing Zaraki Kenpachi back to full power, she utterly destroyed him at least 10 times. In the manga, it only showed maybe 3 times, but kenpachi said that he lost track. Knowing him, he could loose track after 1. I say at least 10 because kenpachi needed to increase to an extreme to finally kill her. Note that she destroyed a kenpachi who had been the only person to defeat three captain level Quincies when they first appeared. Then he was almost killed by fake Juha, this would have made him even more powerful.

Nice character but her death was pretty bad.

Come on, shes the first Kenpachi. And no one can turn down a request from her

The first Kenpachi with violence running through her veins lol.

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16 Orihime Inoue Orihime Inoue Orihime Inoue is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

She deserves a better position. - Joe_Stark

At least She is better than sakura from naruto

Orihime may not be a fighter but that's how she was created because she was meant to be the healer of the team, the most normal girl. When people say she's useless I can't agree with that because she has helped her friends since the beginning of Bleach it may not be in a significant level of ichigo but its shouldn't be forgotten that she actually was useful. People should understand that not everyone needs to be a fighter or insanely strong to be considered useful.

Deserves 10#

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17 Riruka Dokugamine

Feisty and good-looking.

Just one amazing character.

18 Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck


The best BY FAR

She bae

For me one of the most kick-ass girls in bleach and she has a awesome rack. don't tell my mom I said that.

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19 Shūhei Hisagi

I like how Hisagi's personality goes directly against his appearance. He looks punk, but he's actually really cool-headed. He has a really cool as Shikai. And he seems to get severely injured a lot, yet manages to pull through every time. Might be just me though, but my heart nearly broke when I saw him dying during the battle against Aizen.

He's really calm and level headed despite his punk style and it's so cool the way he feels the need to hold back. He fights for justice and follows his own path. His zanpakuto is awesome, not to mention he cooks, plays guitar and has an adorable schoolboy crush on Rangiku.

He looks bad ass but he can actually be really calm.

His Shikai was amazing and it really amazed me. Reap Kazeshini. The character was just nicely written.

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20 Coyote Starrk Coyote Starrk

So good evil character you want him to be good guy.

My surname is Stark! That's all... By the way, he could totally fit in in Game Of Thrones! He has the right name, hair and eyes (some have light eyes).

A great character from Bleach.

Stark is really strong and has a cool personality

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21 Momo Hinamori

She really is gentle and kind hearted and there are times that I wished that she had a strong back bone to be self assertive when situation calls for it. I wish she had some oppai then I might have liked her more to make her my waifu like other characters in the series.

She just makes others worry about her. Every Bleach character would be so much happier if she just dies really. And she's so weak, how did she become a lieutenant?

I was surprised to find out she got 6th place in an official popularity poll. I'm glad to know I'm not alone in loving this character. Momo definitely needs more screentime and it would be nice to finally see her in one of the movies.

She's my favorite character, and she's gentle too! I like her so so so so much!

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22 Ikkaku Madarame Ikkaku Madarame

Oh its secretly one punch man

Any Vic Mignogna role is amazing - TheDarkOne_221b

Best hair in the series

-you just have to love this guy, he loves to fight, is the second strongest in the gotai 13's top battle company, and best of all he's BALD

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23 Sado Yasutora

I don't get why Sado gets a lot of hate. He has a big heart which I did important to a fighter

He has such a big heart and strong fists.

I can't believe he is 29. He sould be 3 or if not much he shall be in the top 10

Puto amo

24 Ukitake Jushirou

Such an awesome captain. Kind hearted and loving. A true father figure

Captain ukitake is so kind :')

I really just like how he teases Hitsugaya excessively, yet the boy puts up with him. That just proves that even the mighty Hitsugaya respects Ukitake. That, and Ukitake has fabulous flowing white locks.

My absolute favorite. I wish he would be more acknowledged. His kindness is what's wonderful about him.

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25 Soifon

Best girl

Cold hearted kick ass

She's hot and lesbian CASE CLOSED!

SOIFON is an awesome character! Will never forget her first real appearence than she fought against yoruichi!
She has impressive skills and her cruel and heartless character give her a special touch ;D

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26 Rangiku Matsumoto Rangiku Matsumoto Rangiku Matsumoto is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

Her Zanpakuto is better than people give it credits for.

After seeing her and Gin, who could possibly hate on her? Plus I love her relationship with Shiro!

I like her very very much! But I still can't choose between rangiku and orihime! I find them. The most beautiful girls in bleach. When I 'll see anime I think I'll choose the right one

She is the best. End of story.

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27 Mayuri Kurotsuchi Mayuri Kurotsuchi

You really shouldn't like Mayuri. A sadist, highly intelligent and yet sadistic and violent. He never attacks an opponent without studying up on their weaknesses and making several contingency plans. He created a daughter just to have someone to talk to, and still insists on beating her brutally. And yet...he seems to be at the center of some of the funniest and coolest Bleach moments, chasing people around with unwanted injections. His skulllike grin indicates we are going to see some horror grade awesomeness at any moment. His changing makeup and mask is always something to look forward to, as are his additions to the Seireitri Bulletin Newsletter, of which he reads every last word. He has a column on cooking, apparently, as well as detailed notes about his experiments that are very popular amongst readers ( tells you what kind of place SS is). Slinging mad science and reinventing the character genre, Mayuri is a joy to watch, even if you'd rather avoid his actual vicinity.

These latest chapters have given us a chance to witness some very cool character development from Mayuri. His coming to terms with less scientific parts of his personality have been a joy to watch, as is his unconventional battle with Pernida.

This son of a bitch/mad scientist is one of the greatest things to happen to all of anime

28 Uryū Ishida

Just look at the scene where he destroyed the Scythe Soul Reaper with ease. You'll see reasons to love him -TheDarkOne_221b

Maan why is he so low? He was very popular back then when Bleach was on it peak?

I really adore and love him so much, up until now.

He makes Thomas H Norstein from Digimon savers relates to him so much. Both of them are came from a wealthy family, their relationship with their father are very complicated. Both of them lost their beloved mother when they was really young. Both of them are hella genius and cold headed so they're clashed with a hot headed main character(Marcus Damon & Kurosaki Ichigo). Both of them ever side with a villian for a good deeds. Despite they're cold, but they're care deeply to their dearest friends. Both of them are very gentle to the girls. Both of their rivalry with the main character are in a friendly way mixed with funny arguement and funny sarcasm. - Salsabilacassie98

He is smart and has kind heart. He stays calm even in critical situations and knows how to handle them tactfully unlike many others who just fight with no plan at all.

He is smart and has warm heart. He remains calm even in critical situations and handle them tactically unlike many others who just fight with no plan at all.

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29 Kon

He is hilarious, and in my opinion he's the face of bleach.

He is Bleach's official mascot! GO KON!

I enjoy Kon being around. He really brings comedy into bleach especially when he gets beat up all the time. To be honest I want my own Kon doll.

The only perverted character bleach has got to offer

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30 Shusuke Amagai
31 Jin Kariya Jin Kariya

I felt pity for him. Its really said how much he suffered in his whole life. He was a very touching character.

Such a great character! He had so much potential!

Jin Kariya is the best villain in the Bleach universe in my opinion..
He was an amazing villain in the bount arc.. Great personality who definitely deserved more screentime in the whole series.. His sad background where he was helpless and alone and his ruthless and evil personality in the present is an interesting contrast.. By the way his appearence during the whole arc was simply awesome...

32 Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto

This badass old dude never ceases to amaze in terms of power. But his characterization with very little information shows how this hothead, bloodthirsty, killer learned to enjoy peace and see the gotei 13 as his children. He fought for it until the very end.

I can't believe how overlooked, in such discussions, this character gets. He's up there with the most badass anime characters out there. He has reached the limits of badassery.

Easily my favorite Bleach character and my #3 overall in all anime.

Its yamamoto genryusai. nothing more to say

He is amazing in the same stregth with netero from hunter x hunter

33 Hollow Ichigo Hollow Ichigo

When Hollow Ichigo took over, that was sick - TheDarkOne_221b

BUT! If Hollow Justice and Hollow Ichigo were to fight, who will win?
A: It would be a tie.

He is just the most badass character in my opinion. He never gets beaten by the enemies so you know that he has power

Too BadAss For Words!

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34 Zangetsu

The right one or the fake one?

Its zangetsu, either old man zangetsu or the real one

Don't F with Zangestu

35 Nemu Kurotsuchi

I like her cause shes the only soul reaper who at the same time is also a mod soul. Her and kon would be best buddies

36 Isshin Kurosaki

Charismatic head of the family of kurosaki household

You let your guard down

37 Maki Ichinose

Now I know that Ichinose was a filler character but he had so much potential in him, he had a unique zanpakuto using light as its main source of power allowing him to do various things such as attacks invisibility etc, he put up a good fight against Kenpachi If he was was kept on he could of made a strong character.

I really liked Ichinose he had a very sad story in the bount arc :(

38 Nanao Ise Nanao Ise Nanao Ise is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.
39 Yasutora Sado

Yeah I like chad because I like his new power that he got when he was fighting a espada and his shield yeah he is ine of my favorite characters and a strong character to

Strong, unique and underrated. It's unfortunate they've put him on the sideline and haven't given him any plot driven story lines. I would like to learn more about him and see more depth.

Chad is the most underrated character ever, he is awesome

Damn, he's underrated.

40 Sajin Komamura

Aggressive strength come on this guy should be top 10 guys...!

Who's tough than komamura

He has a reiastu almost same as Yamamoto... Best captain ever

Loyalty is what defines this guy.

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41 Askin Nakk Le Vaar

This dude kicks all sorts of butt! Although at first many just thought he looked too much like Aizen he quickly established himself as his own man. This character is a prime example of how Kubo can creates entertaining and unique villains. He is one of the most interesting characters in Bleach and although he may not act like the strongest he always seems to come out on top! He doesn't fight like he says he just straight up tries to kill them as quickly as possible of course while being as elegant as possible. If he does die we better hear his backstory first! He's earned at least a chapter or 2 dedicated to just that! - thedog

This guy beat Grimmjow, Ichigo and has a heck of an OP ability to pretty much never bed damaged. He better survive this arc!

Favorite character ever and he even beat ichigo!

Probably the best sternritter around and the only reason I'm still reading the final arc of Bleach.

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42 Yumichika Ayasegawa

Why is he so far down on this list? He’s gorgeous and funny

Really cool and interesting character. because everyone has the impression that he's this sissy pretty-boy, but he actually kicks ass. Big time.

And you gotta admit... He IS very pretty... Hehe.

Yumichika is hot! I mean come on! He barley gets any attention!

He is annoying but interesting

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43 Tia Harribel

Cool unsmiling warrior woman

She is awesome best aspada

44 Izuru Kira Izuru Kira

Kira's cool-headed and seems almost emotionless at times. But he cares about people a lot
I really like his hairstyle and he has a really interesting Shikai.
I was cursing and screaming at my computer when he nearly died in the Thousand Year Old War arc.


I’m not getting why he’s so low on the list, he was betrayed by two captains and yet managed to keep his head for the most part and totally has the best Zanpakuto for close range combat. Yeah I’m a fan and although I adore Hisagi, Izuru is much better developed character.

45 Yachiru Kusajishi

We need positive people in our lives and people who make us smile. :) Yachiru may not be a central character but she brightens my day every time I see her and that is a power beyond television in of itself.

46 Tatsuki Arisawa

I think she is the most underrated character. I find her very inspiring. She always tries to protects her friends. She is not afraid of anyone and also gives emotional support to others. For me tatsulki is the best!

Always wished that she could have joined the story outside her quartiery role. She's lost her close relationship with both her best friends, and is unable to fulfill the role she always had as protector and confidante. Tatsuki is very tragic but I doubt we'll see that explored.

Why is orihime one of the main? :( tatsuki is so much more beast

I think she is amazing way better than orihime

47 Senbonzakura
48 Sode no Shirayuki Sode no Shirayuki

I love Rukia zanpaktou! Sode no Shirayuki is really beautiful and since I love ice and snow magic, she one of my favorite zanpaktou. To be honest, she is actually the opposite of Rukia quite a bit. But hey, I still love Sode no Shirayuki!

49 Nnoitra Jiruga

A very strong match against Kenpachi. Look deeper into his character he just wanted to die a warriors death. He's my favorite of the Espada simply because he went all out to the death.

Went against a crazy captain and die with a fight

Stood his ground and died

Stood and die.

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50 Bazz-B Bazz-B
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