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1 Ichigo Kurosaki Ichigo Kurosaki Ichigo Kurosaki is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

He is the most strongest by far. He has hollow powers, soul reaper powers, shikai and bankai. BEAT THAT!
ICHIGO for the win!

I love him because he's caring not always emotional loyal sweet and never gives up. I don't understand why he's number two... He should be number 1

I just love all about Him... ^_^ He's the coolest guy for me... He's the BEST of the best in bleach... I love the tandem of Him with Rukia Kuchiki who's also the coolest girl in town.. Woohoo

I can't believe some Naruto fans call him a horrible character. They should go drink some bleach.

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2 Toshiro Hitsugaya Toshiro Hitsugaya

There's this aura around him that makes him unique than the other characters.. Not mentioning he's the youngest Captain there is..
And also I love cool characters and he's on the list

He's too powerful, especially with the Hyoten Hyakkaso.

He's amazing for a 'kid' to be ranked as a captain level. Certainly for his age, it's an honor and he must be quite strong to be placed in such level. Whoever calls him weak is plain stupid. If he was weak, he would have never been placed as a captain level in the first place.

He should be first - MilkTae

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3 Rukia Kuchiki Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia is different than most heroes in shonen, she's tough, strong, not whiny, and not a damsel in distress who cries for the hero. She cares about her friends and is very selfless, she'd rather die then have her friends hurt. She blames herself for many things, (Ex. Kaien's death) Her personality is amazing, she can be mature, smart, and serious or funny, teasing, and immature in a way. She's my favorite anime character (along with toshiro)

I love how she wants to be tough in front of everyone even when her power is not at its highest. She is admirable and strong-willed. She doesn't need giant assets to get what she wants. She, in my opinion, a very underrated.
She deserves more credit. She did help Ichigo become what he is now after-all.

funny she also strong HEART. she stop the RAIN

I love her, but you rukia/ichiruki fans need to chill & STFU. Orihime isn’t a bad character for marrying ichigo, & there’s nothing wrong with renruki. I honestly wished ichigo end with chad or tatsuki, while I wanted orhime with uryu or tatsuki but you don’t see me harassing kubo or making up bs to make ichihime seem less legit because I'm so butthurt my parings didn’t happen! In fact, I still ship uryuhime, tatsuhime, chadgo, & ichisuki even though Ichime is canon! You can still ship ichiruki without being a salty phyco about it! Grow up get over it & move on! Ichihime isn’t even the worst that’s uqalahime or whatever. Yea that’s way worst than ichihime that guy treats orihime way worse than ichigo ever did! Stop shoving orihime with horrible people to get rid of her!

But anyways rukia is awesome.

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4 Byakuya Kuchiki Byakuya Kuchiki

Byakuya (The Noblest Of the Captains) is the best character as he is apathetic towards other and his pride is something none other captain could attain. He is selfless with unparalleled strength that never goes down even if he has to fight while he is injured.

He's very cool
He is the strongest and cannot be defeated
He can solve problem in the cool way
That's why I respected him

yeah, byakuya is pro, better than any other character since he just is!

I love how he save rokia

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5 Ulquiorra Schiffer

He is cold and very rational he might be the strongest character in Bleach but ofc the anime has to make ichigo the best and with this Ulquiorra died :((

He is the best if he didn't care about aizen so much he could be number one/

I just like how he is always emotionless... Which is in fact one of my favorite types of personalities. His death was also one of the most moving scenes in manga/anime history (in my opinion). I love death scenes that are emotional.

Such a great and unique character, his story and battles were some of the most interesting in Bleach. Not to mention how impactful his death scene was.

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6 Kisuke Urahara

He's always shady and mysterious. He's smart, strong, funny, and knows about almost everything.

Amazing headband of justice in place! Amazing armour of justice protect me now!

Hot, smart, and just great! What more do you have to look for?

Aizen trolled the whole soul society. Urahara trolled Aizen.

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7 Sōsuke Aizen Sōsuke Aizen

I think he is the one of the best villians I ever seen, and the way he takes the situation and ever stay calm, he deserves more...

So chilled yet so powerful and evil, awesome guy

Best villain ever... Bleach became a worldwide massive hit just for him... And his grin... Aizen wherever you are now... Want so say thanks for making bleach such a hot anime.

Juste le seul personnage a pouvoir résister au mugetsu de tout bleach

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8 Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

Grimmjow is the freakin best and the only to defeat ichigo more than once, also he has the bad ass attitude that every one loves. Finally Grimmjow has the awesome blue hair and thats why he's the best

Grimmjow is the most awesome character in Bleach! I mean - LOOK at him! That's kick-ass eye candy right there! Grimmjow radiates smex 24/7!

He is just so hot! He should be in 3rd place after Ichigo not Rukia! I mean she is okay but GrimmJow is still better!

Most badass character in the anime he is the true rival of Kurosaki Ichigo. They fought three times first one was a total rape though

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9 Gin Ichimaru Gin Ichimaru

Most dedicated friend/lover who takes action despite other people's reactions. Gin is just awesome! And his eyes are so beautiful!

A character that has depth... a character you can feel from the bottom of your heart. and someone you can miss from the bottom of your heart when he dies. the end makes him so much incredible...

As a person, he's better than anyone in the whole anime. How is Hitsugaya at 2nd position and Gin is at 9th? He hated Aizen much more than Hitsugaya and did everything for love in a very calm and smart way, unlike Hitsugaya who just lost control and got defeated like a fool. Gin understood from a very small age that he will have to do a lot of work to be able to defeat Aizen and he became his subordinate. Becoming allies with the person you hate the most, for the sake of love, now that's badass. Plus he's very smart too, he graduated the Shinigami university when he was just a kid. Yes, he looks evil, real evil, but that's because he always keeps his eyes closed. But, the moment he opened his eyes, he looked more like a hero than Ichigo. Gin should have been the one to defeat Aizen. He didn't deserve to die the way he did.

He is amazing

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10 Kenpachi Zaraki Kenpachi Zaraki Kenpachi Zaraki is a fictional character and an antihero in the anime and manga series Bleach created by Tite Kubo.

you can cut him in half and he will keep laughing

He is cool, very powerful and at the current Arc or final arc bet Unohana which is stronger than or equal to yamamoto so it seems that he's one of the strongest or else the strongest character in Bleach!

He can get 1000000 times and not die
Captain of the 11th Squad
He can kill anyone without getting killed himself

He has no strategy and has no fear of anything yet keeps cutting and killing his opponents

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11 Renji Abarai Renji Abarai

Renji is such an amazing character, caring and he would do anything for Rukia, even though he doesn't admit it that much. During the Renji vs Ichigo fight, when Ichigo cut Renji's rubber band, that kept his hair, I cried like a little baby. Renji screaming and begging Ichigo to protect and save Rukia. He's a lovely character and I can't understand why he's no in the top ten.

I can't believe that renji isn't number 1 he's my favorite!

I just like renji, he's my favorite character :))

I don’t get why people hate renjixrukia
I knew they’d get together from the flashbacks of their childhood
And it was confirmed that Ichigo and rukia retationship was just being friends

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12 Yoruichi Shihoin Yoruichi Shihoin

She needs a place in the top ten... She is YORUICHI for gods sake.

Best female character in bleach because of funny and great personality. She is thoughtful, badass, awesome and beautiful. She is in general my third favorite bleach character...

Definitely one of the best female characters in bleach

Badass personified

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13 Shunsui Kyoraku Shunsui Kyoraku

He's too funny! Always with a smile, and always drunk!

He is very powerful, cool, and his sense of justice was very good, and he is also very funny.

He was made the next head of the soul reapers after yamamoto

He's a beast

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14 Soifon

Cold hearted kick ass

She's hot and lesbian CASE CLOSED!

SOIFON is an awesome character! Will never forget her first real appearence than she fought against yoruichi!
She has impressive skills and her cruel and heartless character give her a special touch ;D


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15 Retsu Unohona

A character so powerful, that she even can intimidate captains like ukitake and kyoraku with a smile on her face. She also is probably the most skilled swordsmen/women in bleach. I forget if it said that she had mastered a few hundred styles of sword play or something. When bringing Zaraki Kenpachi back to full power, she utterly destroyed him at least 10 times. In the manga, it only showed maybe 3 times, but kenpachi said that he lost track. Knowing him, he could loose track after 1. I say at least 10 because kenpachi needed to increase to an extreme to finally kill her. Note that she destroyed a kenpachi who had been the only person to defeat three captain level Quincies when they first appeared. Then he was almost killed by fake Juha, this would have made him even more powerful.

Come on, shes the first Kenpachi. And no one can turn down a request from her

The first Kenpachi with violence running through her veins lol.

Eh lame.

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16 Shinji Hirako

Brought some mystery back to Bleach. To this day his enigmatic smile and design that reflects an Egyptian pharaoh makes you hope he'll still have something important to do yet.

He's so funny, and happy. Hehe he'll make an awesome best friend! -- to me anyways.

Shinji is cool. Really chill. I like his getup. His story is tragic & he was once a captain. A CAPTAIN! Shinji all day.

Awesome character

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17 Coyote Starrk Coyote Starrk

My surname is Stark! That's all... By the way, he could totally fit in in Game Of Thrones! He has the right name, hair and eyes (some have light eyes).

A great character from Bleach.

Stark is really strong and has a cool personality

The best of the best

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18 Shūhei Hisagi

I like how Hisagi's personality goes directly against his appearance. He looks punk, but he's actually really cool-headed. He has a really cool as Shikai. And he seems to get severely injured a lot, yet manages to pull through every time. Might be just me though, but my heart nearly broke when I saw him dying during the battle against Aizen.

He's really calm and level headed despite his punk style and it's so cool the way he feels the need to hold back. He fights for justice and follows his own path. His zanpakuto is awesome, not to mention he cooks, plays guitar and has an adorable schoolboy crush on Rangiku.

He looks bad ass but he can actually be really calm.

I like his personality maches his apearence he is so cool

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19 Orihime Inoue Orihime Inoue

Orihime may not be a fighter but that's how she was created because she was meant to be the healer of the team, the most normal girl. When people say she's useless I can't agree with that because she has helped her friends since the beginning of Bleach it may not be in a significant level of ichigo but its shouldn't be forgotten that she actually was useful. People should understand that not everyone needs to be a fighter or insanely strong to be considered useful.

Orihime has such a kind heart and she cares so deeply for others. I find it inspiring and touching how she's always by Ichigo's side especially when he needs her the most.

She is so cute! Kinda reminds me of hinata from Naruto

She should be higher.

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20 Riruka Dokugamine

Feisty and good-looking.

Just one amazing character.

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