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1 Brett Favre Brett Favre Brett Lorenzo Favre is a former American football quarterback who spent the majority of his career with the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League.

he may not be with the pack anymore, but he is a living legend. he sacrificed so much in green bay. he even played on the after his father's death. he never missed a game and was a true champion and legend. when he lost a game he doesn't cry like Tom Brady and Most other QB's in the league, he just goes out like a true warrior. Win or Lose he is alway proud of his team. Most important of all Brett Favre is the only man in NFL history to be a 3-time MVP in 3 straight year, defeat all 32 teams, all time TD by a QB, most games played by a QB, 11 time Pro bowl selection and the only GRANDFATHER to be currently playing in the NFL.


Most QB yards and touchdowns. If that doesn't put him first then this survey is not right.

Best Qbon greenbay

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2 Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers Aaron Charles Rodgers is an American football quarterback for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League.

He is an elusive quarterback who has performed brilliantly in every playoff game that he has played in. Rodgers' is in my view the most accurate quarterback in the league with the arm strength to show it off, as Roethlisberger said "he could throw a football through a car wash and it wouldn't get wet. "

The biggest packer fan since I was little. I hope you and the packer team go super bowl 50. I have watch every game this season. I have good feeling you are going. Keep you head high and you and the team will go far. Good luck. To the greatest team ever. Dudley

Hands down, the smartest, most talented player at the most important position in football. Number one Packer player ever! Soon to be the number one all time player in NFL history ever!

Aaron Rodgers is one of the reasons I like the packers

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3 Greg Jennings

Greg Jennings rocks, he's on my fantasy football team and is a reliable player. Him and Jordy Nelson are one of the best 1-2 wide receiver punches in the NFL

I love watching Greg play. I'm a bears fan and he's one of my favorites! Aaron Rodgers should be bumped down to around 6 or 7. Id like to give a shout out to Favre, Nitchske, woodson. My opinion Jennings in 3 more mediocre seasons he'll have locked in top 5 spot for the packers

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4 Bart Starr Bart Starr

He was amazing and I'm not even a packers fan

5 Donald Driver

He should at least be higher than Greg Viking

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6 Don Hutson Don Hutson

Anyone who doesn't vote for this man isn't a true Packer fan. He invented the modern WR. He created multiple routes, led the league in yards pretty much every year, averaged A TD EVERY 5 CATCHES. He also had more receiving yards than most teams had passing yards. The most revolutionary player to every lace up.

As good as some of the athletes above him are no one revolutionized the game like he did.

No.9?!?!? He MADE the passing game! He should be at least in the top five.

7 Reggie White Reggie White

Minister of defense--enough said

8 Ryan Grant

No way this Ryan Grant should be in the top ten.

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9 A.J. Hawk

A.J. doesn't belong on this list (no offense). Clay Matthews is better than him, where is he?

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10 Al Harris

Might as well put people like Jarrett Bush in this list if Al Harris broke the top 10.

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11 Clay Matthews III Clay Matthews III William Clay Matthews III is an American football outside linebacker for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League.
12 Herb Adderley
13 Aaron Kampman
14 Ray Nitschke

CLAY AHEAD OF RAY?!?!? I swear we need actual Packer fans and people who know the history of the team to vote.

15 Jordy Nelson Jordy Nelson Jordy Ray Nelson is an American football wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League.

He is Aaron Rodgers go to guy. Almost always catches it. When I say almost always I mean 90-95%.

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16 Andre Rison
17 Willie Wood
18 Nick Barnett
19 Jim Taylor
20 Charles Woodson Charles Woodson Charles Woodson is a former American football cornerback and free safety. He played college football for Michigan, where he led the Wolverines to a national championship in 1997. Woodson, a "two-way player" who played both offense and defense, won the Heisman Trophy in the same year, becoming the second, more.

Beaast. He's the big motivator in the locker (during there super bowl run) and he got a lot of touchdowns!

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1. Brett Favre
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1. Brett Favre
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1. Brett Favre
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3. Don Hutson



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